November 27, 2015

Top 5 Photo Apps For Bloggers

As a blogger I’m constantly taking and posting pictures. Whether it’s for my blog posts or my social media – I’m always snapping away. And because of this I am always looking at new photo apps and keeping an eye on changing photo trends for inspiration. Whether it’s apps for adding text layovers, new filters or special effects – I’m always keeping an eye on the App Store to see what’s new and worth trying.

So it’s fair to say that I’ve tried plenty in my time. I’ve found some stinkers, I’m not going to lie! Some that sound like the perfect app all in one, only until I download it and realise that it doesn’t do exactly what it says on the tin. But I’ve also found some really fantastic ones too, and quite often they are the lesser known apps as well.

In my blog and social media photography I use a mixture of apps to help me achieve the results that I want. And I wanted to share my top five with you, so that you can give them a go as well to achieve quirky and unique images for your blog.

1. Infuse
This app is a great all rounder. It’s got the capacity to do loads of different things – even with the free version. At a basic level you can merge several images over the top of each other for a really quirky look to give you a modern edge.
I discovered this app while looking for something to place text over my images, and there is a great selection of fonts to choose from, all separated by topics – for example: English Rose (romantic style) and Doodle (handwritten style).
It also has the option to add really quirky stamps on top of your images, which include shapes, quotes and other cute things, although the selection is very small without having to pay for the upgrade. You can adjust the opacity and the size of them to suit your image too – check out some of my free favourites…

Another fab thing about this app is the special effects that it offers. I’m a fan of the bokeh effect and this app offers loads of different versions which is great because previously I had to download separate apps for different versions, so it’s nice to have them all in one place. Again, you’re in control of how opaque you make it, depending on the style you want. You can also pick from stars, hearts, circles and lots of other shapes, as well as glitter and other styles as an overlay.

bokeh overlay in silver hearts

The downside to this app is that it leaves a watermark on the bottom right corner of your image when saved, but if you can live with that (you can easily crop it out) then I recommend giving this one a go for a quirky edge to your images.

2. Pic Stitch
This app isn’t multi use, but it is fantastic at it’s main focus – stitching images together. I found this when looking for an app to create a collage of images. This has so many different layout options to choose from, and you can even make your own layout, which is then permanently saved for future use.

I use this app a lot to show multiple images in one picture. It’s free and completely meets my personal needs for a pic stitching app. However, collage wise it’s not so great because the images can only ever be positioned as a square or rectangle – none of the fashionable scrapbook collage styles are possible. But as far as it goes, I use this a lot and highly recommend it as a foundation app for your photos.

3. Mint Coco
One of the most girly photo apps and I love it! It’s so pretty! And as you know, I’m all about the pretty things in life!

This app is a firm favourite for playing with pictures if you’re looking for a collage app. You can only have a maximum of four photo’s, but you can chose the layout completely. You can rearrange, resize, re-shape and twist and turn your images until you’re happy with the layout, you can bring them forwards, send them backwards – everything – all with the free version. Then you have a wide range of options to compliment your collage as well. Firstly backgrounds – there are three pages of free choices before you have to pay for access to the rest. Included are cardstock styles and more natural looking styles like wood and hessian.

You can also add text to your collage, although my opinion is that the amount of fonts available for free is very small, and you can only choose from four colours which is quite limiting. You do have a good selection of stickers and stamps to add to your collage, there’s alphabet, hearts, postage stamps and various other choices available in the free version.

To upgrade only costs $2.99 but I highly recommend doing so because the sheer volume of extras in backgrounds, fonts and stickers is amazing and you’ll be able to have so much more fun and it also gets rid of the annoying watermark too.

Overall – a real favourite and lots of fun.

4. Font Candy
A fantastic app that’s great for adding wording to your images. This app lets you add your own wording, with a good selection of fonts and a great selection of colours too and various filters etc. However what makes this app special is that it also offers pre set quotes to overlay on top of your images…

There are many different categories of quotes and shapes to choose from including Christmas themes, autumn, birthdays etc and each file is filled with sayings and little graphics to use on your images. You can then adjust them to your required size and placement as well as opacity. It’s really lovely and you can make some sweet graphics.

There is also a section where quotes are categorised by theme too, so within seconds you can create your very own quote meme’s which is great for Instagram if you like that kind of thing – and this is all on the free version too.

I think this is one of the best typography apps I’ve found for making quotes and inspirational images and you can do so much without having to upgrade to the paid version, although the watermark is quite large, so difficult to crop out without removing a huge chunk of your image. But if you can live with that – go for it!

5. Wefie Stickers
Seriously, this one is addictive!

I’ve found myself sniggering away at the hilarious images you can make with this one – it’s sheer fun! It’s sole purpose is adding stickers to your images. I wasn’t sure at first, as it does take some time to get used to it, as sometimes the stickers you add to your images don’t quite save where you leave them (basically sometimes they are slightly off). So it takes time to get used to it, and is something I hope the developer will iron out soon.

Other than that, you can have hours of fun! The free version is adequate, but this is one I have paid to upgrade to the full version – and I’m so glad that I did! There are so many stickers to choose from, and you can create some really cool graphic style images with their cartoon version themes, like I did below to announce my latest competition winner…

Then there is the purely comical side of things – the hilarious hats, make up sections, bows, facial hair choices – just look at what you can do!

There are great options for adding sparkles, lights, snow affects etc and for fading your corners out. And the firework options look fab in the edges of an image too.

Cartoons, neon signs, funny body parts as well as quotes and sayings – this one is a firm favourite of mine.

So there you have it, my top 5 apps for bloggers – how many had you heard of, and do you think you’ll be downloading any of these?

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