April 12, 2016

25 Thoughts Every Blogger Has

If you’re a blogger then it’s highly likely that you’re going to be familiar with each and every single one of these thoughts. And if like me, you have them on an almost daily basis, well, then I feel so much better that I’m not alone…

1. I need this…Okay, okay, I don’t need it. I want it because then I can write a killer blog post on it. (already visualising the flat lay photo’s)

2. This beautiful and ornate item (candle stick, ornament, light) has zero practicality but I’m buying it anyway because it’s going to look awesome in blog photo’s as a prop.

3. I wonder if my date will think I’m weird if I take photo’s of my food to put on Instagram?

4. I wonder if it’s okay to ask my date to move a little bit to the left (or right) while I take this photo of my food on our date… His arm is messing with the symmetry of the picture.

5. When will my boss leave his desk for a toilet break so I can send this snapchat?

6. I best word drop “It’s okay, I’m a blogger” really loudly so I don’t look like such a weirdo while i’m doing this.

7. I swear there weren’t this many cult beauty products in the world before I became a blogger and saw beauty posts everyday…

8. Why is my blog so s*** compared to everyone else’s? 

9. This is the PERFECT opportunity to FINALLY use that GIF *rushes to upload GIF*

10. How the hell do you get more followers on Bloglovin… Blood and stone springs to mind.

11. I can’t be bothered writing today. One day off is cool thought right?

12. I can’t be bothered writing today either. A week off isn’t that bad.

13. I’ve barely written for a fortnight. I’m a crap blogger. I should just quit. *slaps self out of it*

14. I am sending those outfit posts to the bottom of the bin and if anyone ever sees them then I’ll swear blind I was just drunk.

15. Do not slag off ex on Twitter. He stalks. Must remember. Do not forget. *forgets*

16. I wish my blog looked as good as hers.

17. Should I air this dirty laundry on Twitter, or is it too dirty? *debates with self*

18. Must appear cool at all times on social media (when actually I’m in my pjs eating ice-cream for dinner and sobbing into my wine as I realise I’m nearly 30 and still don’t have my s*** together…just me?)

19. Do follow links. Don’t follow links. Maybe follow links. Nobody follow links…meh.

20. Thank God it’s nearly summer. The winter has totally messed with my blog photo lighting *shakes fists at sky*

21. My blog is like my baby. My actual baby. If anyone is mean about it, Ima go full frontal protective mama lion on them.

22. Instagram theme?! Where’s the fun in that!?

23. I want an Instagram theme.

24. Why do non bloggers look at me like that when I talk about posts, promotion and pipdig? 

25. I didn’t choose the blog life. The blog life chose me *drops mic*

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