June 29, 2016

Benefit Brow Collection

As you know, last month I was invited to the exclusive pre-launch event for the Benefit Brow Collection. (I blogged about it here.) This was one of my all time favourite blogger events as it meant getting to try all the items in the brand new Benefit Brow Collection well over a month before they hit the shops… Fast forward to last week and the collection arrived in stores and online and was as well received as expected – if not better! Having tried the whole collection in May, I’d been so excited for my own brow goodies to arrive because as mentioned in my previous post – I’ve never invested much time or thought in making the most of my brows, until this collection. When I used the products I was blown away with just how on fleek my eyebrows looked. So naturally when my goodies arrived, I was excited to give myself eyebrows Kara would be proud of – everyday.

The Benefit Brow Collection was more than a normal beauty launch – it contained 9 brand-spanking and totally new products, as well as a host of accompanying tools to help get your brows tamed, cool and styled to perfection. Benefit went BIG with this one, and it doesn’t disappoint! I blog a lot about my love for Benefit. Some of their products are staples in my make-up bag, and were some of the first pieces of make-up I ever used – I still use them today. I’ll never forget being in the girls toilets at school with my best friend as we applied our High Beam and Benetint – we loved everything about Benefit, we still do. And their new Brow Collection is no different.

The great thing about the collection is that they’ve got a range of shades to pick from. You can decide for yourself where you sit on the colour spectrum, but there are six brow shades for you to choose from. This means the collection can be used by people with brows of any colour. My shade is a 5 – despite me having quite light brown (and highlighted blonde!) hair, my brows have always been really dark. Verging on black. (Let’s not talk about the time that I tried to have them professionally lightened and the beautician actually gave up!) So although not quite the darkest shade on offer, the 5 is pretty dark. And a perfect match for me.

I was so fortunate to try the collection before it launched, and although the entire range is fantastic, I did have a few favourite products – because what beauty blogger wouldn’t?! When that beautiful pink trunk arrived on my doorstep, I was like a kid at Christmas as I opened it to reveal some of my favourites in the range. God bless you Benefit! What I absolutely love about all the products in the collection is that they can be used alone to give a specific look – whether fuller, more shaped, more defined or even if you want to encourage growth. Or you can mix the products together for a truly unique brow look. Which is how I like to use mine.

Starting with the Browvo Conditioning Primer, I apply a layer of this to my brows before anything else. You condition your hair, so why wouldn’t you condition your brows too? Browvo is a nutrient-rich primer that is designed to give you fuller looking brows. I love this because it works in two ways – a bit like a gradual tan! Firstly it instantly conditions so makes your brows look fuller, thicker and healthier – and secondly it primes. It makes my browns look sleek and groomed too, thanks to the custom soft-tough applicator. You only need one twist of the pen to get enough gel to apply and it’s very quick and easy. I like to wear mine overnight as an intensive brow treatment, it’s a nifty little way to incorporate your brows into your intensive beauty regime by applying it at night.

Next up on my favourites list is the new Gimme Brow. I like to think of this baby as the hair extensions for your brows! Gimme Brown is a volumising fibre gel available in three shades – one of which was number 5, so naturally this made my favourites list! It’s everything you need for fuller looking brows because the tiny little wand applies microfibres as you brush them on. 

One application of Gimme Brow is all I need because my brows are so dark, but if you have sparse brows (or areas that appear more sparse, like me) then this product is also buildable which means you can layer it on until you’ve achieved the look that you want. It’s like falsies – for your brows. I love to use the little brush to give texture too – a little back and forth motion after applying and you’re good to go. 

Probably my favourite of the whole range – the Goof proof Brow Pencil! I knew as soon as I saw the packaging for this, that I was in brow-heaven! I love everything about it, from the packaging to the pencil and product texture. This nifty and seriously sexy looking product is the one thing I use on my brows religiously every day, even if I’m in a rush and don’t have time for the rest – the Goof Proof Pencil now always makes an appearance. Eat your heart out Brown Queen Kara!

The reason this product is at the top of my favourites list is because it provides the perfect solution to my brow problems. My brows are thick in the middle, and sparse at the sides. Also, due to too much shaping and waxing in previous years, my brows also grow minimally at the ends as they grow away from my face. Meaning my brows actually have a sandwich look – chunky in the middle and sparse on the edges! The Goof Proof Pencil has an ultra fine nib that defines your brows and can be used to add really tiny brush strokes to imitate the look of hairs. It’s wider body-part of the pencil means you can also use it to fill in the gaps well too – it’s win/win. My brows look fuller, but still natural with this, as it’s helped me to fill out the sparse edges and also define the curve and line of my brows. Even if I just have a super quick brow tidy up in the morning rush – this is the one product I won’t deny my brows of now. There’s six shades to choose from, so Goof Proof can be used by everyone.

Then there’s the darling of the collection – Ka-Brow. I love this product! I actually recommend it on Twitter during the 24 Hour Flash Sale a few weeks ago and I know that a couple of you bought it based on that. Ka-Brow doesn’t disappoint! It’s a cream gel brow colour with a perfectly shaped brush to help you brush on the rich and buildable colour. This is the product you need for sculpted looking brows that stand out. I love that this really does take brows from average to awesome – mine had never looked as good as they did after I tried this last month! It’s like adding an extra colour layer over your brows, and because it’s buildable you can choose the level of coverage you want – whether it’s a quick fill or an all out bold and statement brow.

This one also comes in 6 shades, so there will be a colour to suit everyone and it really is a staple for brow make-up bags everywhere. I love to use mine with my Goof Proof Pencil to add that brow-wow factor. I use the Goof Proof to fill and define, and then the Ka-Brow to sculpt and add a sleek, all over colour in more of a bold and statement kind of way.

These four products are my favourites in the range – used altogether and I really do feel like my brows are on-fleek! Next on my To-Try list is the Brow Zings Shaping Kit too.

I said it before, but I’ve loved being introduced to this collection because I never invested much in my brows – other than a monthly wax and tidy. Now I use these products, I feel like my brows have been completely and naturally transformed. The first time I used them, I wanted to stop people in the street to get them to admire my brows and it’s no different now! When my brows are on point, my confidence soars and I feel good. It’s a new feeling to me and if looking after my brows does that, then I’m a fan.

The Benefit Brow Collection is available in stores and online now. 

Which would you most like to try?

 This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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