Ellie Goulding For M.A.C

Once upon a time, a blogger named Lady Writes was happily sat working away when an email landed in her inbox.

It was an email that bought great joy to her heart. But sorrow to her bank account.

The email was titled ‘The Ellie Goulding Collection: M.A.C’.

And just like that, the happy blogger had spent her Christmas commission within ten minutes…

Yes, when I got that email, I couldn’t have been more excited because M.A.C are one of my old-trusty and most reliable beauty brands. I am also a HUGE Ellie Goulding fan and I love the way she always looks so effortlessly glowing. So this was a collaboration that I was glad to splurge on. Plus it was a few weeks before Christmas and hey, what better time to treat yourself? Although I did put it under the tree and save it for Christmas Day – I have no idea where the willpower to not open it until then came from!

The description of the collaboration directly from M.A.C’s website is:

“Ellie Goulding, the powerhouse pop goddess, brings her blonde, bold spirit to M.A.C in a collaboration, that’s as mesmerising as her music. Inspired by the light and dark dichotomy so present in her artwork and as a performer, Ellie’s thoughtfully curated collection emulates her two signature looks: effortless au naturel by day, and breathtaking bombshell by night.”

The collection isn’t one that disappoints. Sometimes with celebrity collaborations, the range can be small and a little too particular. This collaboration provides a good variation while also maintaining the same theme throughout – which is a nude pink and natural range of wearable shades with a few shades and products to add sparkle and glamour to transition from every day to stunning night wear.

M.A.C have reincorporated some previously released products into the range – including one of the items that I purchased, which was the Lustre Drops. Basically this is a liquid highlighter, and it costs £18. The colour on the website looks bronze and is supposed to make your cheeks look like you’ve spent a day in the sun. But it’s actually really pink with a rose gold edge, and not bronze at all which makes sense because the whole range is based around pink and nude shades. So rather than just highlighting your cheeks and brow bones, it adds a tiny pinch of colour too. It’s very shimmery, so if you don’t like your highlighter to have a shimmering finish then avoid this. But it’s a lovely product to have at home and use once in a while – and looks great with or without a tan.

The range also has two lipsticks, two lip pencils and two lip glosses. I went for one of the lipsticks and one of the lip glosses and when worn together they look amazing! The lipstick is called ‘Without Your Love’ and has a cremesheen finish meaning it’s got a lovely amount of gloss naturally, so it’s the polar opposite of a matte colour. Shade-wise, it’s a natural, every-day pink with just enough colour to make your lips stand out without being over the top. (Without Your Love – £17) By adding the lip gloss in ‘Explosion’ you add a stunning champagne pink shade of super high gloss shine. I’m not usually one to wear lipgloss, especially if it’s got shimmer in it, but this one works perfectly with the lipstick, providing that real stand-out lip colour. I wouldn’t necessarily wear these individually, but together they have the perfect lip combination. (Explosion – £19)

I am so impressed with my two lip purchases from the range, that I now intend to purchase one of the lip pencils too. Generally speaking, the three different lip products (lipstick, gloss and pencils) come with two shade options – one a lighter pink, and the other a darker pink. But both on the natural end of the shade spectrum.

The statement pieces of the range are two eyeshadow palettes – one called Halcyon Days and the other called Halcyon Nights. Both priced £39.50. The palettes themselves are so pretty, I immediately fell in love with mine (to be honest, I fell in love with the whole range – the colours are just so feminine and pretty) In the palette is a cream colour base and four eyeshadows, all of which are described as ‘warm’ tones. The cream colour base is very nude and natural looking and adds a cute and dainty shine. Then theres a glittery and pearlised pale pink champagne shade, with a coral nude, a light brown and a dark brown. Perfect for creating a nude smokey eye. I love this palette and can’t recommend it highly enough! By comparison, Halcyon Days doesn’t have a ‘stand out’ shimmery glittery shade, which is because Ellie’s day look is very natural and barely there, whereas her evening look has more glamour added – shown in the Day/Night palettes.

The packaging for the items is pure black with Ellie’s triangular logo in Rose Gold on every box, and the lipstick also has the logo embedded in the lip colour itself too, which is a really nice touch in my opinion.

These are the four items that I purchased from the range, but there’s also a mascara, a brow liner, a liquid liner, a powder blush, false eyelashes and a selection of make-up brushes available within the collection. Some of which are new products, limited to this range, and some are re-releases.

What I love about this range is that it’s all so wearable. The colours are perfect for everyday (and night) without being over the top and give that understated kick with their shimmer and pearlised shades to just add that extra touch of glamour. Perfect natural shades that will suit all skin tones, and a great and cohesive collaboration from M.A,C. Get in quick though – the range is only available for another month or so..the limited part of ‘Limited Edition’ being key here!

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