May 19, 2016

Benefit Brow Collection – Pre Launch Exclusive

Yesterday I was so excited to be invited to The Good Ship Benefit to exclusively try the brand new Benefit Brows Collection ahead of it’s full launch on June 24th. There’s a lot of chatter about this launch in the beauty world because it’s Benefit’s biggest ever launch – there’s 9 brand new products and some extra tools in the range, all of which are designed to make sure your brows are the fleekiest around.

I have to admit that I am shamefully inattentive of my brows. I struggle with them more than any other area on my face when it comes to make-up. I keep mine shaped (or rather, my beautician does) but other than that, a quick brush, a quick fill in and I’m off. I’ve tried a couple of brow products in the past but never been wowed enough to re-buy when they ran out. I guess that’s why I was so impressed by the new Benefit Brows Collection – I never knew my eyebrows could look so good. In fact, getting home from the event last night, I didn’t want to wash them off! 

So the event itself was beautifully put together – hats off to the Benefit ladies for such a fantastic afternoon, big thank you! I’ve been meaning to get myself on The Good Ship Benefit for ages now, so it was a good excuse to get my sea-legs on and board the big pink ship on the Thames. There was a buzz of excitement from all the bloggers as soon as we arrived – especially as we all milled around the display of new products. Damn that packaging is sexy right?!

Not just for browsing the products at this point, there was a magician floating around doing card tricks, and I’m a sucker for anything like that. Plus it’s always this point at events when you get to chat to other bloggers and I met some lovely ladies who’ve I’ve not met before. My favourite arrival detail had to be the cocktails though – a choice between alcoholic and non alcoholic, when you added the magic potion to your drink, it magically changed colour – voila Magictini! Plus they tasted absolutely beautiful, so by this point, and only 15 minutes in, I was already mesmerised. (As a side note, it’s also convinced me I need to go back for cocktails and afternoon tea with the girls soon!)

But on to the new products – which by the way, are going to revolutionise the way we do our brows. The lovely ladies from Benefit were joined by a lady from Google who together really opened my eyes to why this collection is going to take off… Did you know that it’s taken Benefit 3 years to perfect this collection?! And let me tell you – it’s well worth it.

They’ve created everything you could possibly need to make sure your brow game is stronger than strong. The collection has: 

*High-performing formulas*

*Custom designed applicators*

*Mistake proof shades*

All of which mean you can now perfect your brows to your hearts content. Shape them, preen them and style them to your own personal taste. No more needing the help of a brow professionals, this collection is going to ensure that you become the expert yourself.

So, what are the new products, I hear you ask?! Well, I’m going to write a full product review on them very soon – so keep your eyes peeled for that – but I am going to show you a couple of my personal favourites from the range based on yesterdays trial and testing. *Drumroll please*

Goof Proof Brow Pencil 

Ka Brow 

(I can see girls going crazy for this one – who wouldn’t want their brows to look like Cara Delevigne?!)


So, those were probably my top products in the new Benefit Brow Collection – however, even sat here writing this, I wanted to mention every single product…but you have to wait for the full review for that!

Leaving the event yesterday, I wanted to stop everyone I walked past and show them my brows. I didn’t. But I wanted to! And the extra confidence I found from knowing my brows looked good was a new feeling to me, as a relatively small fry when it comes to brows. I can’t wait until these products hit the shelves, I know so many people who are going to transform their entire make-up regime and *bold statement alert* also transform their entire face just by using these products.

The collection is launched on 24th June BUT theres a very special 24 hour flash sale happening on the Benefit website on the 29th May. Set your alarms and you’ll get the collection before anyone else!!

So, there will be lots more to come from me on the products in the Benefit Brow Collection, but for now – which of the products are you most excited about?

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