December 5, 2015

25 Facts About Me

I wanted to do something a little bit different with today’s post. I know that so many of you loyally and faithfully read my blog – thank you so much! *sends massive air kisses* But I realised that it might be time for me to share some more of the deep and meaningfuls about me and my life! So without further ado, here are 25 facts about the face behind the blog, me, Chloe Brewer, a.k.a Lady Writes…

1. I joined Tinder this week. I have no idea why!

2. I am 28 years old and I have an irrational fear of turning 30. I don’t know why?! I think it’s because it makes my ovaries ache for the other babies I thought I would have produced by now – but haven’t. Life has this way of screwing you over when you have expectations *shakes fist at the world*.

3. I’ve never blushed, well, like twice in my entire life. I just don’t blush – no matter how hilarious people think it is to try and make it happen – it doesn’t! Ever.

4. I’m having an endless love affair with my bed.

5. Every single person in my life knows to avoid me when I’ve just woken up or when I’m tired. Grumpy is an understatement. I have been known to give looks that could kill when in the throws of the first-20-minutes-after-a-nap. Also, it’s probably best to avoid me when I’m hangry. The consequences would not be good for anyone.

6. I don’t like sweets. Nope. I don’t hate them, but I wouldn’t buy them for myself, ever. Cakes – now your taking.

7. My favourite meal would be cold meats, cheeses, breads, pate, tomatoes (I’m drooling already). This has nothing to do with the fact that it doesn’t require cooking, and has all to do with the fact that it’s all so scrummy.

8. I have a weird obsession with pyjamas and loungewear. As in, I want it all.

9. I’m the most persistent person you’re likely to meet. My Dad says I’m like a ‘tic on a horses backside’ (cheers Dad) – he’s Irish, it’s a ‘thing’ to say apparently. But seriously, I am persistent. God help the people who I have to chase/hound for any reason.

10. Bad grammar and spelling causes great offence to me. I’m likely to imagine hitting you round the face with a dictionary if you can’t be bothered to write full words or even try and spell. Men have been known not to get a second date for this reason, and I’m okay with that.

11. I have hideous taste in men. Like really hideous. Apparently men need a flashing neon sign above their heads to pre-warn me of their cheating, idiot, hurtful nature. Although, to be honest I’m such a sucker for a charmer that it still probably wouldn’t work!

12. When I go to my parents house, I never eat beforehand. Their food is always way nicer than mine, so I load up while I’m there…(they know and don’t mind this)

13. When I was 15, I dated a boy and when I dumped him he told me he fancied my mum more than me anyway…

14. My favourite TV show of all time was The Fringe. Sci-fi is my biggest (hidden) passion. But not the Star Trek type – anything sci-fi with aliens in it, and I’m going to watch it – repeatedly. I heart aliens.

15. I have no idea what my natural hair colour is because I’ve been dying it for over a decade.

16. Chipped nail varnish makes me sad.

17. I regularly stay in my pjs all day, have a shower at bed time and then change in to fresh pjs.

18. I love going to Bingo. Granted, I’ve only been once in the last 5 years but it’s so much fun – especially after a glass of wine or two. Sadly none of my friends want to come with me. Boo.

19. In my daily life I am the Social Media Manager for a national training and education company. I eat, sleep and breathe social media. No really, I do.

20. I’m brutally honest. I should probably work on my delivery skills when giving more negative feedback but as I’ve aged, I seem to have lost my filter and now just come across as blunt. Oppsie.

21. I’m addicted to Diet Coke. Not a little bit, full on – if I don’t have 2 cans a day then I get headaches and feel really ill. I need rehab.

22. I once told my son that I didn’t know where his handmade cakes were, I even helped him look for them, when I knew I ate them all myself…my bad.

23. My son is my favourite person in the whole world. His humour is electric and his laughter is just the best thing in the world. He’s my hero.

24. People who don’t say excuse me, or apologise if they walk into you are likely to face my wrath.

25. I’m ashamed to admit it but Justin Beiber has a new fan in me. I wish he’d stop creating such decent songs right now because I’m on my way to Beiliber-ville.

So…there’s more about me, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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