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I’m really, really excited to tell you all about Imperial Candles. If you haven’t heard of them before, don’t be duped into thinking that they are just another scented candle brand – they aren’t! They are so much more than that…

I’m THE biggest scented candle fan. I have them all over my house as I’m a bit obsessive about my house smelling nice. I’ve tried room sprays, oils, all sorts in my time, but nothing does it like a good scented candle. The ambience of a burning candle is also just so relaxing and homely, that sprays just don’t cut it.

Imperial Candles are in a whole different league to other well known brands though because they are like the adult version of a Kinder Egg! Confused? Well, Imperial Candles come with a jewel inside every candle. Yep, not only do you get an amazing candle, you also get a piece of jewellery hidden inside too. Scents and sparkles all in one!

The candles themselves are hand poured and made of soy wax, and no additional additives are used – which is one of the big points for me. I suffer from awful migraines and some scented candles have been known to set one off. When I realised this was a trigger I decided to only use brands that steer clear of the nasties – so that’s a big pro for me from Imperial.

When mine arrived I was so excited! I could smell the lovely scent coming through the box – Black Raspberry Vanilla. Vanilla and Raspberry are two of my favourite scents individually, so when I saw this scent on the website, I knew exactly which candle I wanted. The scent didn’t disappoint, it’s lovely and fresh and has a really nice musky smell to it – which is exactly my style, and great for scenting my whole house.

The candle itself is a really good size too. So it’s brilliant value for money as I know I’m going to get so many burning hours from it. In fact, I’ve had it burning every evening and weekend since it arrived and it’s not even hit the mid point yet. It’s a 21oz candle and cost £28.99, so considering you get the jewel inside too, it’s a fab price.

The candle has two wicks and I was intrigued to see if the depth of scent would match up to bigger brands – let me say this, it’s better! It’s strong, but not overpowering and once it’s been burning for even a few minutes you can start to smell it right away. It’s not like some candles that take a while to release the scent – once this gets going, you can smell it almost straight away. The strength is great too, it’s strong enough that it will scent my whole house in a short time – which is exactly what I wanted. Massive tick.

Jewellery wise, I was like a kid at Christmas waiting to see the foil packaging with my surprise peaking through the wax. I kept sneaking a look to see if I could see anything, and when I began to, I used the candle at every opportunity to get to it faster…not one to be patient! When I opened it, I was so pleased. I got the most beautiful and sparkly ring, which by fate is exactly the style of ring that I love and I’ve worn it every day since I got it out of the candle. Check it out…

Every Imperial Candle comes with a guaranteed jewel worth between £10 right up to £2000. So when I say it’s like an adult Kinder Egg – I mean it! Some of their candles can include earrings and  necklaces etc. but you can chose the option of a guaranteed ring in your candle, and you give your ring size when ordering too – so you know it will fit. How amazing is that?! It’s made just for you.

As well as the candles, Imperial also offer a range of bath bombs – which also have jewellery in them too which is so fun – not that I need any encouragement to enjoy a bubble bath! And as it’s approaching Christmas, Imperial have now released some amazing sounding Christmas scents – again with the bonus of jewellery inside – it would be like Christmas came early when you got your jewel. I was looking at their Christmas scents and they have things like Santa’s Cookies and Apple & Cinnamon as well as loads more. I love having Christmas scents in my house throughout the festive period, so these sound amazing.

Now I’ve had my candle for a few weeks, I can say I’m thoroughly converted to Imperial Candles. Strong scent, sweet and musky – exactly as I like, additive free, great value AND jewellery too? This is a win/win. It’s my birthday next week and on my wishlist next is the White Jasmine candle – it even sounds lovely!

Make sure you add an Imperial Candle to your Christmas list this year – you’re going to love it!

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