January 14, 2016

My Style Icon – Lauren Conrad

There’s always someone who’s style and sense of dress inspires us, someone we class as a Style Icon. Someone who never fails to make their mark on the fashion word, to always look good (when we see them anyway) and who’s sense of style is something we want to duplicate – with a touch of our own individuality thrown in. Someone who always gets it right, and always looks amazing – even in their chill out clothes.

Now, there’s many greats in the world of fashion. And yet my Style Icon is someone you may or may not have heard about – it also feels totally weird calling her my ‘Style Icon’ because she’s only a year older than me?!

My Style icon is Lauren Conrad.

Made famous for first appearing in ‘reality’ TV show Laguna Beach as a teenager, she saw out her high school years in front of the cameras. After moving to LA to study fashion she then became the face of The Hills – another ‘reality’ TV show which even until the very end just about managed to get away with falling into the ‘reality’ category. All that changed in the final episode when it was revealed that it was all staged – gutting for those of us who watched it, but still a massively entertaining show.

Anyway, this is where I first heard of Lauren and I have to admit that like most people we admire in our lives, it’s here that I started to really admire her as person. She wasn’t brash or bratty like a lot of the other girls, she was polite, well spoken and well mannered and she knew which things in life meant more than the rest. Basically she’s a sweet girl with morals who’s respectful and hasn’t trampled on others to get where she is.

Fast forward to 2016 and Conrad has spent a huge amount of time writing books, as well as having her own clothing, footwear, accessories and homeware lines. She’s also one of my favourite bloggers as her website www.laurenconrad.com is filled with amazing blog posts about everything lifestyle, fashion, craft and fitness – it’s a great all rounder and something I love to spend hours delving into and going back through her archives. I recommend you check it out with your next cuppa.

But the main reason I like Lauren Conrad and the reason that she’s the closest thing I’ve got to a Style Icon is because (obviously) I love her sense of fashion…

As she has her own line of clothing for American shop Kohls, she’s been able to introduce some of her own creations. However, I have to admit that some of her designs aren’t always my thing, and I find them a little on the young side, but occasionally she’ll bring out a new seasonal range full of gold and I’ll want the lot! Her lines do always follow her seemingly personal fashion style – simple yet elegant though, even if for the younger lady!

Other than her line though, Conrad’s style is 100% spot on for me. She doesn’t overdress. You’ll never catch a photo of her in something garish, over the top or something that would even fall into the questionable category (in my opinion anyway). She takes the items, patterns, prints and colours gracing the catwalk and adapts them into a style that’s understated and feminine. That’s the sort of style that I love, the sort that may not make you stand out from a crowd at a first glance, but the sort of style that when you look at it – ticks every box.

I don’t want to wear clothes that some people look at and recoil in response! I’ve yet to see Conrad in something that makes me wonder if she was sane when she dressed herself! And because her colouring choice when it comes to fashion is so similar to mine, I find myself trying to pull her look together for myself quite frequently.

I feel there’s a lot to be said for someone who doesn’t need their clothes to shout the loudest, who’s quite happy to wear a pretty dress or top – just because it’s pretty. I love clothes and yet I hate fashion. Weird huh? I’m not a high-end fashion follower, I don’t look at the random things on the catwalk and drool over them. I like clothes that look and feel good, that fit me well and emphasise the parts of my body I like, and hide the bits that I don’t. I’m not interested in walking down the street in something that’s a dupe of a catwalk craze if I don’t like it. If I like something, I’ll love it and wear it happily, but fashion – catwalk fashion – dictates to us what we can like, and I don’t like that.

I think that’s why I love Lauren Conrad’s style – she appears to be the same. Never wearing things that don’t fit well, that don’t compliment her sense of style. She’s built an amazing brand and so much of it is founded on her personal trends, and because it’s so simple and yet flattering, she almost always gets it right.

Even in her loungewear range, or down time when she’s papped popping to the supermarket in her lazy day clothes – she still manages to get it right for me. And these are all reasons why Lauren Conrad is my Style Icon.

Who’s yours?

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