September 28, 2015

Autumn Loving



Whichever side of the atlantic you’re on, this time of year is my absolute fav. Not only is knitwear way more comfy, but it’s also great because, who knows? I could just be wearing a super baggy jumper, or I may be hugely bloated from eating too much – the joys of autumnal knitwear are endless. And they cover a multitude of sins – including wearing your pyjamas underneath to nip to the shop…

Everyone loves autumnal colours. I’m no photographer, I can barely take a decent selfie, let alone a ‘proper’ photo. But autumn colours are amazing, lots of orange, brown and natural colours through nature as well as gracing the catwalks – bravo. I love looking at autumnal photography on Pinterest, and imagining myself in some gorgeous American town, sitting near a lake in my gorgeous wooden house….you know the type… hey, a girl can dream.

Autumn fashion is my favourite for other reasons – mostly, boots. I flipping LOVE boots. Of all footwear, boots are my favourite. Give me a boot over a flip-flop any day. A nice bit of heel for a sexy edge (and added bum wiggle, don’t deny you know it happens in heels) but lots of protection from the cold. And everyone that knows me, knows I hate being cold. Winter is hibernation for Lady Writes, I literally clothe myself in a ridiculous amount of layers and quite frequently refuse to leave my house. I also have my heating turned up so high it resembles a tropical country – so autumn is a perfect balance, and the first time I get to crack out the boots after months of open toe sandals and wedges. Hurrah.

It’s also the season for funky, thick, scarfs to a.) practically keep warm b.) make any outfit look awesome with little effort. It’s okay to wear leather (or faux leather in my case), it’s okay to wear clothes that look like your nan knitted them, because somehow (thank the Lord) this style has come back in. And it’s also perfectly fine to wear thick fluffy socks at every opportunity.

And the food. Oh the food.

Thank you autumn for your food. I need to eat salad. I’m a foodie. I love eating, but these hips are not as narrow as they once were (cheers childbirth) so salad is common. But come autumn, I’ve had enough salad and the slow cooker comes out – stew, broth, thick soup, bakes….oh wow, dumplings! Hearty meals that make me proud to be British (lets face it, the weather doesn’t). I love them all. And thanks to the above mentioned knitwear, you can eat as much as you like – and no-one knows! Genius.

Sunset walks before it gets cold.

Starry nights. And nights in cuddled up with a movie and glass of wine, because frankly, you’re all partied out from the summer. And most likely, skint too.

And of course, the looming C word…


Get your mind out of the gutter guys!

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  1. SomethingCassandra says:

    Thanks for your comment! I followed back on everything! I love the vibes your blog gives off, I can't wait to read more 🙂

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