March 27, 2016

The A-Z Of Me

I love the posts that show you more of the face behind the blog, they’re always some of my favourite things to read. So when the very lovely Jennifer Helen blogged about the A-Z of Me I felt inspired to write my own, just because it sounded like a really fun post to write! Plus, I love to share insight into some of the weird and wonderful ways of my world. So without further ado, here’s my very own A-Z of Me… (I’m pretty pleased that I managed to get something for all but 6 letters, and obviously they were the really hard ones!)

Antipasti. My favourite meal of all time. Really. Whenever my little boy is away, or I need a treat, or really for any day that I can even think of a moderate excuse (like ‘Hey, It’s Wednesday’) then I’ll treat myself to antipasti and eat myself into oblivion. If there’s one meal I could live on forever, it’s that.

Belieber. I am genuinely ashamed of myself to admit this, and I didn’t see this one coming at all. But sometimes things happen…things like, leaving 2015 as a Belieber. I feel dirty just saying it, but it’s true! “MY MOMMA DON’T LIKE YOU, AND SHE LIKES EVERRRYONE.” Word, Beibs.

Cards Against Humanity. The most hilarious, yet offensive game I’ve ever played. Seeing as I was this week described as having a dry sense of humour with a large pinch of sarcasm and wit (the best compliment I’ve ever been given-thank you) I have to admit that this is my guilty pleasure.

Diet Coke. Oh dear Lord, someone please help me. I’m addicted. It’s never been longer than a few hours since my last fix… Yes I know how bad aspartame is. Yes I’m aware how bad fizzy drinks are…but I can’t help it. I sometimes even drink it out of a wine glass just to feel sophisticated.

Emojis. I’m an advocate of the ‘heavy use of emojis’ fan club. My most heavily used recently is a mix between the angle halo face, and the devil horns. Perhaps I’m having a personality crisis?!

Friends. My friends mean the absolute world to me. I truly believe that friends are the family we chose for ourselves and I’m blessed with an awesome bunch who love me regardless of my mistakes, my frequent boy-drama’s and my inability to get ready for a night out in less than an hour. My sisters from other misters.

Gel nails. There’s a lot to be said for things like getting your nails done. I don’t actually feel human if my nails aren’t done, let alone feel pretty or feminine. If I’m without gel nails please send help. There’s obviously something seriously wrong.

Home. I’m a real home girl. ‘There’s no place like home’ is absolutely true for me. My house is my sanctuary, my pride and joy and the place I’m happiest. I could easily stay at home and never get bored.

Jokes. My humour is so dry it’s actually borderline. I think that witty sarcasm is the best type of banter and I’m ashamed to admit that I laugh at my own jokes – oh well, it means that no-one else has to right?!

Keeping Up With The…is the worst type of program on TV for me personally. I hate anything like that. Yes. I’m in the minority I know…

L (insert bestie’s name here.) My bestie’s name starts with ‘L’ and she’s my favourite adult in the world. Partially because if I don’t say that then she might tell everyone all my secrets. Like the times I bunked off school to drive my boyfriends car down the back roads so I’d pass my test quicker…and the times I used to fake sick-notes from my mum so I wouldn’t have to do PE… She’s genuinely like a sister to me and I couldn’t do life without her (HAPPY NOW?!)

Mummy. Being a Mummy to my little boy is the best feeling in the world. Being his Mum is the biggest privilege of my life and something I adore to a point that words don’t do it justice.

Naps. Oh sweet heavens, I love a good nap. Nothing better than a little siesta mid-afternoon on weekends is there? Although they tend to be less ‘little’ and more a full on 2-3 hour sleep in which I wake up unsure of what day it is, what my name is or what planet I live on.

Olympus Pen. In January I treated myself/splurged/invested in a brand new shiny Olympus Pen. Now, let me explain that I have zero – ZERO – photography experience that goes past my iPhone camera. And all of the lovely bloggers in the blogasphere had been making me drool over their images and I knew it was time to invest in some decent photography tools. Although spending a large sum of money on something I had no idea if I’d be able to use, seemed like a risk, it wasn’t. And it’s by far the best purchase I’ve made in recent YEARS. It’s not just great for my blog, I’ve managed to get some brilliant shots of my family and daily life etc, which is lovely because I was forever snapping away on my phone and now I have photo’s I’m proud of. Aww.

Passion Fruit Mojito. The best cocktail ever. The end.

Quotes. I am obsessed with quotes. I think it’s the writer in me that drives it, but I have a passion for words and quotes. I write down the things I want to remember when I hear people say them and my quote board on Pinterest is my biggest board by far. Love a good quote, me.

Sci-fi. A little known fact about me (well it’s actually widely published on every ‘intro/description’ tab about me anywhere) is that I love sci-fi. No, not the Star Trek type, I’m more Xfiles and anything about aliens. I am obsessed with The Fringe and things like that – and the bestie and I take it in turns to find good alien/sci-fi films to watch and rate. Yes. I’m a geek.

Tinder. Yes. I joined that app that feminists everywhere hate. Including me. And yet, I joined anyway. Dammit.

Valentino. It is my aim this year to buy a pair of Valentino Rockstuds. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I regularly Insta pictures of Rockstuds, just to drool over them. I heart them.

Walking. Now, I’m not a trekking kinda gal. But one thing I’m enjoying more as I get older is a nice afternoon walk in the sunshine, cosy in my coat with scarf, boots and the opportunity to take some pretty photo’s and watch the little man on his scooter. Perfection right there. *Also, Walking Dead was a close toss-up for this one as it’s my all-time favourite TV show!*

So that’s the A-Z of me. Just your average late twenty-something with a home-girl heart and simple vibes. What’s on your A-Z?

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