February 10, 2016

My Designer Wish List

Being a lover of all things gorgeous – designer clothes, shoes and accessories are guaranteed to make my heart skip a beat. And for us non-celebs who have to save hard for our designer gear, nothing beats the satisfaction of finally holding that much coveted designer item, after months of saving.

I’m a sucker for designer bags and shoes. I have a list as long as my arm of high end totes, clutches, heels and flats that I just literally spend hours drooling over. And what’s more, the list is always increasing in size as designers seem to be constantly outdoing themselves these days. Great for looking at – not so great for the bank balance.

In my time I’ve used auction sites galore – trying to find bargains that will mean those beautiful shoes and bags can come and live with me for a fraction of the brand-new shop price. I’ve had my share of ups and downs with this and for various reasons I don’t feel secure or confident spending hundreds of my hard earned pounds on a pair of shoes that *might* be more Channel and less Chanel…if you know what I mean.

So being on the look out for a designer bargain, when I heard about Hardly Ever Worn It I was eager to see what all the fuss was about…

Hardly Ever Worn It is an international marketplace for buying and selling designer goods. Not just for women, their goods are also for men and children with everything from clothes and shoes to jewellery and bags. The idea is that you can buy and sell any item of designer clobber – with every item being screened by the team at Hardly Ever Worn It HQ before a product goes live – guaranteeing authenticity and reliability.

As I began to browse through the website, I was so impressed at the massive range available – and quickly found my designer wish list was growing in size at a rapid rate! So… want to see what tickled my fancy at Hardly Ever Worn It?

I could have spent hours drooling over the choice and massive selection but I’ve managed to narrow my list down to these items. Let me talk you through some of my favourites…

Oscar de la Renta Cardigan

How stunning is this hand knit blue and cream/grey cardigan! The shape has more of a jacket style and yet it would look beautiful as a top on it’s own too. It’s colours mean you could dress it up or dress it down for smart or casual wear and it’s also described as being in ‘hardly worn’ condition, which means it’s practically new too. At over £1100 new, this isn’t something I could justify but Hardly Ever Worn It have it for a snippet of the price.

Victoria Beckham Shift Dress

I totally love Victoria Beckham’s designs. She’s got a really elegant eye for fashion and it shows in her clothing line. This dress embodies everything I like about Lady B’s sense of style – it’s timeless and sophisticated and has a colourful twist on the average little black dress. Originally costing £600, this dress is brand new and half that price – a figure that’s more imaginable.

Mulberry Medium Lily Bag

You know how much I love Mulberry, so there was no way this little gem wasn’t making the wish list! AND in my favourite colours/shades for bags right now – cream/neutral. I have spent many hours admiring these bags online and so I was really excited to find one of my most highly rated designer brands on Hardly Ever Worn It. This bag is brand new and has £225 off the retail price – great for hard core Mulberry fans (like me!)

Valentino Rockstud Wedges

Another thing you guys know about me, is how much I LOVE Valentino Rockstud shoes. I didn’t even know you could get wedge versions of my favourite shoe, so without even glancing at the price – or the details, these pretties found their way on to my wish list! AND they’re in pale pink/nude…it’s like it’s a sign from above that they should be mine!

Harry Winston Watch

Now this item is truly wish list stuff, but also shows the high level of quality items you can find on Hardly Ever Worn It. This Harry Winston Mother of Pearl, white gold and diamond watch is selling for €20,600! So probably not going to be coming home with me any time soon, but hey a girl can dream right?

…That’s what I love about Hardly Ever Worn It. It brings the items that you think you can’t afford, and makes them affordable. Well, except for the watch!)

As a seller, it couldn’t be easier to get set up and start bringing in the cash – there are no registration costs and you only get charged 15% (+VAT) from the sale price of any items you sell. This is why high end celebrities are now using Hardly Ever Worn It too. There are several different levels of seller status, which can be upgraded depending on what you wish to achieve – it’s worth checking out the website for the details.

I’m not a designer seller – if I buy something designer then it’s staying with me for life – like a hostage! But I am a designer buyer occasionally, and thanks to Hardly Ever Worn It I should be able to acquire a few more of my bucket list items and have cash left over – which is always good news for my bank account! (And at the moment they have £15 off a £150 spend with a code on their homepage too – so don’t miss that!)

Another great feature of the website is the ‘I’m Looking For’ section where you can post details of any designer item that you’e looking for, along with the details including size etc. Then if someone has this item for sale, they can get in contact with you. It’s like an advert board for the things you want – which is something other selling sites of this nature don’t have.

Far from a shoddy set-up, it’s head offices are opposite Selfridges in London and it’s board members include big names who’ve been involved in some of the UK’s biggest brands. Now that might not sound important – but to me it was. When it comes to spending a lot of money online, I need the reassurance and credibility.

So, Hardly Ever Worn It has really impressed me. I’m your average girl, with an average income and suddenly I feel like I might be able to have some of the things that are usually out of my price range. The website is easy to use and navigate, it’s got a huge selection of everything you could want to browse through and it’s systems mean you can be assured of authenticity – so your spending is safe! A big thumbs up from me.

Final thought? Hardly Ever Worn It makes the expensive, affordable.

Visit Hardly Ever Worn It here:

Website: www.harldyeverwornit.com 

Twitter: @hardlyeverltd

Facebook: HardlyEverWornIt.com

Instagram: hardlyeverwornit

*This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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