November 29, 2015

Through My Christmas Keyhole

The day finally arrived…

The day that the tree went up in the house of Lady Writes! *shakes my jingle bells*

I love Christmas. I really love Christmas. It’s my favourite time of the year. And I always like to have my tree up and my house decorations ready on/by December 1st. But seeing as that is a Tuesday this year, it meant that we needed to do it today so we were ready for the 1st. I don’t know who was more excited – me or my five year old!

Every year when putting the tree up, I must have Christmas music on. It’s a rule. I also must have one of my Christmas candles burning, so those are the first things that I unpack when I get everything out of the cupboard. Without these two ingredients, festive mood of the highest level will not be achievable – and where’s the fun in that?!

I must admit, this year after having a whole week of being poorly, my patience isn’t what it usually is and the tree lights just wouldn’t quite go how I wanted them to.. The result was that the whole lot nearly got dropkicked out of the patio door. Note for next year – when putting the tree up, ensure there is wine in the house.

However after a gazillion attempts, I got the lights just right and we cracked on with the baubles. Now. I am one of those women who coordinates her Christmas tree colours to her living room. Yes, I am she. I have no shame in this. However, it took me years to find just the right shades of cream, green and mink/silver baubles to perfectly match my wallpaper. Since I found the perfect colours, I swear I treat those balls with so much care that anyone would think they were small children to be nurtured and protected. I can’t have them breaking after it took me years to find just the right ones now can I?!

As much as I love coordinating my tree, I’m not quite ready to banish the festive red and green from my house forever. So we have lots of little bits and pieces in traditional Christmas styles and colours which I group together underneath my feature wall. These are a mixture of things I’ve made myself and things I’ve bought over the years – and I love them all, even if they don’t match the decor…

Two of my favourites are the large snowman and Santa figures I have which I stand on the table in the lounge. They really don’t match anything (which drives me nuts) and they are so big they really aren’t practical (especially because their legs extend and they then become the same height as my son) but I bought them at a Christmas fair in London and I love them, so without fail, these guys are always strutting their stuff at Christmas. My little man loves them and they are super sweet…but the table is behind the sofa, so in the evenings I don’t have to look at how badly they clash…yes, I’m Christmas OCD okay?! Oh and then there’s my Gingerbread shop house light, which looks so cute when lit in the evenings – I love this and at least it matches the snowman!

This year I also wanted to Christmas-up my twiggy tree, which is more of the neutral white/cream shades which matched the tones I have on my feature wall. I keep a matching star on the back of my door at Christmas, which is right next to the twiggy tree, so I bought some seriously cute mini decorations in the form of wooden hearts and mini stitched hearts to match. (They were ridiculously cheap from The Range – in fact, I highly recommend you get to your latest shop and have a look – they have some really lovely, inexpensive Christmas bits at the moment). And I’m so pleased with how cute it looks, I’m tempted to even keep a few of the neutral coloured hearts on it after Christmas. You know, just because…

I have loads of random bits and pieces to keep my house feeling festive, but these are just some of them. And yes, you guessed it, I’m Christmas OCD when it comes to matching. Oh we’ll, could be worse right?!

 I hope you’re excited to put your tree up too!

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