February 14, 2016

Hating On Valentine’s Day

A few weeks ago I was anticipating a three day mini break with the boyf to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Fast forward to February 14th and all of a sudden here I am… there is no mini-break due to the disappearance of the boyf. Sad times. Although him doing one did prompt me to finally book my first solo trip ever, to none other than New York. So I guess I should be thanking him really…

Anyway, I’ll keep it brief. I’m totally hating on Valentine’s Day today. Yesterday I watched men buying flowers, cards and chocolates – some even splurging on Pandora, Chanel and other glossy paper bags filled with gifts and treats for their significant others. That’s okay, I can deal with that. I start to struggle though when my social media feeds fill with gushy declarations of love and adoration from people who are probably sitting next to each other when typing them.

It makes me want to put evil gifs on every single status.

Your man took you for a romantic meal? Oh great! Your man bought you jewellery and wine and everything fine? Bully for you! The rest of us are over here like: “Oh hey you sexy bottle of pinot and last night’s leftovers, let’s get cosy under the duvet and binge watch Netflix, I’ll show you a good time.”

Even when I’m in a relationship, I’m not the nauseating type of girlfriend – so, on a day dedicated to romance I should probably just avoid social media as a whole, seeing as my freshly broken heart is dripping in bitterness right now and it’s quite possible that I may actually turn into either a.) a sobbing wreck or b.) a nasty cow and post something like this on my own Facebook wall… *watches herself get unfriended by loads of her happily loved-up mates*.

I can admit it – I’m jealous. And my heartbreak is making me cranky. I’m officially a Valentine’s hating, cranky, jealous cowbag right now. To the extent that if I had the balls, the title of this blog post would be “I F’ing Hate Valentine’s Day”.

Okay maybe not. But hey, I’m sharing my feels here alright?!

Thankfully my bestie knows me all too well. Arriving with flowers and chocolate, knowing full well I’d still be in my pjs, she was unfazed by my lack of ability to dress myself today and she listened to me moan and choke on my diet coke as I tried not to blub.

Valentine’s Day is about the ones we love – the one’s who love us, and demonstrate on a daily basis what love looks like. And for me I get that from my best friend. From my son. From my girls. So who needs a man anyway?

…but I’ma still be over here licking my wounds over every single romantic thing I see today. Please forgive me. And avoid my Twitter feed if you want to be spared a good dose of Valentine’s bashing.

Sorry not sorry.

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