November 10, 2015

Ssasa Designs – Cocktails & Calendars

Working in marketing (online) and spending my spare time blogging, I feel that I’m so fortunate to spend a large portion of time discovering new ‘things’ – whether it’s brands, inspiring people or something that just generally interests me. You do have to sift through a lot, but every so often you stumble upon an absolute gem and find something that blows you away…

I wouldn’t say I’m an art guru or anything like that, but I appreciate pretty things and things that look good, and the more girlie – the better! I did have enough of an art education in my younger years to be able to fully recognise talent when I see it. So when I found Ssasa Designs I knew I’d found something special…

Behind Ssasa Designs is the wonderfully talented Parissa, a fashion illustrator and artist who’s work is now decorating my office walls – and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s worth it. She’s got years of experience and has spent time experimenting with lots of different mediums and types of work, until she settled on this style with is uniquely her own.

I love fashion and her style is so authentic and captures the girlie, fun side of fashion that I love. Illustration is one type of art I also really like and her prints make you feel like you’ve got a work of art in your home – which is why I’ve got three! Her work is so pretty and appeals to my inner fashionista – and my outward home decor addict.

So, when Ssasa Designs released a 2016 desk calendar, I couldn’t resist. I buy a desk calendar for my office every year and this one comes with it’s own cute easel, which isn’t a style I’ve had before, but I’m now so excited I’ve got. Each month itself has it’s own illustrated fashionista decorating the display, along with the days of the month at the bottom.

The EXTRA special thing that I love about this calendar though, is that it’s cocktail themed! Each month, the fashionista is holding a cocktail – who doesn’t love a good cocktail?! And on the first of every month Parissa herself will share the cocktail recipe of the month on her Instagram account @ssasadesigns – so you get pretty illustrations, fashionistas, cocktail recipes and the practicality of a desktop calendar too. I don’t think I could ask for anything more ‘me’ in a calendar than this! And at only $24 including the stand (works out at £16 approx here in the UK) it’s also so well priced.

I get compliments on my Ssasa Design prints whenever friends come into my office and I already have a list of things to buy from her shop as Christmas gifts this year. I know can’t wait for 2016 to begin so I can start using my desktop calendar too!

So, if you want to buy something special for Christmas, check out the prints in her shop. And likewise when you buy your desk calendar for next year, make sure you check hers out first.

Follow Ssasa Designs here:
Instagram: @ssasadesigns

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