January 10, 2016

My Top Designer Handbags

This year it’s on my bucket list to save up and buy myself a new handbag. It might sound shallow to have this as a goal, but it gives me something to work that extra bit harder for this year, plus a reason to manage my money with more focus.

Initially my intentions were all focused in the Mulberry direction, but after spending several glorious hours last night mooching through various handbag websites etc, I now feel that I’ve created a bit of a problem for myself…in that now, I don’t know which one I prefer the most!

So in the spirit of sharing these beautiful specimens with you, let me know which you would buy if you could…

Chloe Marcie Medium Shoulder Bag

There are several bags from designer Chloe named ‘Marcie’, but the shoulder bag version – as opposed to the satchel, is my favourite. I’m a big fan of tan coloured bags as they go with everything – the key for me because there’s always that problem with finding a bag colour that goes with work black trousers and everyday blue jeans…The old black/blue complication! But tan is a good everyday colour that matches every outfit. At the steep end of the price spectrum, this one costs £1,315 – but isn’t it just so beautiful?!

Celine Micro Luggage Tote

There are a huge amount of colour variations of this bag available. I’m not sure how many of these are official and original colours, but the above grey version is an official and very sophisticated shade. I’m partial to a grey bag and this one feels classy and like it would look great with a suit – perfect for work. Going upwards of the Chloe in price, this one is £1,800.

Valentino Garavani Rockstud 

Being a huge fan of the Rockstud shoes by Valentino, I am in awe of the matching bag in pale pink with platinum studs. I love the length of the handles and the studded strap too, both are the right style and shape for the sort of bags I like. I would feel like I was certainly making a statement carrying this little beauty around with me and at £1,400 I would be guarding it with my life!

Mulberry Bayswater

The bag I initially thought I would be focusing my savings efforts on – the cult favourite – the Bayswater. I do love the tan colour, but this oxblood shade is also equally as stunning. It’s classy and understated, which is one of the reasons I love it – it makes a statement without being too in your face. Priced at £895 is one of the ‘cheaper’ bags on the high-end designer love-list.

Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise

I have been a huge fan of the Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise for a very long time and love it in practically any colour. But this one feels a little bit special! It’s every day colours of black and cream teamed with fuchsia handles and straps give it a sophisticated pop of colour making it very girly and something I’d love to walk around with! A classy bag with a girly wow! £268.

Balenciaga Classic Town

I first became obsessed with these statement Balenciaga bags several years ago when they first came on the fashion scene. For a while they were the ‘it’ bag and celebs everywhere were sporting them. Over the years Balenciaga have stuck to very little variation within their statement bag. There are slight shape and size differences available but without major changes, celebs soon got bored so you now see less of them in the glossies. Still an absolute classic and a real stand-out bag, especially in this dark grey/pewter shade. Costing £995.

Michael Kors Camille Large Satchel

My favourite kind of nude (!)…a bag! I love this Michael Kors satchel, it’s a pretty ballet shade pink/nude that would be easy wearing with any outfit – but it’s also big enough to hold all of your everyday bits and pieces. With a shoulder strap and handles, there’s two ways of wearing/carrying this and I love the extra detail of the lock and ket too for an extra little touch. £295.

Givenchy Antigona

The ‘IT’ bag of the moment, I’m seeing this everywhere right now…and every time I do, I fall a little bit more in love with it. Which is not helping with my decision for which bag to purchase this year?! It does come in a variety of colours and finishes, but my favourite would have to be the grey in the medium size. The small is cute, but probably not big enough for the huge amount of ‘stuff’ I hoard in my handbags! Priced at £1,465 this one is prime designer price. Eek!

Fille De Juin Releve Crossbody

I discovered Fille De Juin when they followed me on Instagram this year and have been obsessed with their bags since. Beautiful yet simple, their stylish bags are exactly the sort of thing I love. My favourite would be their cross body Releve bag in soft nude leather with a black ribbon bow to add a touch of contrast. Perfect for everyday, I love this brand and can’t wait to see more from them. Priced at $225 it’s practically an investment in your wardrobe.

So those are my top 9 bags, which do you like the best?

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