October 18, 2015

My Mini Christmas Decoration Haul

In the spirit of being a person who adores Christmas, I’ve done pretty well to avoid the Christmas stuff in the shops (mostly because I’ve been totally skint). However, it’s Sunday, the housework is (kinda/almost) done and I fancied a wander…

I didn’t expect to buy anything, “just look” as I tell my son. But that went right out of the window when I saw the shining, glittery, sometimes dancing decorations. I actually became quite fond of a life size dancing and singing Santa, and other than the price tag, I had to talk myself out of buying it.

When it comes to Christmas, we’ve all got our own style. It’s like fashion, everyone has their own take on it. Some go for colour schemes, some go for the traditional colours and some go for all out colour splatters in every room of the house. Personally, as long as it’s Christmassy, I’m all for it! I watch Christmas films like they’re going out of fashion as soon as it hits November 1st, and count down the days until I can put the tree up. What can I say, I’m an out-and-out Christmas fan.

When it comes to my decorations, I’m also a full on snob. I spent a great deal of time (and far too much money) a few years ago matching my tree decorations to the colours in my lounge – which are green, cream and mocha. The decorations on my tree (it obviously being green takes care of that colour) are all cream or mocha and come in various finishes (matte, sparkle, glitter, shiny etc). My lights even have to be the perfect shade of cream – which was a nightmare last year when half way through December, one set broke and I could only find white lights left in the shops!! I think that’s the closest I’ve come to a Christmas breakdown… Anyway, I have a touch of shabby-chic going on in my lounge, and my decorations and Christmas bits must fit in with that, otherwise they don’t get purchased. Yep, I’m that ruthless.

I wander around the shops at Christmas, looking at all the decorations – the traditional colours literally make my inner child squeal. I love the red and gold and even today I looked at the newly fashionable silver ranges and tried to image which room in my house I could transform just so I could have all the different colour schemes in one room of the house. I don’t even mind temporarily painting and decorating rooms to fit this idea in, although realistically, my landlord would have a fit.

So, after mooching around the Christmas decorations today with my little man (who, by the way, I am raising to love Christmas just as much as me!) I decided it’s kind of nearly November (ish) so it’s okay to buy a few bits. So I did…

So my first spot was this gorgeous wooden house with cute little windows and ribbon and bells on top. It’s so cute looking, and i’ve got a bit of a thing for cute looking ornamental houses, so at £5.99 it was a no brainer really. AND to be honest, this one might be staying out all year round, I think I can get away with it not being a Christmas item right?

Then there’s this little guy. How cute?! I’m a lover of the nordic print themes that have become really popular over the past few years. Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t match my perfectly coordinated colour scheme but he was just too cute not to, plus I’m sure I can edge a bit of neutral colouring into the room somehow, just for this little dude. (£1.79)

Then there’s these teeny decorations. I’ve got a twiggy tree which is my favourite year round room decoration. It’s on my sideboard and I’ve really wanted some small (obviously colour matching) decorations to hang on it at Christmas. These little packs were perfect. The pack of 10 wooden, cream hearts are rustic looking and shabby chic – and will be perfect for the twiggy tree, and if there’s any left over, they can go on the actual tree! At only £1.49 for the pack of 10, it was an absolute bargain! Be rude not to.

Then there was the gorgeous six pack of hand sewn mini hearts – which are just so sweet that I couldn’t resist, even though two are grey – which is totally not cream or mocha. I’m going to force these on the twiggy tree whether they match the room of not. Seriously though, I love these. £2.49 for the pack, and I’m tempted to get a few more packs and put them in the gift baskets I’m making for each of my friends as gifts this year.

So, I didn’t go mad (unlike the lady in the shop who had two baskets overflowing and a child about to go into full meltdown after apparently being in there for over an hour and a half) but I’m pretty pleased with my first mini Christmas haul of the year!

(all items from The Range)

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