Valentines Day Gift Guide: For Him

It’s that time of year. Valentine’s Day is on the horizon.

The one day of the year that stubborn people refuse to mark due to being told to worship their partner for 24 hours. It’s the day singletons of the world unite and enjoy vino with the girls, chick-flicks (SATC style) and lots of laughter. It’s also the time of year when couples, new and old, panic at what to buy their loved one. Or liked one. Whatever.

So I’m taking the stress out of Valentine’s Day shopping with my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him.  I’m not one for generic gifts, I like pressies to be thoughtful, meaningful or even just a little bit different or special (although I’m a sucker for a good bunch of flowers). And it’s because of this that I’ve put together the perfect gift guide to help you buy the man in your life something special this Valentine’s Day…

Papier Cards

First up, and obviously, it’s the card. The thing that allows you a whole blank space to write your declaration of love. Or even just your brief opinion of your mate – whichever you prefer. Whatever you chose to write in yours (I’m more of the gushy type) it needs to be good, and so does the card. And the best ones I’ve found this year are from Papier, a designer stationery brand who’s cards have that upmarket vibe and yet a trendy feel. They have a huge selection available including my personal favourites: ‘I Love You More Than Pizza‘ (then you’re a lucky man), ‘Love Is A Perfectly Loaded Dishwasher‘ (true) and ‘You’re My Favourite Brew‘(for the tea lover in your life).

As well as a huge selection of unique and designer looking cards, Papier are well established in the personalised stationery arena – so you can even chose a personalised card, which shows you’ve thought ahead, and in my experience earns you major brownie points. My favourite (and the one my ‘fella will be receiving, but shhh don’t tell him) is the Love Heart card with our initials in the middle. Yes. I told you I was gushy, I don’t care!

Perfect for saving time too, you can personalise the message of your card and send it straight to your Valentine if you want to – great for long distance romance like mine!

Morse Toad Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? And now you can give the gift of chocolate on Valentines Day without feeling like a cop out who’s made no effort – thank you Morse Toad! These guys hand make chocolate that tastes so amazing you’ll make your boyfriend share them with you, even though they’re his! Not only is the chocolate DIVINE, the very special thing is that their chocolate sends a message – chocolate messages!

Yep, there’s actually an edible way to tell your partner that you love them, that they make you weak at the knees or even just say something that’s completely personalised to you guys! There’s a whole load of pre-arranged messages you could choose from, but I went for something 100% personalised to the fella and I, and that made it even more special when it arrived. (Yes, we have totally already eaten it, for the purpose of the review only. Of course.)

Very reasonably priced, this is the perfect way of sending a message (of any sort, not just for Valentines day) to anyone for anything. You can even included a printed note card with a personalised message and add a photo too – which really gives it that thoughtful edge. Visit Morse Toad here.

Walls That Talk Personalised Print

I’m a HUGE fan of marquee style lights, I’m also a fan of individual letters as a piece of room decoration, so these prints from a new favourite print company of mine called Walls That Talk have absolutely blown me away. Founded by pals Anna (a designer) and Amy (a content editor) these guys have a real knack of creating something that little bit special for your home, with a squeeze of on-trend style. These gorgeous alphabet prints being one.

You can pick any letter of the alphabet (probably best to go for your man’s name) or even both of your initials and an ampersand – much like the one that adorns my wall at home! The whole alphabet has a metal letter look, and you can pick from a grey or white background and then you can chose a mount and frame if you want one. The prints themselves start from only £7 (absolute bargain!) and you can also get 10% off using my special discount code: LADYWRITES (available on everything in store). So why not put your name, and your loved ones name, in lights this Valentine’s Day?

There’s also a huge selection of other gorgeous prints on offer, including some lovely specific Valentine’s Day ones for couples, another personal fav of mine being the ‘I Like You A Lot More Than Originally Planned’ print.


In this day and age, the modern man takes care of himself. Far from the days where he would use a dollop of your shampoo in the shower as body wash, nope, the modern day man welcomes grooming and body products. (Whats the male word for ‘smellies’?) So what Valentine’s Day Gift Guide would be complete without something that would help your man to make the most of himself. After all, we have to look at them, so lets encourage them to invest a bit of grooming time hey?

