November 14, 2015

My Sephora Haul

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will know that I did an online shop at Sephora this week. Living in the UK means we don’t have Sephora here, and it’s one of my favourite shops! So, when I do decide to do a little haul, I make sure it’s worth my while. And seeing as it’s my birthday in a few days, I had the perfect reason to treat myself to this Sephora Haul! I even paid the $2 for a gift box – after all, it’s a birthday present to me, from me!

I’ve used the same make-up for years now, occasionally trying the odd new item but never straying far or for long from my trusty usuals. In the last few months I’ve found so many amazing new brands that I want to try, so I started with these bits…

Tarte Amazonian Clay Gifted Mascara

I’ve wanted to try this mascara for months after a friend of mine used it and her lashes looked amazing! Tarte is new discovery for me, and I can’t say I’m disappointed. As with all Tarte products, this mascara has amazonian clay in it – which actually helps to improve the health of your lashes while also adding massive volume – it’s win/win. I used this today and am so impressed! I’ve been using the Benefit ‘They’re real’ for ages and haven’t thought I would find anything that would come close…then I’ve used this and I’m converted! What’s more, usually when I take off my make-up, my ‘They’re Real’ is a nightmare to get off, ‘Gifted’ came off cleanly and my lashes feel great and soft. This one is already getting a mahoosive 5/5!

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector – Champagne Pop

I found out about this limited edition BECCA product on the grapevine, and it does come in a palette version which was sold out, so I got the pressed version on it’s own ($38). It’s a gorgeous pressed powder highlighter in a soft white gold/pinky/peach colour and it’s got natural pearl pigments in it that adjust to your skins undertones – meaning it fits to your own skin. I am totally in love with this now too, having worn it today! I have oily skin and so wearing highlighters can be a bit of a nightmare because it can add to the shine that’s taken affect by the end of the day. However this didn’t do that, it blended perfectly with my other make-up and looked great on my cheek and brow bones. Again, this one is already getting 5/5!

Too Faced Melted

I am the biggest pain when it comes to lip colour. I struggle to find anything that I think suits me and always revert back to my old trusty lipstick. I’ve spent a fortune over the years on lipsticks, glosses etc but I never use them for long before I convince myself they don’t suit me – so I surprised myself when I decided to buy this! It’s called a ‘liquified long wear lipstick’ and it comes in a gloss style tube. It goes on like a gloss, but dried like a lipstick (perfect for me) and it’s literally the longest lasting lip colour I’ve ever worn! I put it on this morning and it last through breakfast, mid morning cuppa and lunch before I needed to reapply – I was so impressed! I chose the Melted nude shade, but there’s loads of lovely colours from nudes, pinks and dark reds. Happily giving this a 4/5.

Nudestix #bestbronzesmokeyeye Holiday Kit

I’d never heard of Nudestix before but I think this brand is going to become a firm favourite of mine! This kit includes three eyeshadow pencils and the colours are really gorgeous and shimmery. The set includes a nude, a bronze and a deep bronze to create a smokey eye look. They are also waterproof and supposed to last all day without need for reapplication. This set cost $49 but the value is $72 so it’s an amazing bargain. I haven’t used this yet, but I can’t wait to.

Nudestix Magnetic Eye Colour

This is another of the Nudestix eyeshadow pencils, but I got the black. I’m a huge fan of the smokey eye look, in fact I rarely go for other colours, so I got the black to go with the Holiday Kit shades too, in order to really deepen the dark shade I use in my eyelid crease. All the Nudestix come with a pencil sharpener and a mirror so I can’t wait to try this too.

Sephora collection Kissing Stories Set

Again, I surprised myself when I got this – but it just looked so cute that I couldn’t resist it! It’s a holiday kit, meaning it will only be available for this Christmas – so I thought ‘why not’?! This set has 8 different lip pencils and they all have a lovely glossy finish. The shades in the pack go from nudes to reds with some gorgeous pinks and fuchsia shades. The best thing about this set is the price! If you got the pencils individually you would pay $80 (£53 approx) but the set costs $28 – which is huge value! I used one of these yesterday and it was lovely, and I can’t wait to film a video to show you guys all the shades in this set.

Tate Light Of The Party Collectors Make-Up Case

The real treat of the haul! Another Tarte product, but wow am I so impressed with this! This kit is a limited edition (and it’s expected that they will sell out fast) Christmas set which has SO much in it! There are 30 eyeshadows in different finishes (matte, shimmer etc) and 24 of them are brand new shades! They are also all the sorts of colours I would go for – the shades I can use for a smokey eye. Then there’s a deluxe size mascara and eyeshadow brush too. There’s also a bronzer, blusher and highlighter and it all comes in a gorgeous sequin case. The best part about this is the price – eek! The case cost $59 (approx £40) but the value of the contents inside is a whopping $394 or £258!! For that, I couldn’t not buy it! I can not wait to start using this and working my way through the eyeshadows, and of course I’ll do a YouTube video showing them all to you!

So there you have it, that’s my birthday Sephora haul! It was like opening my presents on Christmas morning when this arrived! I can’t wait to start saving up for my next haul already!

Check out the video I made too: 

What do you think of the products I got?

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