The Battle of The Christmas Cups 2015

The sleigh bells ring. Are you listening?

Yep, it’s that time of year again, Christmas is coming! And I
for one can’t wait!

I’m a HUGE Christmas fan, everything and anything Christmas and
I’m a happy girl. I love the films, the music, the decorations and the food! …Oh
the food and drink – yes, for me, a big part of Christmas is the yummies.

So this week, I’ve been uber excited to see the arrival of the
Christmas cups. You know, the ones that mean all of a sudden your caffeine and
hot drink intake doubles, just so you can hold one. (And probably take an arty
picture for Instagram too!)

So in case you missed them, here’s the designs released by the BIG
three for Christmas 2015…


No Christmas would be complete without the red cups now would
it?! And this year the Starbucks special is very…red. I must admit, I was a
little bit disappointed with these, where’s the festive design? Where’s the
snowmen, the snowflakes – the Christmas scene? In fact, where’s anything
Christmassy?! Perhaps Starbucks were short on their design budget this year and
had to keep things simple…but just plain red? Boo!

Starbucks Christmas Cup 2015


Now this is more like it! I loved last year’s designs, the were
probably my all-time favourite Christmas cup design, so I thought they would be
hard to beat. But Costa have done it again, they’ve combined creative, fun and
cute altogether and I for one am very impressed with these. AND when you hold
them up to drink, you’re going to be able to use them as a fun photo prop too –

Costa Coffee Christmas Cup 2015


Oh HELLO cuties! These cute looking Christmas characters have
already won my heart. Sweet, simple and totally up my street. So sweet are
these festive cups that I wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen sporting these on my
morning caffeine run. McDonalds you did good.

McDonalds Christmas Cup 2015

Which is your favourite?

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