October 11, 2015

6 Steps For The Perfect Lazy Sunday


The weirdest day of the week, if you ask me. It’s the day that sort of subconsciously prohibits anything strenuous, or that requires too much effort. And yet, it’s also the day of the week where you have the most to get done. So it’s kind of a catch 22?!

I refuse (point blank) to do anything that isn’t fun or something that I want to do on a Saturday. It’s the one day of the week for fun, no work, and nothing boring/hard/painful or plain disinteresting. Sunday on the other hand is when the house needs cleaning, the school uniform needs washing and ironing, homework and reading needs to be done, the mass of letters in my sons book bag all need signing, to the point where I have no idea what I’m signing for anymore! Then there’s cooking dinner, preparing a weeks worth of work outfits, replacing the toilet rolls in the bathrooms etc…it’s supposed to be the most chilled day of the week – to recover from working (and the usual night before shenanigans) and yet, my list of things to do on Sunday’s gets longer every week. And I say that with a true grimace. A totally unattractive one.

So in the spirit of cheering myself up, and getting back to my love of Sunday mood, I’ve been thinking about what makes the best lazy Sunday…

1. Series Binge.
I am a binger. I always have and always will, binge. What can I say, it’s a habit… I’m talking about TV shows. Sunday is the perfect day for binging on Netflix, Sky etc. You wake up groggy and suddenly the thought of watching an entire series in a day wakes you up enough to pull out the laptop, get comfy and prepare to switch your brain off to everything (and anything) else for the entire day. On my radar at the minute is a huge list to be binged upon. I’m the most un-girlie girl when it comes to TV shows. I love the bloke-y ones. Don’t shoot me, I’m not perfect. So I’m indulging in Sons of Anarchy at the moment (series three already woohoo!). But my previous binge was The Walking Dead. Before that it was Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, and next on the list is Nashville. So, yeh, my taste in TV could only be described as ‘confused’.

2. Your Favourite Food.
When indulging in the TV binge, it must be accompanied by yummies. Who cares about the calorie intake (it’s Sunday doll!) – or the price – whatever you love, should be your companion for the day. I start with Nutella..and anything. Fruit, toast, porridge…whatever. As long as it’s got Nutella with it, I’m happy. Then I tend to neglect lunch as I snack through the day on things like Crispy M&M’s (my current favourite addiction), jam bakes (an old fashioned cake which I could eat in copious amounts) and of course, ice-cream and strawberries. And, who am I kidding? Lots of Diet Coke (seeing as I’m a fully fledged addict). Finish the day with a take-away, and your tummy will never love you more (although your hips may hate you…pah.)

3. Comfy Clothes.
Now, if you can manage to get dressed – good on you. That’s often further than I get on a Sunday. However, it’s absolutely acceptable, to wake up remove pj’s- shower/bath and then change into fresh pj’s. It’s Sunday remember – it’s absolutely acceptable. Hell, it’s practically an unwritten law. Leggings, comfy joggers, pj bottoms and a cosy top/jumper/hoodie and I’m in my happy place. No reason to leave the house, means no reason to wear actual clothes. This goes for the kids too.

4. Duvet Day.
If you’re child-free then stay in bed. All day. I would too. There is nothing wrong with binging on a TV show, eating ice-cream, in your pj’s in bed on a Sunday. It’s how it should be. Some may call you a slob, most will call you a genius. If you do have children, take the duvet to the sofa, get a mass of cushions, create the cosiest and most comfy looking sofa fort, and don’t move from it. The kids will love it too. First choice is always the bed though, because really, where else is better than bed on a Sunday?

5. Snapchat.
You may be living under the radar in your pj’s and in bed at 3pm, but keep in touch with the outside world – Snapchat lets you see your friends doing the same thing. Or, the friends doing something healthy and outdoors-y, like bike riding, running a marathon etc. The joy of Snapchat is you only have to be exposed to it for a few seconds – which is great because when you’re lazing about, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

6. Colouring.
Yes, I’m addicted to colouring. This whole adult colouring book trend has made me a very happy bunny indeed. I have several colouring books, felt tips (the adult kind) and pencil crayons and I love nothing more than loosing a few hours doodling. Be warned, if you’ve got kids they will want to join in – so get them their own, you can’t be having five year old scribble/art mess with your perfectly shaded floral masterpiece….even if their colouring is as brilliant and artistic as my son’s.

There are loads of other things that you can throw into the mix for the perfect lazy Sunday, but these are the basics. Pamper time is always good, but if you’re a parent that’s out of the question unless you want your child covered in more face-mask than you. However you do it, squeeze in the essentials (washing, ironing, homework) and then spend the rest of the day following these steps. You can rest assured you’ve done everything that’s needed for the week ahead, and yet you’ve still managed to indulge your inner Lazy Sunday Love.

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