February 15, 2016

The Blog Domination Planner

You guys know that I can’t resist stationery of any variety, especially planners. I have loads, and I’ll always buy more – always on the never-ending quest to find the perfect planner for my daily life, work, social life, blog…well anything really.

I’ve been really happy to blog about some of my favourites over recent months, and today I’ve got a brand new planner to tell you about! But this one is a bit different…meet the Blog Domination Planner…

When I heard about this planner, I was instantly intrigued. I use a normal planner for structuring my time when it comes to blogging. But I’ve had to adapt it to suit my needs – which often really annoys me. The inner OCD freak inside hates crossing out the section for ‘Afternoon’ plans to write ‘Stats’ or something equally blogified. SO, when I heard about a very specific blog planner – my interest was instantly captured.

The Blog Domination Planner is made by Hayley over at Tea Party Beauty. This gives major kudos to the planner because it’s not been created by a company with an idea about what bloggers want – no, it’s been created by a blogger because she knows what bloggers want. (And need.) Don’t get me wrong, there are some awesome planner brands out there but this one being specifically – and only – targeted at bloggers means it’s got every base covered.

As you know, us bloggers live in a world of stats, scores, DA’s and more, and quite frankly I need a planner that understands this. But not only understand this, I need a planner that allows me to cohesively keep track of everything. I don’t like keeping my plans in one planner, my stats on Google Docs and my notes split across three different notebooks (one for advertisers, one for ideas and one for everything else). It’s annoying and quite frankly it makes my handbag weigh a tonne! So praise for the Blog Domination Planner for freeing up a huge amount of space in my bag!

The planner itself is very straightforward, it’s a spiral bound laminated planner, with a week per page view. There’s sections at the beginning of every month for the blog post plans you may have – so for each day of the month you can writes your post/event details or notes, and forward plan an entire months worth of content. You can then move to the weekly view for more detailed notes and plans, along with a to-do list to accompany this (per week). Along with the weekly lay out, you also get a weekly blog post checklist and blog picture planning page, which really breaks down everything you need with lots of tick lists and prompts, which is great if you post up to three times a week, as there’s three sections. If you post more than this then there are a few spare note pages at the back of the planner to give you the extra space to do this yourself.

Also at the beginning of each month is a page for goals and things you want to rock at, plus space to note how you want to achieve this. Then there’s space for your monthly sponsors and advertisers and then… (and this is the bit that swayed me into purchasing mine) there’s a section to record all your stats from all of your platforms, including your blog itself as well as all of your social media channels and platforms. This is perfect for me because it clearly allows me to see my recent stats, compare them to the previous month and monitor their growth. Which is great for helping to know where to invest most PR time, interaction and improvement techniques.

The planner itself is 100% black and white, with a simple and clean-cut design that’s been created to provide a solution rather than waste valuable space just looking pretty. On the monthly header page you’ll find a new quote each month, which is a nice touch and something that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Overall this planner is great at doing the hard core planning you need to keep on top of you blog during your busy, every day life. It’s got list, after list of things to help you get organised and as a result I’ve found I have more time to write and less time trying to get organised – because it’s all already done in the planner. You can absolutely tell that a blogger – someone who knows what she’s doing – has created this because it has everything you need for your blog, and more. And at only £12.50 it’s well worth buying. And you can get yours here.

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