My personal favourites this year are the amazing (and very manly) kits from Men’s Society – who are a brand I wish I’d discovered years ago because they would have made Christmas and birthdays so much easier for my Dad, Brother etc! They have a huge selection of grooming kits, including this one: The Damn Handsome Beard Grooming Kit. Which has all the essentials to help keep your man’s beard or moustache nice and moisturised and extra styled (and hopefully means you don’t have to deal with post smooch stubble rash!) This kit comes with beard oil, moustache wax, scissors and shaped comb to help get that facial hair looking fabulous. But as I said, there’s a whole section of grooming kits to pick from, another favourites of mine being the Stow Away Weekend Kit. I highly recommend that you check out the Men’s Society website as they have a whole selection of amazing toiletries which are geared towards the modern day man – they’re even stocked in Topman now don’t you know.

Smartphone Projector and Speaker Set

Now, my tag line for this was going to be ‘For The Tech Lover In Your Life’ but actually, I’m not particularly techy and yet I absolutely love this and want one for myself! This little duo gives you the ability to transform your phone videos and photo’s into something any cinematographer would be impressed by! Introducing the Smartphone Projector and Speaker Gift Set from Luckies

Imagine being able to watch those cute videos from your last date-day together in bigger and better quality, or what about sharing those embarrassing home videos with your friends too while enjoying a dinner party? The projector allows you to do that. With up to 8x magnification you can share your memories with others, or just admire them on the wall, drive through movie style. Cute eh?

Then there’s the Smartphone Speaker which plugs directly into your smartphone and adds great quality sound to your videos – why not add some music to your photo slideshow too? This fab little tool can be used with any smartphone or laptop and has 40 hours of playback – great for times with friends and trips away etc…just make sure your partner hasn’t got too many embarrassing videos of you first! Follow Luckies on Twitter here.

Scented Candle

Men nowadays actually fully admit that they like a nicely scented house/room. They might not know what the scent actually is, but the modern day man will have a fair idea, and even welcome the idea of a nice scented candle. All of my guy friends complain about not being about to find “guy scented candles” so I made it my mission to find one for this Gift Guide. And Men’s Society came up trumps (again).

With a whole collection of scented candles for him, this Valentine’s Day should be the time you show your partner that candles are for men too! With gorgeous and simple scents like Magnolia, Lavender and Clary Sage, and many more, your fella can now indulge in something us women treasure – a good bath with a nice scented candle for added atmosphere. The packaging and design is simple, nothing girlie here, so it’s perfect for the modern day man. (They smell totally awesome too by the way) Follow Men’s Society on Instagram too.

Big Spoon & Little Spoon

Why not celebrate the day of lurve (I’m saying that in a faux french accent, in case you’re wondering) with something a bit cute that celebrates the fine art of spooning? These coasters from Old English Company are also great as a gift because not only does your partner get one, but you get one too – one for the Big Spoon and one for the Little Spoon – it’s win/win. It’s practically buying yourself a treat too!

At only £7 for the pair, they don’t break the bank, they’re cute and thoughtful, and they’re perfect at expressing the squishiness and romance that Valentine’s Day brings. He’ll love them, and so will you. Drinking tea will never be the same without your Big Spoon & Little Spoon coasters thanks to the Old English Company.

For A Laugh

Now I’m full of sarcastic (crass) humour and any guy that dates me has to understand this. More so, I’m always pleasantly surprised if they too have a penchant for toilet humour. So what kind of occasion (of any sort) would be complete without a little bit of dirty humour?! That’s where Brain Box Candy comes in. Their range of cards and gifts complete any celebratory day – Valentine’s Day included. I mean who doesn’t want to send their partner a card saying “As MILF’s go, I would’?

Then there’s the Penis Enlargement Tin, because nothing says ‘I Love You’ more than helping you man save for some ‘cosmetic’ surgery of sorts, does it? And who wouldn’t want to help their partner save for this? Even if we do regularly end up raiding the fund for new shoes hey?!

So there you have it – the 2016 Lady Writes Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him. There’s something here for every type of man this February 14th. Make sure you check out these awesome brands by the links in the descriptions…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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