June 21, 2016

Daniel Sandler Radiant Glow

Daniel Sandler can do no wrong in my eyes – who better to trust than a professional make-up artist with 25+ years experience? I’ve been heavily into make-up since I was old enough to wear it, but it’s only as I’m getting older than my appreciation is growing for brands like Daniel Sandler. With an industry insider at the helm, someone who’s learnt what works – and more importantly, what doesn’t – means that you can have complete confidence in the products. It also means that you’re ensured a very good thing when that little delivery comes through your door! My most recent Daniel Sandler delivery was the Radiant Glow compact and it didn’t disappoint. In fact it positively shimmered… (see what I did there?!)

Beauty fans have been going crazy for this beautiful powder quad, and now I can see why. It’s an illuminating face powder in a quad of four shades, all of which are peach and gold inspired. Which is actually what first drew me to this product – peach, pink and pale creams are the perfect highlighter shades for someone like me with naturally pale skin, because they are on the cool end of the spectrum. My tendency is to always reach for the peach/pink shades above others when it comes to highlighters and illuminating products, mostly because even when I have a tan, I’m still quite pale – so these tones are the most used by me.

The shades in the Daniel Sandler Radiant Glow palette are a champagne shimmer (top left) then a peach colour with gold shimmer (top right.) On the bottom row the shade on the left is a paler pink with peach shimmer and then a brilliant and striking shimmery gold on the right. It’s just so beautiful to look at, and the colours are all so complimentary of each other that at first I didn’t want to use it! I wanted to keep it looking that beautiful forever! However I quickly got over that when I realised I wanted it to look that good on my face instead…

The pigment in this is fantastic which makes the shimmer stand out stunningly. The champagne and gold shades are absolutely beautiful and give a really solid colour with minimal product…a little goes a long way with this! I was really impressed with how creamy this powder is – it’s one of the creamiest powders I’ve used, but it still feels quite light when it settles on the skin. This means you feel like you’re applying a cream highlighter at times, which is fantastic if like me, you love a solid, bold and seriously high highlighter! Nothing quite highlights like it! (Try saying that after a few too many cocktails!) 

It’s highlighting abilities are brilliant, and even though I prefer this because it’s got cool undertones with the pink and peach, I can imagine this would look fantastic on darker skin tones too, so it’s a great all-rounder. Thank you Daniel Sandler for creating a highlighter so pigmented it stands out on all skin tones!

However the juicy detail about this powder is that it’s dual purposed. Uh-huh sister! Yep, these powders are also designed to be worn on the eyes too! When I heard that, there was no stopping me and I was instantly adding a tiny hint to my already fully dressed eyes. The two more shimmer rich shades are supposed to give an almost foil like affect, and the lighter two are designed for still shimmery, but more subtle wear on the eyes…. I absolutely adore both. My favourite way to wear them is with a darker grey (even black sometimes) shade in the crease and then use the champagne shade under my brows as a highlighter, with the pinks as my two lid colours and then I add a gorgeous touch of the gold shade in the centre of my lid for that bedazzled look. It’s beautiful. Not too in-your-face, but beautiful and understated. If you wanted to go all out then you could apply the gold and champagne shades all over the lid for the perfect night-out look. 

So when it comes to a powder this compact has got it all, and Daniel Sandler has got it right again. It’s pigmentation is really high, the peach and pink tones combined with the pigmentation means it’s going to suit all skin tones and it’s dual purposed covering both cheeks and eyes. It basically ticks every box, and you can get it here.

What’s more is that Daniel Sandler has an amazing range of matching products on his website and I found the perfect lipstick to complete the look: the Luxury Lipstick Goddess. Which is a fantastic and very wearable nude pink lipstick (my favourite kind of lip colour!) which also has high pigmentation and the depth of colour is also really strong. It perfectly compliments the Radiance Glow palette because it’s also on the pink spectrum and when worn it has an almost apricot kind of shade that looks really pretty with it’s very delicately shimmer finish. Luxury Lipstick Goddess is £13.25 from the Daniel Sandler website.

So if you’re looking for a new highlighter and eyeshadow quad, and matching lipstick in peach and pink tones – then this is for you. And if you’re not, this is for you too seeing as it’s just so pigmented and pretty!

Do you like the look of the palette and matching lipstick?

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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