October 31, 2015

My October Lookback

I blogged a little while back (here) about how much I love autumn.

It’s my favourite season of the year, the temperature is perfect – some days are warm and the sun is shining away and there’s a glimpse of summer again (and you can still get away with short sleeves). Then other days it’s dark outside, it’s drizzling and it’s perfect for getting cosy indoors with a nice cuppa and a big fluffy blanket.

Then there’s the colours, oh the colours! I love the way the environment blends between rustic oranges and browns, everything looks so pretty and picturesque and I’m the annoying friend that forces my friends to stop the car because “I’ve just GOT to take a picture of that tree”. After standing for my tenth ‘feet in leaves’ photo last week, my mother swiftly asked how many I needed…as many as possible was my response.

Here’s a snapshot of some of my own autumn images from this year…

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He Climbed Kilimanjaro!
Another big thing for me this October was that my boyfriend (who I usually lovingly refer to as ‘Boyband’ – don’t ask) climbed Kilimanjaro all in aid of Cancer Research, and I couldn’t be more proud. Sadly we all know someone who’s been affected by cancer…I lost a friend this year to cancer, she was only in her early thirties and so when my fella decided that Cancer Research was his charity of choice, I wanted to help contribute.

SO, on Monday 9th November I’m having an online Facebook party with Scentsy who have kindly agreed to donate 20% of the profits to my man’s JustGiving page for Cancer Research. I wrote about Scentsy here and was touched when their offer came through to help me support Boybands fundraising efforts. If you like scented candles and things that make your home look and smell beautiful then Scentsy is a brand you NEED to know about. The only party starts at 8pm and all you have to do is log on to the event below, have a gander at what’s on offer and if you fancy it, make a purchase following the steps given by the organiser (Scentsy manager). As I said, 20% of the profits is going to an amazing cause, so please, please come along – THIS is your invitation! Just click on ‘join’ and pretty please invite your friends along too. Their products will make amazing Christmas pressies too!

Favourite Find
My favourite product of October HAS to be my Wishstrings bracelets. I’m totally in love with them. I’m a jewellery hoarder and I blogged about how much I love these tiny, dainty bracelets. At only £2.50 each and loads of styles and designs, they also count as my biggest bargain find of the year!

YouTube Channel
I would say the thing I’m most proud of for October is that I launched my YouTube channel. I’m so excited about this, and full off ideas to share with you guys on my videos, check the channel out here. And please remember to hit the ‘like’ and ‘subscribe’ buttons too.

And finally, to top off my recap, here’s my Instagram overview for October..

Now. November, lets be having you!

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