January 15, 2016

Glossybox – Three Months In

I have now been a Glossybox customer for several months and I have three of their amazing boxes now taking up residence in my bedroom and their contents are fully making themselves at home in my makeup boxes.

I didn’t want to write about Glossybox until I had received a few of their monthly boxes, in order to get a good feel of them, the quality of the products and to give myself time to decide on my overall thoughts. Having never had a beauty box subscription before, I was spending a lot of time looking at the different options available and Glossybox stood out the most. However, I didn’t want to subscribe just because they were so well known, I wanted to make sure that the brand I chose was one I would really look forward to arriving on my doorstep every month.

So when I heard about the Nars special edition last year, I was swayed. Nars is one of my favourite make-up brands right now and as soon as they announced that collaboration, I knew I was ready to subscribe. Sadly though the Nars Limited Edition box sold out almost immediately and I – being a non subscriber – didn’t stand a chance. So I had no choice but to hunt one down on eBay – yes, I really was that desperate.

The Nars Glossybox originally cost £35, but I paid £45 for mine (plus postage) and it was brand new, never opened or removed from the outer Glossybox packaging. So, considering it was a sell out item, I didn’t mind spending the extra bit of money to bring one safely to my loving arms…

At this point I wasn’t a Glossybox subscriber but when that eBay purchase arrived, my mind was finally made up – I knew I was going to sign up right away. Featuring five amazing mini’s, the box was the ultimate little treat. I didn’t let myself use any of the products until Christmas – telling myself that to justify the purchase, it had to be a Christmas pressie to myself (Happy Christmas to me, from me). Included was a blusher, a satin lip pencil, eyeliner, mascara and a multiple use cheek and face highlighter. All of the items were completely up to the usual Nars standard and all happened to be in pink/neutral shades that meant not a single item has gone unused. They’ve all been great additions to my make up table.

Nars Glossybox – 9/10 (it only narrowly misses a full 10/10 because I had to hunt it down and pay extra!)

So when I finally got round to subscribing, I was excited to learn that my first subscription box would also be a bit of a special one. The December Glossybox was ‘The Rose Gold Edit’ in collaboration with beauty blogger Really Ree. So I was excited to be getting another not-so-normal box… The Rose Gold Edit didn’t disappoint either. Quite frankly the packaging blew me away, gold and white with blush rose gold details, it’s stunning and at the risk of sounding like a hoarder – I’m keeping this box forever!

The contents weren’t bad either and I found myself really excited to try the products out. There were six products included with only one I would class as a true skin care product, the rest were beauty so I was quite pleased with that. The two ‘basic’ items in the box were a sparkly nail varnish in a blue/purple shade with a lot of glitter (not my thing) and a liquid lipstick in a bright red/coral shade. I actually like the liquid lipstick, although I don’t go for a red lip very often, but when I did over Christmas it really added a nice pop of colour and was really easy to wear. Not something I’ll use frequently, but when I want a red lip, I’ll be using this again.

The other items were brilliant, and all get top marks. There was a Starskin face mask which I’d wanted to try for ages because each mask has the equivalent of a full bottle of vitamin serum (30ml) soaked in – perfect for a pick-me-up in this horrible and cold weather. There was also a pore deleting gel, which is designed to act as a photo retoucher, and when applied over foundation it really gives a matte look – exactly my make-up style. It sits nicely on the skin and I’m really enjoying this product.

Then there was a highlighter crayon with a brilliant and soft texture with a real golden colour and sheen – perfect for the bronzed look. In the accompanying leaflet it says that this crayon is supposed to be used all over your face, but it’s very bright and highlighting (!) so I can really only get away with it on my cheeks and eyebrows. When used on my nose, as recommended, it doesn’t look great because there is a good amount of shimmer in this. It’s great for having in your make-up bag for when you’re on the go though, although it won’t be replacing my regular highlighter.

