January 20, 2016

12 Things Stationery Addicts Tell Themselves

My name is Lady Writes. And I’m a stationery addict. It’s been…5 days since my last stationery purchase…

You all know that I am the biggest stationery fiend – I blog about it often enough. And just in case you missed them, my latest stationery posts covered some of my all time favourite stationery bits: The Happiness Planner, Timeline by Ruby Black Designs and Knock Knock Stuff.

As a self confessed addict, I often find myself thinking the same things. Some of which will sound very familiar if you too are a stationery addict..

1. “It’s okay, I really do need another planner/diary/agenda.”

I am in love with planners. I need to keep organised and I like to keep things separate – so I have somewhere for my blog organisation, somewhere for my daily life/appointments, somewhere as a diary and somewhere as a place that I record my memories. Yep, I am the lady with many planner/diaries/journals/other-named-stationery-books. And every time I come across something a little bit special, it makes no difference how many I’ve got, I will always tell myself that it’s okay to buy another one. And I don’t care if that looks/sounds bad either.

2. “This pen is the best pen I’ve ever had, therefore I must buy it in every colour.”

Look, a good pen is essential for…everything. And I’m a sucker for anything that writes nicely. Finding something that I like – then buying it in every colour available is kinda my mantra in most things, so stationery is no exception.

3. “It’s perfectly acceptable to buy stationery designed for children, despite being 28.”

If it’s cute, pretty, quirky or fun then I’m buying it – I don’t care if it’s designed for a five year old. Those cute rubbers in the shape of cupcakes? Yeh, I’m never going to use them but they’re so damn cute I don’t even care. Or that notebook with matching cute heart and unicorn stickers – it’s mine. And I’ll take down any youngster who tells me otherwise. BACK OFF KIDS.

4. “Stationery shopping is not just for when you’re going back to school.”

I stationery shop for any occasion – even for no occasion. Back to school stationery shopping day was THE best day of the summer holidays, and now you don’t have to persuade your Mum that you really do need gel pens in every colour to make you work harder in maths. Nope, now you can buy them all for yourself and not even need to justify it to anyone. So there.

5. “Stickers are totes cool.”

Not just for children, stickers are actually just as fun for us grown ups. If not more fun for us because we can appreciate good stickers with our extra decades of life experience. We’ve had longer to experience the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to stickers – so we actually appreciate them more than the young ones. In fact – maybe only adults should be allowed stickers…thoughts…

6. “No, Outlook will never replace my calendar.”

I can’t even explain this, I’m too horrified that very regularly I have to justify my use of an actual paper calendar to one of my colleagues. As he tells me how much better an online calendar would be for me, I look at him like he’s an alien. He clearly doesn’t know me at all.

7. “Yes, you can borrow my pen…” (grabs closest, most boring Bic instead)

I don’t mind sharing…my boring stationery. Anything else and you’re not getting close matey.

8. “One more won’t hurt.”

This may be notebooks, pens, planners, stickers, paper packs – whatever it is, no matter how many you already have, there will always be space for more. In fact, you avidly go looking for more to join your collection – even though you’ve now got enough stationery to run an entire office full of people for a year without ever needing to place a stationery order.

9. “Spending an hour in the stationery section of John Lewis or Paperchase is a time investment.”

Shopping decisions can’t be rushed. Nor can the process of buying stationery. You tell your shopping companions to meet you at least an hour later, knowing full well you’re going to wear a hole in the floor pacing around the aisles and deciding what goodies you can buy.

10. “A notebook for lists, and only lists, is essential.”

This is important. Lists are important. A special place for your lists to live is actually super important – you can’t have your daily To-Do list mixed up with the notes you took in yesterdays meeting now can you? The sheer thought of this sends you in to a cold sweat.

11. “It’s no-one’s birthday but I’m buying this card, wrap, tag, ribbon and matching bow set.”

It’s better to be prepared right? Even though you’ve got a whole drawer full of everything you need to gift every single person you know on their birthday and Christmas for the rest of their lives. And yours.

12. “It’s okay to be addicted to stationery.”

Because it totes is. And anyone that says otherwise needs to be removed from your life – there’s no space for negativity like that.

Any of these sound familiar to you…my fellow stationery lovers?

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  1. Mark Monaghan says:

    Most definately, Only thing is I can only carry one bag (possibly two!) and then I have to be mindful of what pens, pencils and supplies I can carry. Don’t even get me started on planners and note books……(sharpeners, rubbers, clips etc etc. and finally Fountain pens, (and the multitude of inks you can [have] buy [bought]). Surely there are worse things to spend your money on…… now where is that notebook!

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