January 9, 2016

Baker Days – Cake By Post

Cake. I love cake.

The way to my heart is through cake. I’m not one of these people who goes crazy for chocolate or sweets – I’m the person who goes for cake every time. It’s justly preference but if I’m feeling that sweet craving coming my way, then I’m going to be reaching for cake of some variety.

So when Baker Days offered to send me one of their cakes, how could I refuse?!

Not heard of Baker Days? Well they’re a cake company with a difference…their cakes come through the post! Yep, you can get cake delivered to you directly at home or work – winner!

Their 5 inch cakes come with a huge selection of options to personalise your own, so not only can you treat yourself, but you can send a cake by post to your friends and family for any occasion. Baker Days have designs for everything from Birthdays to anniversary’s, as well as celebrity inspired cakes, cakes with a sense of humour and even cakes designed specifically to apologise… (Personally speaking, I can’t think of better way to be asked for forgiveness than sending me a cake?!) And as well as a huge library of designs and occasions, you can fully personalise your cake with your own message, names, details and even photos – meaning your cake will be fully tailored to you or the person you’re sending it to.

When mine arrived at my desk this week I was so excited that I wanted to dig in right away – but I had to refrain as I had promised my girlfriends that we could have a girlie night in and enjoy it together. Why did I agree to share cake? This is so unlike me! When I opened the box and was hit with this amazing sweet smell, it practically made me drool and my work colleagues were all very keen to get a piece of the action (see what I did there?!)

The cakes themselves measure 5 inches, or 12cm, and come in chocolate or vanilla sponge. However you can also upgrade to fruit cake for an additional fee. There is also the option to go gluten or dairy free for a small cost, so these cakes can literally be sent to anyone.

We chose the vanilla sponge with a very girlie design, just to mark the start of a new year together as friends. On the evening we enjoyed the cake, we settled down with a glass of wine and dived straight in… I have to admit that I was really pleasantly surprised to find the sponge to be really soft and light, as I had been wondering about the standard of cake, due to it being sent through the post. I had wondered if it would be a hard texture, but I needn’t have worried as it was light and tasted incredibly fresh – this is because Baker Days make their Cakes by Post specially when ordered. So it’s not like the cakes are sat around waiting to be sent to their new home. The icing too was lovely, and really easy to eat without feeling like you were overdoing it, and the quality of the whole product was lovely – especially knowing that the cakes don’t include any nasty ingredients and are all handmade.

At £14.99 these are a great way for marking an occasion, and they come with balloons, candles and a party popper which ensures that the cakes will be received with as much gusto as possible. I think it’s a really nice way to mark a birthday or other celebratory event and although it’s more expensive than just sending a card, it’s really easy to arrange and send a Cake by Post and make the day of the person receiving it. For those friends and relatives who you don’t live close to, this is the perfect alternative to a card and generic gift.

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