December 27, 2015

What Santa Left Under My Tree

This year we celebrated Christmas early with my family – two weeks ago in fact – because they were off to the States to spend Christmas there. I blogged about it and you can read all about our early Christmas celebrations here.

So, having swapped gifts already with them, I wasn’t expecting to find too much under my tree this year. I must admit, I even purchased myself the odd thing (or two!) and wrapped it up and put it under the tree myself – from ‘Santa’ obviously. Personally speaking, I told myself it was just in case my son thought Santa had forgotten Mummy. Realistically it was just an excuse to treat myself to a couple of things!

However this year my friends have blown me away. I couldn’t have received more thoughtful and lovely gifts from those who are stuck with me for life..because when I make a friend, they can’t get away from me. Ever…haha.

So, here’s a little post about what Santa left under my tree this year…

So…thanks to my lovely blogger friend Jess, I’m now fully addicted to Lush products. She sent me my very first Lush product last month and since then I’ve been hooked. Even my little boy gets the odd treat in the form of a bath bomb from there now. So finding this glittery and sparkly ‘Star Dust’ gift set under the tree was fantastic! I can’t wait to have a pamper day and start using some of these smellies. As well as the gift set, another of my friends also indulged my Lush loving and got me the Magic Wand reusable Bubble Bar, which has already been used once and given me pure joy at being in pink bath water!

Having been wafted in the face with my work colleague’s perfume a few weeks ago, I instantly fell in love. She told me it was Tom Ford and after testing every single variation in John Lewis, I picked out this amazing smelling Grey Vetiver eau de toilette as being my favourite. I couldn’t really stretch to new perfume – why is perfume the one thing we don’t often buy for ourselves?! So finding this bad boy under my tree was a lovely surprise. Plus my lovely friends had bought my son and I matching initial Christmas decorations which perfectly co-ordinated with the rest of my baubles and decorations. I love these, they’re seriously cute and they look great on the tree.

One of the treats that Santa left herself this year was this amazing limited edition Nars cheek palette. I read a blogger review on this and then watched a few YouTube videos on it to see if the colours were what I was looking for – and after about a nano-second I gave in and made the impulse purchase. I can’t wait to start using this, and of course, to blog about it too.

There is a tradition between my Mum and I at Christmas. It involves buying each other something from Molton Brown. The funny thing is that most years we end up buying each other the same thing without knowing! So it wouldn’t have been Christmas without Molton Brown and this years treat was brand new to the shelves. A gorgeous sparkly champagne colour bath and shower gel with a hint of shimmer in it. It’s infused with elderflower and smells absolutely divine. I can not wait to indulge in a bath with this, some candles and a glass of bubbles. HEAVEN.

What’s in the Michael Kors box, I hear you ask? Well my amazing friends spoilt me and also made me cry when they gave me this…

Knowing me so well, they know I’m the biggest Michael Kors fan and they also know that I’ve developed a love of anything Rose gold recently. Plus knowing I’m the most girly girl that you’re going to meet, this beautiful ring has blown me away. It perfectly matches the jewellery I’m wearing a lot at the moment and I can’t believe they went all the way to London for it too. Girls – I love you!

As well as knowing my jewellery tastes, they known my actual tastes…GIN! And what Gin lover wouldn’t appreciate Gin flavoured lip balm and a Gin flavoured lolly?! This one certainly does!

The biggest treat this year came directly from Fraser Hart who made my Christmas wish come true with the most amazing Michael Kors watch. White and Rose Gold, with plenty of girly sparkle – it’s my perfect dream watch. Landing under my tree just in time for the big day, this is being treated like my new baby – with lots of love and adoration. Thank you Fraser Hart – you made my day!

I did treat myself to one other pressie this year – you know, to help Santa out, because I have it on good authority that he’s not good at navigating around the MAC stores. Having fallen head over heels with the brand new and limited edition Ellie Goulding collaboration, I treated myself to a few of the items from the range. AND the limited edition Mariah Carey lipstick (also by MAC) that I had to order from the States, arrived on Christmas Eve too – so that was like a little extra pressie to me, from me!

As well as these, I was also fortunate to receive some amazing bits and pieces – too much to photograph! I got some amazing stationery, some smellies from Soap & Glory, some loungewear from the Rosie range at M&S, a handmade bracelet, a bunting for my lounge, a jewellery dish….so much that I feel well and truly spoilt this year!

If there’s one saying that’s true, it’s that “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves” and mine certainly are.

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