December 19, 2015

Adult Colouring With Lisa Jayne Design

Something I’ve loved this year is how adult colouring books have become a ‘thing’.

I’ve always enjoyed sketching and doodling, and whenever my son and I have a creative and crafty day, I always enjoy colouring in his colouring books far more than I should…until adult colouring books became a trend all on their own.

My guilty pleasure no longer needed to be a secret as lots of my friends also began to invest in a colouring book or two and a set of colouring pens and pencils. There’s something incredibly girlie and reminiscent about walking into a stationers and coming out with a pack of colouring pens just for you – and knowing that now adult colouring is a ‘thing’ that it’s completely okay.

So, having worked through several colouring books this year I was on the look out for a new one when I found one by Lisa Jayne Design, it’s her amazing ‘Sketchbook Doodles’ colouring book. Lisa is an artist that I’ve rated highly for a while now because her style is exactly the sort of thing I love – doodle, sketch and very natural.

I couldn’t resist this colouring book for several reasons – firstly, for all you hardcore colouring book fans – you’ll appreciate this – each page is left blank on the reverse. Now, that may sound like an irrelevant fact but it’s actually what drew me (get it!?) to this colouring book. Even some of my lightest pens will bleed through the pages of previous colouring books. This isn’t too much of a problem, it’s more of an inconvenience because it means you miss out on the reverse page design. But Lisa’s book solves that problem and still gives you an entire books worth of pages to enjoy.

Another reason I love this colouring book is because it’s got a good mix of intricate and detailed patterns and some more simple doodle style layouts. This is great because sometimes I don’t have the mental energy for the detailed patterns but know that I can still sit and have a little colouring session with the TV on and a glass of vino.

Adult colouring seems to have been something that’s picked up pace more now that top therapists are saying that colouring actually helps to lower stress and anxiety levels. Using a colouring book as a method of escapism, and loosing yourself in something unrelated to life problems is apparently a reason why so many adults are now revisiting their youth and investing in a colouring book – and Lisa’s book is one with a thoroughly calming affect.

I wanted to give you a quick slideshow of the inside, so please have a watch of the video to catch a glimpse of what’s included in the Sketchbook Doodles Colouring In Book…

Another great thing about this colouring book is the price – it’s only £8 and it’s a great size for keeping in your bag. Based in the UK too, Lisa ships worldwide though her Etsy shop and website. So, if you’re looking for a way to remove the stress from your life after shopping, wrapping, cooking, card writing and family frivolities this Christmas, then I highly recommend you invest in one of these colouring books – the little girl in you will thank you for it! It’s my newest favourite colouring in book!

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