April 10, 2016

High End Cocktails At Home – With Funkin Cocktails

It’s no secret that when I go out, I love a good cocktail. In fact, other than a good old G&T, cocktails will always be my go-to tipple on a night out. I’m more of the fruity cocktail kinda gal personally, but I’m happy to try anything once. In fact a Long Island Iced Tea is sometimes hugely satisfying after a hard day at work – and that’s as far opposite from the fruity spectrum that your cocktail can get.  However, many a cosy night in has been ruined by trying to get the perfect cocktail at home – and failing miserably.

If you follow me on Twitter, then one of the brands you’ll always hear me raving about is Funkin Cockatils. This is because I discovered them last year and they have completely revolutionised cocktails at home for me – and all of my friends. Bold statement right? Well, it’s true. I can’t get enough of Funkin Cocktails and I think it’s high time I shared that with all of you… Because apparently they do have enough of their divine Brazilian mixer to last me forever – so I feel safe in sharing this with you, knowing there will still be enough of my beloved mixer to go round.

Never heard of Funkin Cocktails before? Well put simply, they make delicious cocktail mixers for you to enjoy at home. All you need to do is add the spirit of choice and voila – you’re drinking high-end-cocktail-bar-standard drinks at home. You know those Porn Star Martini’s you (I) just love? Or those Cosmopolitans? Hard to make them to the same standard as those amazing cocktails in your favourite bar, isn’t it? No matter how perfect the recipe is, they’re never quite as yummy when you make them at home. But Funkin have changed all of that…

That’s because *leans in closer to whisper a secret* Funkin are the suppliers to lots of those high end bars you love to drink in. Bet you didn’t know that did you? Yep, Funkin Cocktails supply the exact same mixers to bars, clubs and restaurants all over the country. Meaning the cocktails you can have at home will be every bit as delicious – if not more so, because lets face it, cocktails in your pjs with the girls on a Saturday night in, complete with face masks, is totally going to be more yummy right? Whether it’s the mixers or the puree’s, Funkin Cocktails aren’t far away on a night out.

Which also means that when you’re having a night in, you can really go to town – without leaving the house. (See what I did there?) Having friends over for pre dinner drinks, having a games night or even just chilling with a movie and a tasty beverage has suddenly gone to a whole new level for me and my friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good glass of wine, or a nice G&T. But now I can have the drinks that I really enjoy, because I can make them to the same standard as the guys in the bars, and so the old vino rack is looking a little bit abandoned recently.

My personal favourite has to be the previously mentioned Brazilian, which is basically a Porn Star Martini – my all time favourite drink. Ever. I can’t get enough of this mixer, it’s gorgeous with vodka, and poured over ice. I have added my own little twist on it though. Using my stylish Funkin cocktail shaker (which by the way, makes me feel like I’m totally a pro at cocktail mixing now) I add the mixer, ice and spirit. I pour into the cocktail glass and finish with a dash of either lemonade or tonic water. The bubbles add an amazing and seriously fun, yet yummy edge. I like to think of it as a Lady Writes twist on the original.

With the Funkin mixers it literally is as simple as adding your spirit. You buy the mixers from the website, and all you need is to chill them before use and then add your spirit and you’re done! Free to enjoy your cocktails at home. You can get as experimental as you want with mixing and adding different flavours but ultimately you don’t need to – a mixer and spirit is all that’s needed. And what’s more, your date doesn’t even need to know that you didn’t make them from scratch yourself… Watch them be amazed at your cocktail making abilities.

I’ve tried pretty much all of the cocktail mixers available from Funkin. Right from the Woo-Woo to the Pina Colada, and I have yet to find one that I don’t like. They also only recently just launched two brand new flavours: Raspberry Mojito and Elderflower Collins. Both are seriously scrummy. The Raspberry Mojito is another firm favourite of mine in the cocktail stakes and the Elderflower Collins was new to me. It’s meant to be a Gin based cocktail, which I knew meant I’d love it, but I underestimated just how nice it would be. It’s so easy to drink and I’m looking forward to having pitchers of this at BBQ’s in the summer. It’s really light and easy to enjoy.

The great thing about Funkin Cocktails is that the cartons aren’t overpriced either. In fact for a 1L carton you’ll pay approximately £4 which is very reasonable as you’ll get a really good amount of cocktails from each (depending on how strong you like yours). 

Also, the difference between Funkin and other brands is that all Funkin Cocktails are made from 100% natural ingredients – so no extra nasties lurking in the drinks. This makes drinking cocktails as healthy as can possibly be right? This is also great for those times when you fancy the taste of a cocktail but don’t fancy the alcohol, or maybe you’re not a drinker but you want to try and experience the yummy cocktails on offer. Well these mixers mean you can enjoy a mocktail just as easily.

So if you’re hosting a party, entertaining friends or even looking for a way to bring a new level to your Saturday night in drinks, then I can not recommend Funkin Cocktails highly enough. Follow them on Twitter here….and remember folks, always drink responsibly.

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