February 7, 2016

Make A Wish Candle

Scented candles are my ‘thing’.

I’ve got an addiction to my house smelling nice, so candles are forever finding their way into my shopping trolley/bag and joining my collection at home. I’ve tried all sorts – from the big well known names, to independent British brands. I’ve also got electric burners, wax melts, sticks, cubes, jars, pots, votives…you name it, I’ve got it. So I’m always on the look out for new brands to try out…

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I was having a look around Etsy (which is fast becoming a new favourite place to spend hours browsing) and found these beautiful candles from Make A Wish Candle Company. I was drawn to them because they are a little bit special when it comes to gift-giving, as they send a heartfelt message as well as being a beautifully scented candle.

When I say they send a message: each candle itself comes with a little sentimental poem on the front that’s perfect for your chosen occasion. And when it comes to picking a candle, the Make A Wish Candle Company have something for every occasion or celebration you could think of.

Due to February 14th fast approaching, I picked the ‘True Love’ candle which is perfect for sending to your loved one – or even to a friend who’s single and waiting to meet that someone special. The idea is that you make a wish on your candle and hope it comes true, so when I’m burning my True Love candle I’m hoping that Mr Right isn’t all that far away!

However, you don’t just need to pick the True Love candle, there’s candles with lots of other sentiments including: for a new home, a wedding, baby shower, thank you, get well soon…the list is endless! There’s also some for non-specific occasions, like a candle for your best friend or even just for a bit of inspiration – so these really are a perfect gift for anyone at any time.

Scent wise I was blown away (see what I did there?!) The selection of scents meant I was spoilt for choice as you can pick from:

Baby Powder

Clean Cotton

Fig & Cassis

Jasmin & Neroli

Sweet Cinnamon



White Musk

So, not only do you get to choose your message from their selection, you can also choose your preffered scent as well. I went for the White Musk and I’m so in love with it’s light and musky fragrance. It’s not overpowering, but nice and relaxing – it’s perfect to have burning in the evening at home as you chill out. It’s a nice even scent and I love that after a short while I can smell it throughout the house – not just in the one room it’s burning in. Make A Wish told me that their candles have 40+ hours of burning time, which is great value for money as well! (I’m on hour 5/6 at the moment.)

The candles themselves come in a white and rose gold box that matches the candle, so they look like cute gifts too, and for those of you who know much about candles – these are also made from 100% natural plant wax – only the finest for your wish candle.

I’m so impressed with the quality of my wish candle, and will be buying these as gifts in the future. So they get full marks from me! So make sure you head over to their Etsy shop and spoil your loved one for Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day…or any other occasion.

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