June 13, 2016

Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove

When it comes to brushes, you know that you’re in good hands when it comes to Sigma. These guys get everything right when it comes to making the best quality and highest performing make-up brushes. I swear by their eye brushes, as you’ll know if you read my Sigma Eye Brushes post recently. I think so highly of their eye brushes that I threw all others out when I started using my most recent Sigma eye additions. So it makes sense that I’d naturally turn to Sigma when it comes to brush care too.

Brush cleaning is the down side of beauty isn’t it?! As beauty lovers we spend hours pouring over our collection of eyeshadows, foundations, contour products…the whole lot. We spend more money than we like to admit on feeding our addiction and spend more hours than we’d care to share trying new techniques and testing new looks. (Please tell me I’m not alone!) But brush-cleaning is the chore of beauty lovers. And I am so fortunate to get the opportunity to try such amazing products as a beauty blogger, but it also means that I’m forever cleaning my brushes too, as I like to be sure they are clean of all previous traces of product before trying something new.

I’ve tried all the popular methods, the lotions and potions and various techniques to try faster and better brush cleaning. But I’d always previously gone back to using a flannel, sponge and good old fashioned baby shampoo. The problem was that although my old-school method was previously the best way for achieving purely clean brushes, it was also intensely time consuming. Time being something I don’t have a lot of! So I started to look around for an alternative again and seeing as I trust in Sigma products, it made sense that they were my first port of call. 

Their Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove is unlike any other brush cleaning system I’d seen before. I’ve seen lots that lay flat on your hand, or fit around your sink and plug hole, but never an actual glove. How nifty is that?! Having a glove shaped brush cleaning system, means you’ve got complete control and more flexibility of movement when washing, which ensures the most thorough cleaning.

The glove itself is a universal fit and it’s reversible too, and I found that there were actually a couple of different ways you could wear it, I guess it just depends on how you feel most comfortable. It’s made of silicone and has a thumb and wrist strap which means it holds with a snug-fit to your wrist, which is essential for vigorous cleaning – especially with brushes with a heavy build up of make-up (foundation.) But the joy of the Cleaning Glove is that it’s got seven different textures across the glove – which means it can wash all types of brushes thoroughly. From eyes to face brushes, the seven different textures mean you can get an intensive, deep clean using some of the deeper groves for brushes like your foundation and powder brushes, but then there is also lighter ridges in some sections which is perfect for more delicate eye brushes. 

The front of the glove is dedicated to face brushes and bigger brushes and has a refine plus face texture on top which you start with. You then move down the glove to the next refine section (which has a bobble like appearance) and then on to the express section. The back of the glove is dedicated to eye brushes and has specific sections for rinsing, washing, refining and the express stages of brush cleaning. 

Using the glove is so easy, you just put it on, add your brush cleaner or baby shampoo and work your way through the sections on the glove. The grip means you can use as much pressure as needed to truly remove all traces of make-up from your brushes. It’s also incredibly easy to wash and water drains away instantly. And unlike a lot of brush cleaning systems on the market, the size of this means that it’s also travel friendly and compact enough to take with you wherever you go. I’d always wash my brushes before I went on holiday and have to make do with dry cleaning in-between use, but now I can take the glove with me and clean when needed without having to pack something bulky in my vanity case. It’s so compact, lightweight and easy to store.

So it’s practical because of the unique glove shape, it’s easy to use and it’s able to clean every type of brush plus it’s significantly decreased the amount of time I spend cleaning my brushes – it’s so quick to use! Thanks to the different cleaning textures, my brushes are now cleaner in less time and I’m really impressed with how quickly I can get them all done, leaving me with more time to spend on the important things in beauty – like testing new looks and drooling over the latest limited edition collections online!

So not only do Sigma get top marks from me in the brush stakes, they also get top marks for brush cleaning too. Makes sense really considering make-up artists, industry insiders and now me, swear by their products. You can get the Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove here.

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