January 8, 2016

New Year, New Scent

It’s a new year – that means it’s time for a new fragrance in my life.

Every January, I take the opportunity to start a fresh page when it comes to my perfume of choice. Of course, I have my old trusty bottles, that without fail will always have a place on my dressing table. But I use January as the prime time to try something new, that way I don’t get too bored with always smelling the same. I like to mix things up you see!

I was fortunate to get given a couple of amazing new scents this Christmas from friends who know that the true way to my heart is through scent. I was also given a bottle of the brand new Cosmopolitan perfume to try out. Having waited until the worst weather-week in months, I gave this a go this week while hoping for a pick-me-up and I was really pleasantly surprised with what I found…

I’m going to say what we’re all thinking – brands who launch a perfume to extend their business aren’t the type of perfume’s I usually go for. Lets be honest, we’ve all smelt them – the scent is floral and granny-ish, with the strength of a fly on a bad day. Nevertheless I was intrigued to try out Cosmopolitan, The Fragrance, because of the huge campaign they ran to find everyday girls to be the face of the perfume – which I’d heard all about and remember thinking was a really unique way to launch a perfume.

I’m not one for light scents, I’m a strong personality (!) so need a strong perfume to match – something musky that lingers. Not the type that you spritz on and can’t smell after 30 minutes. I want something that I can smell hours later, and I found that this is exactly what Cosmopolitan, The Fragrance, provided. The strength of scent was  strong enough for my preference and I like the way that as the hours passed, the scent evolved a little bit. Going from something quite sweet, to something with more musk and depth.

The scent itself reminds me of spring at first with a strong undertone of vanilla adding that heavy scent and musk level that ensures you won’t forget that you’re wearing it – in a really good way. It’s fresh and easy to wear – the sort of perfume that gives you a little pick-me-up when you have a spritz as you dash from one meeting to another. It’s fruity, sweet tones are light enough to feel like you’ve freshened up when you’ve applied it to your wrists and neck.

In my world their are two types of perfume – the type that only go on my neck and wrist at special occasions – with the added little spray here and there – I’m talking Chanel. Then there’s the type I spray all over myself and my clothes for every day wear and love to get a little waft of it every time I move around the office – Cosmopolitan, The Fragrance, is definitely the latter. It’s perfect for everyday – a brilliant handbag perfume that’s there to give you a refresher when you need it, and take you from tired 5:30pm, right to ‘lets have cocktails, I’m ready for the rest of the evening’. It’s sweet scent gives you that confidence and smile boost you need for an energy boost.

With a feminine orange and pink bottle to give it that girly kick and a gorgeous sophisticated and glamorous looking lid, it’s a perfume bottle you won’t be embarrassed at pulling out.

Sold exclusively in Boots, and priced at £28 for 30ml, this perfume is great for spring and giving you that pick-me-up during these cold and dark weeks as we wait for the warmer months to return.

A lovely scent for handbags and career girls who know the importance of smelling good all day long, and rely on a good perfume to give them the boost they need throughout the day.

Nip into your local Boots for a try – I’m sure you’ll agree.

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