January 23, 2016

Marble Phone Cases by Madotta

To me, fashion, style and trends aren’t just about the clothes you wear. In this day and age (God, I sounded like my Nan there didn’t I?!) we are given massive amounts of choice when it comes to just about anything. This means that everything in our lives can be matched to our own personal sense of style and fashion. And it also means that it’s not just our clothes that can follow trends..

One of my favourite trends right now (for everything other than clothing) is the whole marble thing. Marble is BIG right now when it comes to just about everything – homeware, accessories and gadgets – and I for one am loving it.

My phone case was in need of an upgrade and I began to have a mooch around the usual online shops trying to find something that inspired me but I couldn’t find anything particularly exciting – until I stumbled across Madotta.

Madotta sell the most amazing marble print phone cases which are so on trend right now, and the huge amount of options they have, made it difficult to narrow down my choice to just one case! There are marble print cases in simple white right through to stunning black and gold marble print – with everything in-between, including a very pretty and girlie pink marble option that I also had my eye on!

I spent ages looking at all the different choices but I finally settled on a gorgeous white marble case – deciding the classic affect was a good everyday choice. Although I will be purchasing the pink version soon, when I want something a bit more girlie for a while! Mine came with a glossy finish which looks smart and adds an extra sophisticated touch.

The case itself is gorgeous, and makes my little iPhone feel like it’s a bit hipster – it’s actually too cool for me now. But practically speaking, the great thing about Madotta phone cases is that the design is actually part of the case and not a separate sticker or image that’s transferred to the plastic mould. This might not sound like a big deal, but in actual fact what this means is that your phone case design won’t fade, chip or wear away – like the designs on most other cases. This particularly pleased me because my last phone case was so worn you could see the bare white plastic in places – after only a few months use.

As well as this, the fit is perfect – keeping my phone nicely protected from daily bangs and bashes on the sides (although the top and bottom of the case is open). I’ve struggled in the past to get phone cases on – and kinda had to apply more force than I thought should be necessary – this one needed a bit of a push to snap into place but nothing major. Just enough to convince me that the phone itself well protected as the case hugs the phone nicely.

So – my little iPhone is now fully dressed in a top of the line, durable case that’s going to give me great longevity of use because: the design is part of the case, the fit is excellent and it provides a good amount of protection from daily scratches etc. I guess you could say my phone is now wearing the Valentino equivalent of an outfit.

Although the marble range is the flagship range at Madotta, they have a great selection of other cases too – just in case marble isn’t your thing (what’s wrong with you?!) I do particularly like their animal print and floral ranges too, so make sure you check them out as well.

I never usually talk about packaging – because really…packaging is just packaging right? Unless it’s something extra special, does anyone actually care about the packaging of a product?! However, the Madotta packaging does deserve a mention because I feel that it adds a little something extra to your purchase. Each Madotta case comes in a gorgeous gold logo white box, a little bit like a jewellery box and your phone case is securely packaged inside. I’ve never had a phone case that’s come with it’s own box, so this was a lovely surprise and something that I feel makes Madotta stand out from their competitors. PLUS it means that you can easily give these as a gift – very little effort required on the wrapping front!

All cases at Madotta are priced at £24.99 which I think is a fair price considering the quality of the case and it’s durability through the design being part of the case itself – basically: you’ll get your money’s worth out of it!

I’m quite precious about my choice of phone case because I always have my phone with me – like most of us. Because I work in Digital Marketing too – my phone literally comes everywhere with me – for work and for personal use, so my phone case needs to be something I like – because I have to look at it all the time. I’m totally in love with my marble case and feel like my phone now looks way cooler than I do!

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