December 14, 2015

Our Early Christmas

This year Christmas is very different in the Lady Writes household. Having spent almost every Christmas with my parents since I was born, this year is the very first Christmas that it’s going to be just me and my little man on the big day. In the evening I will be popping over to my best friends parents to spend the night drinking and party gaming it away, but during the day it’s just the two of. The pressure of cooking a Christmas dinner as excellent as my mum’s is looming, and I break out in cold sweats just thinking about it.

Anyway, my parents and brother are off on holiday for the whole festive period so we marked today as our early Christmas Day in order to still spend some time together as a family. So at lunch time the little man and I bundled up and we headed over to Mama and Papa Writes’. Yes, I was singing ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ on the way. It seemed like the appropriate soundtrack, even though they only live 20 minutes away..

My mum is the queen of entertaining. She’s the hostess with the mostest and outdoes herself every time we have a family function. Moreover she’s the most amazing cook so I was careful to near starve myself in anticipation of the spread I knew she would be putting on! We weren’t having a Christmas dinner, but a buffet of cold meats, cheese etc – which is my favourite type of meal, especially on a Sunday. I think I ate so much I may not need to eat for a week now, but hey, that’s kind of the law at Christmas right?

Naturally, Christmas wouldn’t be right without bubbles would it? And after some bad news this morning about someone dear to me having only a short while left to live, I made a mental toast to them and used the bubbles to try and put on a happy face for my little man again – after all, Christmas is magic when you’re five!

Obviously the presents were the key part of the day for the little man – duh. He’s all about “Farmer Christmas” and once we convinced him that we had cleared it with the big man that he could have his pressies from Nanna & Grandad, he couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Even though he’s only five, he took it upon himself to distribute the gifts out from underneath the tree, making sure that everyone got theirs equally. He’s so structured – I wonder where on earth he gets that from?! *ahem*

Being a single mum, it’s not often I get to treat myself and this year my family did it for me! I was spoiled thoroughly and got loads of lovely bits and pieces and here’s a little snapshot of a few of my treats…

I have been after a ProBlo set for ages and my mum kept trying to get me one but they were sold out, she even set an alarm on her phone on the day they restocked to ensure she remembered to get me one – aww bless her heart. And finally, after months of pining after it, I’ve got one – and I can’t wait to use it! (Yes, I’ll blog about it!)

I also got two bottles of perfume, one of which is my signature scent – Thierry Mugler ‘Alien’ and seeing as I had run out, this was especially gratefully received – thank you Mama and Papa Writes!

I also got two pairs of pjs and two pairs of slippers from Next – which is my favourite place for pjs right now…

And the latest DVD boxset of Nashville which will be fully binged upon over the Christmas holidays.

The little man has reached an age where he’s all about big boys toys and my brother clearly couldn’t wait to indulge him in a mahoosive Nerf gun. This bad boy shoots three ‘bullets’ at once, goes practically the length of the entire house and has made me realise that my days of Thomas the Tank Engine are on their way out in favour of toys like this.

He also got a Ninja Turtles play set the size of a table (!) and a Ninja Turtle dressing gown which he took such a shine to that he wore it all afternoon over his clothes and he is of the impression that he’s going to be wearing it to school tomorrow. I haven’t the heart to break it to him yet that he won’t be!

My Nan also joined us for the day which is normal for Christmas. I’m very close to my Nan and grew up spending lots of time with her and my Grandad before he passed away. So we always like to make sure she has a nice Christmas as well. I managed to get a photo of me, my Mum and my Nan, which is rare but is so nice to have one picture with all three female generations in our family.

Although we celebrated early, the main thing is that we spent some quality time together as a family. Ultimately the food, the bubbles and the pressies are always nice but Christmas is about the ones we love and the ones who love us. And I’m so fortunate that I get to call this mad bunch my family.

So from me and mine, to you and yours – Happy Early Christmas!

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