December 1, 2015

Fearless Takeover

I’ve realised something about style and fashion…

I’ve realised that everyone has their own unique sense of style. Some go for the meat dresses – Lady GaGa – and others go for the sweetie clad bikinis – Katy Perry.

But one thing is clear – we are all unique in our sense of style. Personally speaking, my style comes from several things: obviously what I like is key, but I’ve also come to accept that my body looks better in some shapes, colours and styles than it does in others. And because I’ve accepted that, I know instantly when I look at an item of clothing whether or not it’s going to work for me.

Now, I’m not boring, I love a good random item every now and then – trying a new shape of dress for a night out, going for a daring style shoe etc – but overall I know what styles work best for me – and I tend to stick to those because, well, who wants to be walking around feeling unsure of how they look?! As ladies we should be walking around feeling amazing, fearless, confident and happy with ourselves – we may not have the choice when it comes to paying the bills, but we do have the choice over what we wear, and so, we should always have our happy outfits on! 

One of my favourite places to get my clothes is Fearless. They are an amazing British fashion brand who sell the most fantastic and girly clothes that are perfect for my sense of style. Most of my friends shop here too because they have such a vast amount of shapes, sizes and styles to choose from. They are also fantastically priced and one order from Fearless sees me fill my wardrobe without breaking the bank – which is very important!

If, like me, you don’t want to always be buying your clothes from the High Street and pass other ladies in the same outfit, then brands like Fearless are the way forward. Their selection of clothing covers the basic staple items you need for every day wear like gorgeous jersey style tops and jeans in different fits and colours etc. But then they also have these amazing dresses and tops which are all catwalk inspired and just that little bit different to the things you get on the High Street. The great thing is that these styles and options come without the hefty price tag, so it really is win/win!

My latest Fearless outfit was something I wore for a girls days out recently and it’s already one of my favourite outfits for this winter. I have to admit when I was picking the outfit, I knew I was feeling bold and wanted something a bit different, something to get my out of my jeans. So this is what I went for…

The base of the outfit was a black swing dress. I love these swing dresses and class them as a staple piece. I wear them a lot because they cling nicely at the top and show off my figure, while also hiding my child bearing hips (boo). Tight at the top, and loose around the middle section is a style I love and Fearless sell these dresses in several colours for only £14 (!) and they are fantastic quality and really comfortable. You can wear them casually or really dress them up, so I recommend everyone has at least one of these in their wardrobe.

The next part of my girls day outfit, and probably the statement piece, was this gorgeous (and very cosy) faux fur gillet. It’s a warm cream colour, and has a shaggy faux fur style to it which I loved because these gillets are so fashionable and on trend right now. I’ve seen these in the shops with some mahoosive price tags, but this one only costs £38 and they do have it available in black as well. I love wearing mine with jeans and a basic long sleeved top as well. It’s versatile enough to go with most casual outfits as well as the glam look, and the next time I wear it, the plan is to wear it with faux leather trousers and heels on a night out…

Next – the shoes! I’m a shoe person. Shoes are my thing. So these boots had to come and live with me. They are called ‘Dare Me’ and are suede over the knee boots with a cute chunky heel. The over the knee look is something I had admired from afar until I got these beauties. I was unsure if I could pull them off, but as soon as I tried them on, I was so glad to see that I could. Another absolute bargain at only £40 – yep, £40 for a pair of suede over the knee boots! They really glammed up my outfit for the day, and I love to wear them with my jeans and gillet too. I’ve even pushed the boundaries of ‘business-wear’ and worn them to work a few times too. Told you I was fearless right?!

And what outfit wouldn’t be complete without accessories? My favourite style of jewellery right now is a statement necklace, and this Boho Dreams necklace is my favourite by far. It’s got an amazing shape, and the thing I love about it is the length. Most of the statement necklaces I own come on such long chains that the don’t sit close to my neck – where I want them. This one sits exactly where I want it, so it falls nicely too. I wear this all the time and it adds a bit of glam to my daily outfits.

This outfit is one I will be rocking regularly throughout the winter, it’s got that edge of style but it’s comfortable and not too over the top. That’s the thing I love about Fearless – they bring you high fashion yet they don’t sting you with insane prices. You can literally kit yourself out for winter without spending much at all, and all their clothes are good quality and long lasting as well.

So, if you’re looking for a one stop shop for your winter wardrobe then make sure you visit the Fearless website – I can guarantee you’ll be asking Santa for more than just a few things – I know I am!

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