March 16, 2016

Charlotte Tilbury First Impressions

So as a blogger, one name we’re all exposed to frequently on the beauty circuit is Charlotte Tilbury. Until then, I’d never heard of her, or her brand, and was sweetly ignorant to the cult classics she has been making for quite a while now… Sadly for my bank balance, this changed with a recent visit to Selfridges in Birmingham…

Almost like fate, there I was, strolling pleasantly around the beauty floor, practically convincing myself that I needed to buy every item I laid eyes on, when I spied the Charlotte Tilbury counter. Now, I’m a bit of an anti-sheep when it comes to things that everyone’s talking about. Weird I know. I almost feel like I need to buy something completely opposite just to avoid being like everyone else (please tell me I’m not the only one like that!) But that doesn’t usually last long before all the rave reviews, Instagram pics and linked Tweets have their desired affect and I cave in and buy the things…all the things. So, as much as I tried to avoid the Charlotte Tilbury counter, I couldn’t. So I caved in and allowed myself to enjoy every admiring second..

I didn’t intend to buy anything, I really didn’t. In fact, I only wanted to look. But those pesky and amazingly nice, polite and lovely assistants must have seen the puppy dog look in my eyes and within  about 15 seconds I was being ushered over to a chair with the eyeshadow palette I’d been admiring swiftly being matched with lipsticks, blushers and all sorts of other products.

It’s all that palette’s fault. It drew me in. It stared at me with it’s four beautiful shades and I knew I had to have it. #Purchase1 The Rock Chick Luxury Palette.

I’m a BIG fan of the smokey eye. In fact, no matter how many palettes or shades of eyeshadows that I have, I will always come back to my favourite smokey eye look which consists of a very dark gunmetal grey lid and black crease. Yes, even in the daytime I wear this. I’ve just got this affinity with a smokey eye and nothing else quite makes the same sort of statement for me. However I had been thinking about a slightly more subtle shade of grey/black since a friend of mine commented on a work day when I went for the nude eye look… She told me how nice my eyes looked in lighter shades – not the smokey eye dark shades that I usually go for. I didn’t take offence at all, as she had complimented me, but I did get to thinking that maybe the Adams Family style eye wasn’t always such a great idea for daytime looks.

So when I spied the Rock Chick palette I was intrigued right away because it seemed to offer the perfect alternative for me. All shades are on the grey spectrum – so still offering me the colours I’m used to for a smokey eye, but they were a little more toned down and more ‘day time acceptable’. Although the palette doesn’t feature a black, the darkest shade was a deep grey and because it’s a a matte shade it offers a great dark contrast to the other two shades – one an off white/grey shimmer base colour, and the other a crease grey with small amount of sparkle. Then there was the colour that made me fall in love with the palette – the final shade is a glitter indulging shade (bottom left.) This baby helps take your look from “desk to disco” as Charlotte herself says, just by adding a subtle pinch on top of your lid.

I hadn’t held out high hopes for the pigmentation or overall impression – sometimes the fads and cult classics are raved about without factual basis..but not these eyeshadows. They are every bit as brilliant as has been previously discussed on beauty blogs across the globe. The pigmentation is fantastic and the shades work perfectly together. There’s great videos on the Charlotte Tilbury website accompanying all of the palettes on how to apply the shades, and how to get them to work together for great overall styles. The lovely sales assistant did such a fantastic job at demonstrating the look, that I didn’t for one minute consider not making the purchase.

However once she knew she’d got me with the palette, she tempted me with all sorts of other treats…treats that were by this point, really testing my willpower! So next up was the lip… And in all honesty, I did need a new lipstick (honest) so I’d looked at the matching nude lipstick anyway. But when she applied the lipstick, lip pencil and gloss, I knew instantly that they were purchase numbers #2, #3 and #4!

Fortunately you can buy all three as The Rock Chick Lip Kit, so I felt like it would be rude not to oblige. At first I wasn’t sure of the lipstick when worn alone, but when the gloss was layered over the top, the colour transformed. Plus using the lip pencil to give an ombre lip style, I was blown away with my make-up professional lip that is genuinely so easy to apply at home. And considering I hadn’t liked the overall look of the lipstick at first, I’m now a convert and sometimes wear it on it’s own too as it’s got a perfect matte look. But adding the gloss just adds that little bit of champagne/pink to the nude, making it pop just that little bit more.

All four products happily came home with me and I’ve spent the last 10 days trying them out for both day and night looks. My overall impressions? …Charlotte Tilbury products are every bit as amazing as everyone says! Yep, I’m full on fan-girl now. Obviously there’s something I don’t like – the price. The products aren’t cheap by any standard, but considering mine were a splurge purchase, I’m 100% satisfied and will absolutely be ‘investing’ in (okay, treating myself to) more of the Charlotte Tilbury range, especially when I head to the States in August.

So if you’re on the fence, and wondering if Charlotte Tilbury products really are worth the hype then I dare you to try a product and not be converted!

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