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You may remember that a few months ago I announced the launch of Lady Writes Secret Santa which was an idea I had to bring bloggers of all varieties together. The idea was that the Secret Santa was open to everyone, whether you were a lifestyle, parent, beauty, fashion or cooking blogger – or any other sort of blogger! Each person who joined in agreed to a £20 maximum spend (excluding postage) and the final date for postage was last week..

So it’s been the most amazing feeling as people’s gifts have started arriving and hearing how much people have loved being part of #ladywritessecretsanta – it required more admin work than I expected but that’s because I wanted it to run perfectly smoothly – yes, I’m OCD! But now the gifts are arriving, now I’ve heard how much people have enjoyed it and it’s all going to plan, now i can say it’s been absolutely worth it and roll on next year when it’s going to be bigger and better!

Anyway, in order for me to join in, I had a bit of help when it came to my Secret Santa (my mum sent the email with my details and I didn’t know who it went to). So imagine my joy when mine arrived yesterday…

Firstly, receiving this made me cry. It was the most thoughtful gift I’ve EVER received. I can’t believe the thought and effort that went into putting together this amazing box of treats just for me. Whoever my Secret Santa was, clearly put a lot of time into reading my tweets and blog posts to learn about me because she sent me all of my favourite things – it’s like she’d known me all my life. And that’s what lots of other bloggers are saying to – it’s been such a touching thing to be part of.

So firstly inside my box of Christmas goodness was this amazing little brown card stationery packet. It came in this beautiful paper bag which was decorated (I mean it – the attention to detail was amazing!) too. I got this super cute little notebook, set of notecards with envelopes and a cute little quote card too along with a matching neon puppy shaped rubber. You all know how much I love stationery so this made me super excited!

Next was these two gorgeous Heart & Home candles. I got Caramel Cupcake and Eastern Promise, and I need to express how amazing they smell! Especially the Caramel Cupcake – I could smell it through the packaging and it smells divine. I can’t wait to use these when I have a nice relaxing bubble bath.

Speaking of yummy things…My Secret Santa clearly reads my tweets closely because I am totally in love with Crispy M&M’s – I don’t like the normal ones, but these are my favourite things right now and I got two bags to munch on. I can neither confirm nor deny that I’m making my way through them right now…

As well as these I got even more yummy treats – a bag of Thorntons Little Temptations. I’ve never seen these before but they are described as ‘Tempting bites bursting with crispy flakes and fudge pieces’. The bag had me at “tempting”! I also got a Funkin Cocktails Strawberry Woo Woo mixer – just add alcohol and I’ve got a Woo Woo ready to go. Good times!

Another amazingly yummy treat was a really cute little jar for making the perfect hot chocolate. I don’t like coffee and although I do drink tea, I try to mix up my drinks at work otherwise I get bored easily by the afternoon (plus too much tea gives you a ‘furry’ mouth right?!). So this cute treat is coming to work with me this week for when I need an afternoon pick-me-up. Although it’s so cute, I’m not sure I want to use it yet?!

I also got two mini cans of Diet Coke and a mini bottle of Gin. Now. Secret Santa – you clearly know me well. I’m full-on addicted to Diet Coke, so these are PERFECT for me and Gin is my favourite tipple. So although I won’t be drinking them both together, I will be drinking them. And they probably won’t last much further into this week!

Next in my wonderful box of treats was a set of three amazing Natural World Hair Oils. I can’t wait to try these as I never get the opportunity to pamper myself, and I know I need to take better care of my hair too. These have motivated me to pencil some time in for a pamper evening one night next week and to indulge my hair in some nourishment. I especially can’t wait to try the Moisture Rich one.

I recently wrote a blog post on nail art for Christmas and one of the products featured was a set of House of Holland false nails – and my Secret Santa sent me some! I never go without nail varnish or false nails and these are a variety I haven’t tried yet. I got the Tweed version and they are so bright and fun – I’ve got a Christmas jumper night out this weekend and I will be sporting these then to match my very bright jumper!

I also talk about how much I LOVE colouring. I find it so relaxing and love to just sit and doodle away in the evenings when I need some down time. The colouring book and crayon set I received are beautiful. Inside the book are some gorgeous festive patterns and scenes and I can’t wait to put my feet up and have a little colouring session before bed this evening.

And finally to complete my gift was a set of these wonderful quote and note cards. I love things like this, I’m always tweeting quotes etc. and stationery is my biggest love so these really made me smile and some of them are going to be framed and put on my office wall.

So there was my AMAZING #ladywritessecretsanta gift and it surpassed all of my expectations – so THANK YOU Secret Santa, you made my day and my week! And you’ve really touched my heart with your thoughtful gift.

I can’t wait to see more of the posts from those who joined in, and just use the hashtag above to see what’s going on with Lady Writes Secret Santa!

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