Operation Christmas Child

Do you remember being at school and being part of the shoebox appeal?

Well, it’s still going on!

I loved being involved when I was younger, using my pocket money to fill my shoe box. And now as a mummy myself, I get even more excited to fill a shoebox full of gifts and treasures that will be sent to the poorest parts of the world and given to children who otherwise wouldn’t receive anything on Christmas day. It breaks my heart that children in this day and age have to live in poverty, whether it’s here in the UK or in other countries. So I try and do my bit, where I can. And Operation Christmas Child is a really heartwarming way to do something for someone else.

Being a single mummy, this time of year means I don’t have a great deal of spare money, but we managed to put together a lovely little box of bits and pieces for our Christmas child… please watch this to see what’s in ours…

If you want to donate, all you need to do is visit the Operation Christmas Child website here and request the details, and off you go!

Points to remember:

  • Use a normal/medium size shoebox.
  • Choose the sex and age of the child you want to send to.
  • Do not send anything liquid – including bubbles. No food or sweets of any kind, and no toys or items with a war or combat theme.
  • Send toys, hygiene items and school supplies.
  • Include one ‘wow’ toy 
  • Include a £3 donation for postage.

As a mum, I can only imagine how it must feel for parents around the world to not be able to afford the bare essentials for their child, let alone a Christmas gift. So, when you send a shoebox, you’re not only making a colds day, you’re making a parents too.

Plus, it’s so fun putting it together!

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