May 13, 2016

My Favourite Snapchatters

I often see posts about favourite bloggers to follow and favourite blog posts to read – I love this kind of thing and frequently find amazing new blogs and bloggers to follow that way. However one thing that I’m absolutely loving at the moment is Snapchat and I wanted to share with you some of the amazing people that I follow there instead. I follow bloggers of all niches on Snapchat and love to see all their different snaps, in fact it often takes my entire lunch break to watch my feed’s worth of stories! So although it was hard to streamline, as there are so many of you amazing bloggy snapchatters, I’ve finally been able to put together the first of many ‘My Favourite Snapchatters’ posts. Here’s the ladies you should be following right now…

Leah – Devoted To Pink 

Leah is the brainchild behind the newly launched Snapper Of The Week (#SnapperOTW) project that lots of people are getting involved with and I’m really enjoying finding new snappers to follow thanks to this. She’s one of my top snappers to watch because I love her blog Devoted To Pink anyway and her Snaps are an extension of that. Leah loves make-up as much as I do and our tastes are really similar, so I love to see what she’s talking about and what products she’s currently trying out. Leah talks about her favourite beauty looks, she showcases how she achieves them, what products she uses and I especially love her before and after snaps. She’s always got flawless make-up and she’s also great for snapping about her everyday thoughts and feelings on all things make-up and beauty. Follow her by username: devotedtopink

Charlotte – The Social Snob

So Charlotte is the lady behind The Social Snob one of my favourite blogs for high end beauty products, news, reviews and releases. If it’s fabulous, high-end and comes in the beauty category then you’re going to find out about it on The Social Snob. I love her Snapchat feed because it’s purely indulgent – she gets AMAZING blogger mail and opens it on Snapchat and I literally feel my bank card tremble! She snaps about beauty products that are new or soon to be released and her Snapchat is often the place I hear about the latest beauty products. She’s a lady in the know when it comes to make-up. Follow her by username: thesocialsnob

Issy – Issy Belle Fox

Issy is a blogger with a whole load of sass and she’s the face behind Issy Belle Fox. I love meeting people with a fiesty attitude as it means that Issy is hilarious and fun to watch. It also means that her snaps are funny and quite frequently make me snort with laughter…For reals. My personal favourites are when she suddenly and loudly surprises her partner Luke with questions which he’s under a timer to answer – the poor boy should know all the Kardashians by name, star sign and birth date by now! Fancy a giggle into the life of an everyday blogger? Then follow Issy by username: issybellefox

Georgie – As You Wish UK

It’s no secret than I’m a huge fan of As You Wish UK. Georgie’s blog is beautiful and her photos and Instagram pics are drool worthy – she’s got style and it shows. I love her on Snapchat because she’s quite dry (like me) which always entertains me and she’s also as obsessed with fashion and beauty as me, which means everything she snaps is something I want to watch. She’s also another lady who’s blogger mail I love to watch being opened (yes, it’s my guilty pleasure) and if you’re looking for a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger to follow on Snapchat then Georgie’s your gal. Follow her by username here: asyouwishuk

Kirsty – Life In Excess

Life In Excess is the blog belonging to Kirsty – a lovely blogger living in Abu Dhabi. Her blog and social media is amazing… I swear she’s living the dream by living over there! Her life looks fabulous and all of her snaps let me feel like I’m living vicariously through her. Especially on grey faux-summer days here in the UK when she’s talking about her daily adventures in the sunshine. Her snaps give you an actual insight into what it’s like to be living abroad and I love it. Another fashion, beauty and life style blogger, Kirsty can be followed on Snapchat by username here: effortlesslyexc

Anoushka – Anoushka Loves

Another elite beauty blogger is Anoushka, the lady who blogs over at Anoushka Loves. I love watching her Snapchats because she talks about beauty, make-up and new products that make me drool – her blogger mail openings are pretty snazzy too. I like Anoushka too because she’s happy to snap about everyday life, which I know some bloggy Snapchatters avoid. Personally I love it because it lets you feel like you’re getting to know more about the face behind your favourite blogs. A great and fun one to follow, find Anoushka by username: anoushkau

So, that’s my list of current favourite Snapchatters – hope you’ll all head over and give them a big follow, you’ll enjoy their snaps – I promise!

And don’t forget to follow me too, just because! Username: misschloebrewer

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