December 22, 2015

My Jewellery Shopping Experience With Fraser Hart

Christmas is the time of year for sparkly things, isn’t it? Ladies, I know you agree. And gentlemen, I know you do too – seeing as I saw most of you in Fraser Hart yesterday picking said sparkly pieces for the ladies in your life.

I am as stereotypical as they come when Christmas rolls around – jewellery is always at the top of my wish list. In fact, I recently shared it with you – find it here. So when Fraser Hart opened a brand new store in my local shopping centre here in Peterborough, I was eager to get down there and have a look round…

My first impressions of the store were ones of being very impressed. The store itself is located in prime shopping location and the entire shop front is made of glass that follows the curve of the wall making it look really snazzy and eye catching. One thing I love about jewellers is how they always look pristine, and nothing ever looks out of place, this store was excelling in the tiny details that made it stand out from all the others in the centre. Every attention to detail had been paid, making it look inviting, bright and sophisticated.

Inside it was spotless and seamless, but not in the sense that it made you feel on edge to touch anything, rather, it was stylish and luxurious with separate seating areas for customers who wanted to sit and try on jewellery and really take their time with their purchases. My favourite part of the store was a seating area in platinum shades that just oozed sophistication as drapes fell in a waterfall style providing comfort and privacy for customers who needed or wanted it. Plus, the Christmas tree was located in there – so naturally (being a HUGE Christmas fan) that was my favourite place in the store..I wonder if I can get something like that built in my house? Hmm…

When you go into the store, the staff are so welcoming and my in-store experience started with a glass of Prosecco, which I felt was a really nice and thoughtful touch. Jewellery purchases should be celebrated and marked as an occasion and I love that Fraser Hart recognise that.

After being shown to my seat, I had a really great chat with the branch manager Ian, who told me about the services offered in store. I didn’t know that Fraser Hart offer a bespoke jewellery service, so when he told me, I was a little surprised – but it’s just another way that the brand are surpassing other high street jewellers, as bespoke jewellery isn’t something you associate with being able to buy anywhere other than London and independent jewellers. Having a bespoke jewellery service means that Fraser Hart are now playing with the big boy jewellers.

As well as this, there are lots of other in store services that you can take advantage of. These include alterations, servicing, cleaning, repairs, valuations and battery replacement to name but a few. In fact, if you’re doing some shopping and need a link removing from a watch, or a minor alteration then you may even be able to drop your watch or jewellery off and have it ready to collect by the time you go home – speedy service style!

One service that stood out for me – and will be great for men buying gifts this Christmas is the Click & Collect service. If you don’t want to face the massive crowds this week (and let me tell you – yesterday they were MASSIVE) then you can browse the Fraser Hart collection of jewellery and watches on their website from the comfort of your own home. You then purchase and pay online without needing to take your slippers off. Then 24 hours later your order will arrive in store where you will be shown it personally before it’s wrapped and bagged – looking like you did all the hard work in store. So rather than spending hours getting in to town, parking and deciding what to buy – all you need to do is pop in, pick up and pop home. It’s a much better option for those who can’t cope with the crowds at this time of year.

I was so excited to be able to have a look at, and try on some of the amazing products offered by Fraser Hart. As I sat with my glass of bubbly, the first thing that caught my eye was a display of London Blue Topaz jewellery. I’ve never been one for coloured stones before but these were just beautiful. The topaz itself was a deep blue and the light in-store really set off it’s sparkle.

My favourite items of the collection had to be a set featuring a gorgeous necklace and matching earrings, but the stand out piece had to be the ring. I’m a ring girl and this was just beautiful. After drooling over these, I’m now a convert – coloured stones are classy and unique.

The next set of items that I looked at were some Daniel Wellington watches. I’ve seen these before, but the ones I loved had some extra sparked around the watch face, making them just that little bit more girly, and perfect for my tastes. A friend of mine has a Daniel Wellington watch and I didn’t know that Fraser Hart were a stockist, so when I pleasantly discovered this I eagerly took the opportunity to look at and try on these beautiful watches.

As well as stocking these brands and a huge amount of pretty diamond jewellery amongst many other things, Fraser Hart in Peterborough can proudly say they are the only stockist in the area of Rolex watches and Chopard. Two extremely high end brands, which reinforces that Fraser Hart are emerging into the big leagues of jewellers. The Rolex service is one-to-one and every attention to detail is given to ensure that when you are purchasing your Rolex, everything is absolutely perfect for you. Which when you’re spending Rolex prices, I feel is very important. But Fraser Hart do it with care and genuinely want you to be as happy as possible – often going that extra mile to help achieve this.

My in-store experience was wonderful and I loved every minute. Jewellery isn’t an everyday purchase, and I love the way Fraser Hart make you feel special and valued from the moment you arrive – with their friendly staff, to their Prosecco welcome, and their ability to provide a service unique to your needs – whatever they may be. It’s so easy to shop in Fraser Hart because every effort has been made to ensure your experience is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible and I don’t think that will ever be under appreciated by the customer.

So, with a few days left for Christmas shopping, I can’t recommend any other jewellers for any sparkling or ticking gifts you may be purchasing. The range of brands available, the service in store, the shopping experience and the range of services means that Fraser Hart have arrived in the big leagues – and you won’t want to go anywhere else.

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