January 31, 2016

Give Yourself Permission

There is nothing out of the ordinary about today. There is no deep meaning behind this day, no special occasion marked by millions. In fact, it’s probably going to start and end the same as yesterday – and hundreds of other days like it…

But if there’s one thing I want today to be marked as, it’s as the day that you (and me) gave yourself permission. “Permission for what?” I hear you ask. Well, for anything. For whatever you need or want.

Today give yourself permission..

To Feel

It’s scary to feel, because although we open ourselves up to the most wonderful feelings and emotions, there’s always the chance that some of those nasty feelings will run in while the door’s open. But what’s life about if you can’t feel anything?

To Laugh When It’s Inappropriate

Life’s too short! Why hold back the belly aching laugh?! Okay, if it’s in a business meeting then it’s probably wise to stifle it a little , but ultimately what I’m saying is this – don’t surpress the things that make you laugh. Without humour and sarcasm my life would be…dull! Give yourself permission to laugh freely – life’s too short.

To Dream Big Dreams

Sometimes it feels like you reach an age and you’ve passed the prime-time for achieving your dreams. Give yourself permission to let your mind run away with itself, to dream BIG dreams and aim for the stars. You might be of the opinion that you’re too old, or too passed it – you’re not.

To Fall In Love Again

If you’ve had your heart broken, if your trust has been shredded then make today the day you give yourself permission to fall in love again. You don’t have to do it right now, but whatever stumbling blocks you’ve put in your own way – your defence mechanisms – move them. Love sucks at times, and it hurts like a mother ducker, but it’s also the one experience that will stand out in our lives. Searching for reasons to not fall in love? Not allowing yourself to get close to people? Why not make today the day you change it.

To Try Something New

You might think it’s pointless, you might think you’ll stand out and look silly. But who cares? Try that sport, that gym class or that new hairstyle – whatever it is, if you want to try it then give yourself permission today. There’s no real logical, problematic reason why not is there?

To Trust Again

Once broken it’s hard to rebuild – with the same person. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t trust anyone at all. It’s okay to trust people, to let them in. There’s a bond that’s built in allowing someone your trust – and it’s also a choice. Give yourself permission to make that choice.

To Make An Impulse Buy

…I’m talking a treat, not a Mercedes. Let’s not be blaming Lady Writes when the debt collectors arrive because you can’t afford the repayments! Is there something you really want, you can afford and yet you feel like you shouldn’t? A treat as a pick-me-up once in a while is allowed.

To Put Yourself First

In our lives there are many people who need our time, our attention, love, friendship and support. But sometimes there is more than, sometime there is lots of people who need something from us…Then there’s our jobs, our hobbies, our bills, relationships and other commitments. Sometimes it’s okay to put yourself first, in fact, sometimes it’s essential. Don’t spend so much of your time and energy doing everything else that you forget about doing the very basic of functionality actions – taking care of yourself.

To Say No

Exactly as above. It’s okay to say “No”.

To Take A Chance

It might not work out, it might end up looking completely different to however you expected it to, but taking a calculated risk is a good thing. And sometimes even an uncalculated risk is a good thing too – as long as you’re prepared for the potential down falls. Life’s too short for what if’s.

So today may look like every other day this week, this month but make today different…make it the day you give yourself permission for one of these, all of these or whatever else you’re avoiding.

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