December 16, 2015

5 Things I Want To Make Time For Next Year

As it’s approaching the end of another year, I’m starting to think about my plans and goals for next year. I read an awesome blog post by Liz over at Lipstick and Confetti  who wrote about things she wants to make time for, and it inspired me to write my own post. After reading hers I began to think about the things I want to achieve and the hopes I have for next year, and while reflecting on this year I’ve come up with five things I want to make more time for in 2016..

1. Cooking/Meal Planning.
I am rubbish at meal planning. Between working full time, being a single mummy and running my blog, I’m barely able to stretch my culinary skills past the basic level. No matter what anyone says, cooking for one person is a pain! My son has his dinner separately, and so when you’re cooking for two, it’s easier and you make more effort. But every night after a long day at work, all I want to do is put my feet up and bury my nose in some blogs – not slave over the cooking. So, the first thing I want to make more time for is cooking. I want to get a slow cooker and meal plan every week. That way, I can put my meal together before work and then come home to something nutritious and healthy – rather than chicken salad or stir fry every night! Seeing as the work will be done in the morning, I won’t feel too knackered to cook when I come home. Plus it will be cheaper than buying fresh salad ingredients every night on my way home.

2. Exercise.
That dreaded word. I got really in to the gym and loved going until mid way through this year when I couldn’t afford the membership fee anymore, and was struggling to go after work as the nights drew in and I felt more and more tired. And yet going to the gym made me feel better and feel more healthy, and I felt the benefits mentally and physically too. I found it was an amazing stress reliever as well. I also feel like I’ve rounded out a little bit now, so the gym will help to banish those body insecurities a little bit more too.

3. Reading.
I read a lot of blogs. I love blogs and I know so many amazing bloggers *waves* and I love to spend hours reading their latest posts. As part of my job I have to flick through the daily papers online, so I keep roughly up to date with news stories too. Plus, in a social media world, we’re never very far from reading the odd personal interest story either. But the type of reading I want to do more of next year, is the good old fashioned type. You know, with a book. Well, not with a book. With an Amazon Fire, but you know what I mean. When I went on holiday, I read two books and absolutely loved every minute. Both made me howl with laughter on my sun lounger and I realised it had been months since I’d finished a book. I want to make time to read more and to enjoy it again. I bought an Amazon Fire specifically for this, so I hope having that will motivate me to actually do it and discover some really amazing authors again.

4. My parents.
I’m really close to my parents. I speak to them almost every day and they only live 20 minutes away, and yet somehow in the midst of busy life, we can go for weeks and weeks without actually seeing each other. I am so grateful to have parents who I can class as friends too, so next year I want to make sure that there’s less time in-between our family meals and more opportunities to spend time together. I also want to make more time to visit my Nan. I grew up really close to my grandparents and since my Grandad died it’s just my Nan. She’s not far away, and she’s getting on a bit now, so I want to make sure I see her more next year too.

5. Travel.
As a single mummy, I’m not going to just up and leave my gorgeous little man to travel the world – I wouldn’t ever want to leave him for anything! But I do want to make more time to visit new places – there are so many cities in the UK that I want to visit and explore – The Shambles in York being the top one. I just want to spend a whole day roaming around and enjoying the scenery of somewhere new. I’ve got a list of British places, and one of the perks offered by my employer is hotel vouchers for next year. So I feel like with the vouchers, I’ve been able to ease some of the financial burden and can look forward to some long weekends away getting lost in beautiful places, drinking tea in tea rooms and exploring. You’re never too old to get lost! And what’s that amazing saying? “Not all who wander are lost”…

So those are the five things I want to make time for next year, what would you like to make more time for in 2016?

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