June 16, 2016

KIKO Milano Limited Edition Trend Collection

There are some brands out there that I wish I’d tried sooner. Some which grace my wish-list for far too long before I finally try them and fall head-over-heels, and wonder why I waited so long. I then usually float into a state of make-up euphoria, and make sure I tell everyone about them as well. After all, that’s what you do when you’re in love isn’t it?! My latest make-up obsession, the one I wish I had tried years ago is KIKO Milano, because my first impressions of this brand and their gorgeous products have been so high I’m kicking myself for not picking up some of their goodies sooner.

When it comes to first impressions, making a good one is key right? We all know that. You want to make sure you catch the eye, come across well and aren’t forgettable. And the KIKO Milano Limited Edition Trend Collection achieves all of these effortlessly – it’s just all so beautiful to look at! And that’s without even trying the products! The range is their summer collection and it’s inspired by the passion for travel – which let’s face it, I have (as you all know from my up-coming summer trip to New York!) Plus I’m a huge fan of gold and luxurious designs when it comes to make-up and this collection had a gold theme that runs throughout when it comes to the product bodies. The shades in the collection are generally very pretty and ‘bronze goddess’ with some bold statement colours thrown in to mix things up…everyone appreciates a pop of colour in the summer when they’re sporting a good tan, don’t they?!

I tried multiple products from the range but I’m going to start with to me, the hero product: The Desert Dunes Trio Baked Blush. It’s a compact blush that features three shades, and there are three variations to chose from. Mine is 02: Gypsy Pink and it’s my favourite of the three. I’d class the three variations as a predominantly bronze blush (01), a mid blush/bronze (02) and a pink blush (03). Which is why Gypsy Pink (02) is my favourite – it’s the happy medium between bronzer and blusher. 

The finish is delicately highlighting too. It’s shimmer isn’t too rich which means you can wear it all over your face, or build up on your cheek bones to act as more of a highlighter. I love that it’s dual purposed, but it’s not too dark either. I sometimes struggle with blushers and bronzers because the colour can be too intense on my pale skin, however this is delicate enough that it still adds a pop of lovely colour and it’s buildable too. I tried this when I was sporting a lovely fake-tan bronze look recently and it was the perfect summer blush, so I highly recommend it for a holiday splurge.

Lips wise – oh lips! KIKO, you do spoil us. I’ve been on the lookout for a red lipstick that didn’t have a matte finish for ages. It seems like the red-lipstick fairies had gone a bit matte-mad with the recent craze for a matte finish lip… But the KIKO Mirage Lip Stylo is absolutely perfect for providing the intense colour of a matte, but with a silky finish. It’s not drying like mattes! Hallelujah! The shade I’ve got is 05 Desire Strawberry. FYI it looks quite pink on the website, but it’s a beautiful strawberry red. It’s absolutely stunning with a tan and bronzed cheeks to add a pop of colour, and the depth of shade is so deep that you only need one/two layers at most. I recommend you use it with a lip liner though for that sophisticated perfect and precision red-lip look.

Which leads perfectly to the next item I tried (see what I did there?!) but actually isn’t technically a lip liner…. I’m talking about the Free Spirit Lips & Cheeks Pencil (and it comes with it’s own sharpener too, which is an absolute lifesaver!) Mine is in shade 103 Free Flamingo which is by total coincidence (well, actually it’s not!) the perfect red to accompany the lipstick mentioned above. It’s designed to be a lip and cheek colour (duh) but for me, I improvised and found it’s perfect place to be…as a chunky lip liner! Considering it’s a very chunky pencil, I know that’s it’s not intended to be a lip liner but it’s ability to give chunky lines, that then blend in perfectly to the matching lipstick – well, I had the perfect red pout. It’s also great for creating an ombre lip affect if you trace your lip line and cover the edges of your lips, then use a lipstick, gloss or any other lip product to fill in the middle too… Voila perfect ombre lip. Just a little tip from me there!

The final lip product I tried was the Heatwave Lip Oil – HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT ALERT! I had been on the lookout for something recently. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I wanted something I could put over my matte liquid lipsticks – just to soften the affect a little bit. Glosses weren’t giving quite the right look and balms were affecting the consistency of the lipsticks… this lip oil has answered my make-up loving prayers! It’s got the shine of a gloss, with none of the stickiness! It’s literally revolutionised my lip make-up collection. It’s also enriched with vitamin E and it’s scented too which means it’s delightful to wear and it’s stopped the nasty drying affect left by matte lipsticks. I got mine in shade 03 Grapefruit which has just a hint of coral in it’s colour.

I can’t recommend this enough because there isn’t a lip product that you can’t use it with, or you can just use it alone for a gloss affect without the stick! …This is going to be perfect in the winter – no more wind blowing my hair into my lips and making it stick to my gloss!

Next were the eye products and I’m always dubious about eyeshadow pencils – in the past I’ve found others to be really glossy, and although I like a shimmer on my eyelids, I don’t like glossy. It just doesn’t work for me. So I was intrigued to see if the In The Shade Eyeshadow And Kajal would make the cut… I got shade 05 Anthracite and Metallic Rose which is a baby pink shade with metallic grey. First off – this baby is creamy! So soft and easy to apply, it glides on effortlessly and applies plenty of colour without much more than one coat. Both shades had glitter in them as well as shimmer which was a nice change for me, as I usually stay away from those types of finishes. I found the pink to be a great all over lid colour and the grey was fantastic for the crease, although slightly harder to blend but I always find that with darker pencil colours. It was absolutely fantastic as a lower lid eyeliner too and it held the line perfectly once applied. Perfect for being on the go, you’ve got your lid and crease colour in one pencil so it’s great for when you’d rather be on the beach than standing in front of the mirror applying make-up!

And what summer look would be complete without winged eyeliner sharp enough to pierce hearts? The Out Of Bounds Eyeliner is a felt-tip styled liner with jet black colour that doesn’t budge all day. It goes on quickly and easily and the feather like brush tip means you can get the perfect liner flick, and precision application. But the consistency means that once it’s dry, it’s staying put – no budging. I personally much prefer the felt tip style liners to alternatives because I find them easier to use and therefore it takes me less time to get that elusive straight line. I needed a new eyeliner and this gets top marks.

And last but not least there’s the beautiful and matching Make-Up Pochette. Who doesn’t want a classy and elegant clutch style make-up bag to hold their Limited Edition goodies in? It completes the set and although it’s not a beauty essential, it’s a lovely little extra and I fully intend to use it as an actual clutch when I go on holiday, because it’s just the right size for my phone and evening out essentials.

So – those were my first ever KIKO Milano products – and can you tell that I’m smitten already!? My first impressions are that the quality is excellent – not one product under performed or gave poor quality coverage. In fact, the colour intensity of the lip and eye products is superior to many other brands, and the blush trio that’s fantastic as a bronzer too? Well, I’m swooning. 

It’s not just the quality, but the beautiful gold style is impressive too – KIKO clearly know how to make a Limited Edition range stand out from the crowd and the gold is a personal style favourite of mine anyway, so it obviously gets brownie points for that. But ultimately the products are good quality, they look fantastic and give great results. Plus they don’t break the bank either which means I’m going to be rushing out to my nearest KIKO Milano store again soon for a splurge! You can get the entire KIKO Milano Limited Edition Trend Collection here.

First impressions? It’s a ‘yes’ from me.

Have you tried KIKO products? What’s your favourite?

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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