October 13, 2015

Birthday Bucket List

So, after spending most of this year terrified at getting older (I’m 27), my birthday is now only a month away and I’m actually excited for it now. Well, kinda.

I’m still not thrilled about getting another year older, and still find myself (and probably my parents!) disappointed in all the things I haven’t accomplished (yet). But, a birthday is a birthday, and that makes me happy.

I’m not the party loving animal I was in my teens, so this year I would be happy with a nice night with my beloved/friends/family…or anyone else who wants to come.

There’s a few places I’ve wanted to go for ages, and I’m determined to visit them all…just maybe not all for my birthday – my wallet doesn’t stretch that much with a five year old and the looming ‘C’ word…CHRISTMAS – get your minds out of the gutter!

You know that list you have? The one with the places you want to go and eat? Not the full Bucket List, but the more local (realistic) one? Well, here’s mine. Feel free to drool, I do…

1. Crazy Bear
I first heard about Crazy Bear when one of my best friend’s took her husband there for their anniversary, and since then I love to look at their website and picture myself in one of their gorgeous suites. The Crazy Bear Stadhampton (Oxfordshire) is the epitome of boutique hotel and restaurant in the countryside. Kind of like chalk and cheese – that actually works. It looks glorious, the reviews are absolutely amazing and I can’t imagine anyway better to have a night off Mummy duties, dress up and enjoy the surroundings. Check out The Crazy Bear website for more details here.

Suite at The Crazy Bear Stadhampton

Suite at The Crazy Bear Stadhampton

2. The Hoste Arms
Another boutique hotel/restaurant, but with a different, more coastal vibe. The Hoste Arms isn’t actually all that far from where I live, and is located in Burnham Market – one of my favourite seaside  villages. Another recommendation from a friend, this lovely little place has rave reviews and has been on my Bucket List for ages! The menu looks so good I’ve already picked what I’d order…drool! Visit The Hoste Arms website here.

Suite at The Hoste Arms

Cocktails at The Hoste

3. The Shard
What Birthday Bucket List would be complete without a mention of The Shard?! The Gong bar is the highest bar in London and offers cocktails and champagne galore! (Sounds like my kind place!) With amazing views, my friends have told me it’s a must-visit and I can’t wait! Visit The Gong website here.

Bar in The Gong

Sweet Treats

So, there you have it. If you’re looking for a treat, a gift or just an indulgent night off parental duties for you and your partner (like me!) then check out these three places, and maybe I’ll see you there…until then, I’m’a dreaming!

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