May 29, 2016

Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Lipstick

When I first heard that Urban Decay were collaborating with Disney to create a limited edition range for the new film, Alice Through The Looking Glass, I was more than a little bit excited. I’ve grown up on Disney and I still spend hours watching my childhood favourite films with my little boy. Nowadays I’m a little more in to make-up (just call me an addict) than cartoons, but Disney will always have a special place in my heart. So when this range was announced I was eager to try it because it was combining two of my heart’s favourites – Disney and make-up. Want more could a girl want?

When the products were released I was even more excited to get my hands on the goodies. It was revealed that there would be an eyeshadow palette with 20 brand new shades and 5 limited edition lipsticks. All of which were designed to have a character from the film in mind. In fact the eyeshadow palette was split into rows with colours allowing you to recreate exact styles, and the lipsticks are named after the main characters – meaning you can pick your favourite and spin down the rabbit hole while rocking the latest limited edition collection.

So when the lipsticks landed on my doorstep, I had to stop everything and try them all on instantly. And repeatedly. Urban Decay are one of my go-to brands and their products are some of the staples in my make-up bag. I trust their brand, love their products and class myself as an all out Urban Decay fan-girl. Trying the brand new collection was no different, and I was like a kid at Christmas opening them all to inspect the shades. I’m not one to ever talk about packaging when it comes to products, but these babies are worth a mention. The packaging is gorgeous, themed like a kaleidoscope, it’s bright, bold and makes a statement – which to me is the take-away theme of the entire range. Think bold and beautiful and you’ll have an idea about the style of the collection. And the packaging does a fantastic job of showcasing this too.

Colour wise I’ve got Alice, Iracebeth and Mirana. (As you’ll have seen if you follow me on Snapchat as I opened them there first: misschloebrewer – that’s my username for those of you who want to follow me *shameless plug*) And I can’t say anything other than I’m in love with them all. Here’s more about the exact colours and shades themselves:


Clearly this one was going to be my favourite. As someone with pale-skin – like Alice – I knew that this one was going to suit my skin tone for that everyday look. First impressions are that it’s very peachy and more on the coral spectrum – which is brilliant, as I love nude/coral shades. The beautiful thing about this lipstick is that it’s got a really fine layer of pink shimmer all the way through that adds an extra dimension when worn. The Alice shade has a sheer shimmer finish (tongue twister alert – try saying that out loud!) which is so soft and creme like that it’s almost glossy. Which by the way, I absolutely love! It’s very delicate when worn alone, very girlie and feminine and I’ve recently tried it over the top of a darker matte lipstick and found that it adds a beautiful shimmery finish that goes perfectly over most other shades. When it comes to lipsticks, I love shimmer colours that can be worn alone for a gentle look, but also with other lipsticks to add more of an edge. So Alice gets full marks from me.


Or better known as the Red Queen. This lipstick is perfect for red-lip-lovers everywhere. I love a good red lip and I am blown away by the intensity of colour in this comfort matte finish lipstick. It’s bold and striking and draws attention in all the right ways. It’s perfectly matte so it glides on easily and this one has intense saying power – I barely needed to reapply during my time wearing it because it just lasts and lasts. Although I wouldn’t wear a bold red lip everyday, I’m frequently donning a bit of the rouge on my lips in the evenings, and with this I’ve found a new favourite red that might even force me to break the mould and wear it during the day. The formula is smooth and comfortable to wear and unlike some matte lipsticks, this doesn’t dry out lips either, so it’s another winner from me.


The other Queen in the film, but this time the White Queen. And if you’ve missed those purple lips on the TV trailers then can you really call yourself a Disney fan?! I must admit to being daunted by this shade as I’ve never worn anything I’d class as a purple colour before. Trying it on, I was interested to see what it looked like – would it suit me? …If this was a matte shade it would have been too dark for my skin tone, but fortunately it’s got a metallized finish which means that it’s got an almost shimmer like depth which stops it being over bearing, and means it’s actually really wearable. This lipstick is the perfect accompaniment to a dark smokey eye with pink cheeks. It’s so on trend to have darker lips right now and this lipstick actually worked really well with my pale skin tone, creating a contrast that was bold and striking without being overbearing. It’s one I will absolutely be wearing on a night out and I just love that the shimmer like depth means it catches the light perfectly when worn.

Considering all lipsticks have a creamy formula and give a rich colour, I couldn’t be more pleased with this limited edition range. They match the theme of the Alice Through The Looking Glass film perfectly and I’m genuinely disappointed that these are limited edition shades as I think I’ll need to stock up with a life-time supply to avoid running out! 

Each comes with UD embossed on the lipstick itself, and the creamy formula and high quality nature of the lipstick, along with the lovely packaging makes you really feel like you’ve got a luxury lipstick in your hand. At only £16 each – which I think is a bargain for a limited edition shade – I recommend that you try them all. You won’t be disappointed! …Now to just try the eyeshadow palette! Grab both from the Urban Decay website here.

Which of these lipstick shades is your favourite?

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