The ‘spoil-me’ product of the December edition was the Etre Belle Golden Skin Caviar Eye Roll On. Although not full size, it’s a good enough size that I’m well chuffed, especially as it’s priced at £30.66 for a full size – Glossybox, you spoil us! A cooling gel in rollerball style, this is great for a pick me up at the end of the day or when you’re out for long periods and just need to refresh your tired looking eyes. I am loving this product and it’s something I will definitely be purchasing when I finish this sample, it really does make my eyes feel and look fresh, no matter how long – or hard – my day has been.

December Rose Gold Edit: 8/10

When January rolled around, I’d almost forgotten about my Glossybox, so it was a lovely surprise to get home from work and find it waiting for me last week. Considering this was my third box (if you count the Nars cheeky eBay buy) I felt intrigued to have a ‘normal’ Glossybox to open. I have to admit – I was impressed that four of the five products were full size, and the fifth was still luxury size – making it (in my eyes) worth every penny of it’s £10 subscription fee.

A good mix of beauty and skin care, this month’s box has been a real treat for January. The basic product was an eyeshadow in a mauve shade which isn’t something I would really reach for. In fact, this might be something I pass on to a friend as it’s a little bit too glittery for me, but if you like blues/purples then you would love this colour. The second beauty item was a lipstick in a pretty coral shade which will be perfect for the summer holidays – nice and bright and it glides on easily. One for the warmer months, but a lovely colour and I do genuinely really like it.

This box was the first of mine to include a beauty tool – a blending sponge, which coincidentally I have been looking at in various shops online. I hadn’t decided which brand to go for when the box arrived so I was over the moon to find one inside and I’m really loving using it when contouring my face. I would have been looking at paying £10 alone for some of the make-up sponges I was looking at, so I’m thrilled to have found one in my Glossybox this month.

The skincare products that came inside January’s edition weren’t things I would usually buy but I’m actually really excited to get using them – one is a cellular repair serum designed to plump your skin while boosting radiance and hydrating at the same time. Now I’m getting older (sob) I know I need to take better care of my skin, so I’m really looking forward to using this and seeing how it affects my face – I’m hoping for big things from this!

Last but not least is this month’s star product – the Unani Dermo Defence Face Mask. A once weekly face mask designed to nourish and hydrate the skin. It’s a full size product which means this will last for ages and as before, skin care is something I’m trying to improve on – so this is great. My first experience has been really good but I think I need a solid month or so of use to see whether or not the results are lasting. But so far – I’m pretty pleased!

January Edition: 8/10 (Well, maybe 7.5!)

So, I’ve now been a Glossybox owner for three boxes and what are my honest thoughts?

…Well, first of all the price is pretty brilliant. I pay £10 a month (plus postage) for a rolling subscription, but you can get it cheaper if you’re willing to commit for longer periods and pay at once. For the £10 price tag you would barely get one of the products inside, let alone all of them – and I think of it as a little monthly gift to myself. A bit like a beauty lucky dip!

Products wise, I was a bit uncertain – thinking I would most likely end up chucking most of the products away, but as I’ve been trying to be a lot more experimental with my make-up in the last few months, this hasn’t happened! (I wore EXACTLY the same make-up products on my face for nearly five years – no exceptions of experiments. Well, very rarely, but nearly never) So now I’m a lot more experimental, the beauty products are good fun.

Skin care wise – I’ve never been in to skin care. Anything other than baby wipes and I wasn’t interested. But I’m now at an age where I know I need to look after my skin – so the products I’m getting are a real treat. I like that I don’t have to commit to paying extortionate amounts for a product that has a 50/50 chance of suiting my skin so it doesn’t feel like throwing money away. I must admit that it’s taken me by surprise how much I’ve enjoyed the skincare side of Glossybox – far more than anticipated.

So the quality and high level of brands, the amount of full and luxury sized products and the variation of contents means I’m very happy that I picked Glossybox as my beauty box subscription. So for £10+postage, do I recommend it? Absolutely! It’s a cute little gift every month with some fun products to try, and if you’re really lucky you might find a gem or two in your box that you’ll add to your beauty and pampering regime for years to come.

I’m one very happy Glossybox subscriber – it totally lives up to the hype.

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