December 1, 2015

‘Timeline’ planner by Ruby Black Designs

Being the stationery lover that you all know I am, I have been spending limitless hours looking at, drooling over and pining after unique stationery brands. As you know, planning has been my biggest ‘crafty’ take away from 2015, I’m a planner addict thanks to relevant hashtags on Instagram (damn you #planneraddicts).

So imagine my joy when I found out about Ruby Black Designs, a quirky and fun British brand with a really unique planner called Timeline…

Practically speaking, something that makes Timeline different, is that it’s hardbound – like a story book. And that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be – the story book for your 2016. It’s sturdy and thick and bound like the sort of treasured book you would find in a much loved library. With the layout and fun sections combined, when you get to December and look back, there’s going to be the whole story of your year…

This is because Timeline combines practical and thoughtful in one planner. Practically speaking, you get a day per page with itemised sections for the hours between 6am and 10pm to help you plan and structure your day. You also daily get  specific To-Do list that you can tick off as you go. Then the whole bottom half of the page is the journalling section. This is blank for you to interpret as you would like. This bit makes me super excited! If you’re a diary keeper, you can write here. If you’re a crafty journal keeper then there’s plenty of space to get your creative on!

At the start of every month is a page with a lightbulb sketch. This page is specifically for you to record your lightbulb moments – your ideas, your inspirations. Then you can keep track of them. It’s just another fun page that the Timeline planner gives you to have fun with in everyday life.

Timeline is different to other planners out there because it’s more creative, more…room to breathe and express yourself! If you’re a fan of art journalling then you’re going to LOVE this planner because it gives you plenty of opportunities to get your crafty on. When I was mooching around the Ruby Black website looking at the Timeline planner, there was one page that was featured in their video and caught my eye – it was the double page that looks like a computer/laptop. The fun thing is that it’s only the outline, the contents are blank ready for you to add – in any way you would like. I have so many fun ideas for this section in my Timeline and can’t wait until January to get my mitts on that page.

I absolutely love the Timeline planner and even though it’s a new brand, I can see it becoming HUGE because of the unique way it combines crafty journalling with organisational planning and yet still manages to create a planner that’s going to provide you with an amazing memento of your year – your story. As a mummy, a blogger and a manager in my daily life, this planner allows me to keep track of my day-to-day life, for example writing the date and time of my son’s Christmas play. It then gives me the journalling section to record my thoughts about it (amazing!). It’s the best of both.

The Timeline planner doesn’t have the hefty price tag that some bigger planner brands do, it’s only £29 and you can buy it from their website here. And if you want to see it up close and personal, watch my review in full here:

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