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So you know how when you go to work, you have office attire? (Mine’s black skinny jeans and a nice top with boots/heels.) And you know how when you go out for dinner, you have dinner attire…and night out attire, and Sunday best attire etc? Well, what about blogger attire?

When I get home from work, the first thing I do is get changed into more comfy clothes – usually pjs of some description. My hair goes up into a high pony or a messy bun, the slippers come out and the final piece of the outfit is my hoody. This happens at approximately 5:15pm every evening. And no, that’s not too early for pjs. It’s never too early for pjs.

This is my usual blogging attire too. Firstly, when I’m at home, I want to be comfy. Aint no-one got time for feeling stiff and uncomfortable in jeans that fitted pre-Christmas, but not so most post-Christmas. Plus, blogging is something I really invest in – I love writing. So it’s important that I’m comfortable to do it…well that’s how I justify wearing pjs almost constantly these days anyway.

So my latest, and new favourite blogging attire outfit comes from Jimmi Jamms. They have literally made my late night blogging sessions comfortable and cosy with their amazing pjs.

Not heard of Jimmi Jamms before? Well this brand of nightwear is a brand you want to get in your life – stat. They have a range of items including two piece sets, nighties, hoodies, hairbands, blankets and more – and all in their gorgeous trademark designs. Keeping things classic, their nightwear comes in a choice of colours and a range of sizes so they’ve got your needs covered – whatever they are.

My Jimmi Jamms are the Heritage Set, which is a two piece long sleeved and full legged set that’s perfect for these colder months. They’ve kept me nice and snuggly in the evenings and they aren’t too heavy that you get overheated at night – they’re just the right material for keeping you warm. Plus they are SO soft, literally, blanket soft! And it’s a quality softness that’s not disappeared after washing either, so they literally feel amazing.

As a blogger, I’m always on the lookout for brands with products that surpass their competitors and I’m happy to admit that sat here in my Jimmi Jamms, I’m convinced their products are some of the best on the market – and if you saw how crammed my pj drawer was, you’d know that’s a bold statement from me.

Being a hardcore pj lover, owning a gorgeous pair of Jimmi Jamms has been essential and I’m looking forward to buying a lighter and shorter pair for the summer months too. They’e great quality, super soft, they wash and iron well and don’t lose shape and they come in the cutest milk carton packaging meaning they make lovely gifts too… They are the perfect blogging attire. It’s a big thumbs up from me!

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