October 25, 2015

Make A Wish

Have you ever seen something you really liked but have struggled to find somewhere to actually buy it? Well that’s what I was like with tiny bracelets – until I found WishStrings.co!

I’m a jewellery hoarder. I love it. All of it. Give me ALL the jewellery! When it comes to bracelets I’ve got really skinny wrists, so thick and chunky isn’t a good everyday look for me. Thick is good for a night out or once in a while, but as a whole I tend to lean towards the dainty, feminine type of bracelets for everyday. My favourite are the string type, with a very small single charm or detail, so when I discovered WishStrings.co I was literally in my element.

WishStrings.co offer a selection of beautiful and handmade wish bracelets which are exactly my style – classic, dainty, understated and girlie. I’ve got four and I absolutely love them all. What’s more is it’s not just jewellery, it’s much more than that…

The beauty of a WishString.co bracelet is that each and every one is handmade with a sentimental meaning behind it. The idea is that you make a wish, tie on the bracelet and when the thread wears thin and breaks away, your wish will come true. And because of the sentimental nature of the WishStrings.co brand, there is a bracelet for every occasion you could think of, many of which would make the perfect gift – their website has bracelets for new parents, friends, new opportunities etc. literally every occasion you could think of! And each bracelet only costs between £2.50 and £2.99 each which I think is an absolutely FANTASTIC price. You could give a WishString as a really thoughtful and lovely gift…and I fully intend to! (To all my friends reading this – please expect them for birthdays!)

As well as being excellent gifts, I love them because you can buy them for yourself too. With so many charms to choose from, the choice is endless and you can wear one on it’s own, or you can make your own arm candy selection and stack them up – which is a really popular jewellery trend right now. And for the price, why not?!

Not only that, but they come in really cute and simple packaging, with a card that explains the meaning behind your WishString. This is my ‘Good friends are like stars…’ bracelet and on the front card was the quote, and inside, a second card with details about how tie the bracelet, and details about how the magic of a WishString bracelet, is seeing how long it takes to fall off – could it be months, or even years until your wish comes true? I love that, it gives it a really special little side element.

When you remove your bracelet from the packaging, you may need some help securing it on your wrist – or not if you’re flexible! If you have small, medium or large wrists, it doesn’t matter because the string is super long, so they will fit everyone. The suggestion is to tie three to five knots (and make a wish on each!) which will secure the bracelet in place. Once in place – you’re good to go. As soon as I put mine on, it was so comfortable, I forgot I was wearing it. Unlike some jewellery that gets in the way, or weighs your wrist down, these are so wonderfully dainty that you forget they are there and then you get a nice little flash of the charm when it pokes out from underneath your sleeve. The material of the string doesn’t catch on anything, or fray and it dries quickly when you get out of the shower, so it’s never damp or uncomfortable to wear. The charms are really durable too and they don’t chip or dull either which is great. And makes them well worth every penny.

As I said, I’ve currently got four in my collection and I know for a fact I will be adding to them on a very regular basis. I regularly check the WishString.co website, Instagram and Facebook to keep an eye on new designs, my favourite of which is the Christmas range! Including charms like a Christmas star (which is the one I’ve got), a candy cane, snowman, Christmas tree etc…I can see myself creating an entire Christmas arm candy just with my WishStrings!

You can order your own WishStrings from their website here and postage is only £1.50 (standard postage, other options available) so why not take a peek? I have a feeling you’ll love them as much as I do..

Also, make sure you follow them on:
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(They also offer wholesale, so if you own a boutique, shop or brand and would like to know more, please get in touch here.)

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