Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The L'Occitane Classic Advent Calendar

It's time to open another Beauty Advent Calendar folks! I am seriously loving this process and I'm going to be gutted when I don't have any left to open (I should probably actually save one for December, shouldn't I?!) Today's Advent Calendar reveal is a special one, it's the gorgeous Classic Advent Calendar from L'Occitane!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

New In From L'Oreal - Merry Metals & More

If there's one collection I've been excited to write about, it's the new releases from L'Oreal. They have surpassed all expectations and seriously knocked it out of the park with their Merry Metals Collection and various other bits and pieces recently and I've been a very happy Blogger trying it all out.


Monday, 13 November 2017

Three Budget Beauty Advent Calendars That Won't Break The Bank

As you know, I'm currently working my way through reviewing some of beauty's biggest brand Advent Calendar's. And as a Christmas addict, I am LOVING the process! I'm a sucker for advent calendars and I've loved seeing them evolve over the last few years, getting bigger and better and now we're at the point where you can get an advent calendar for almost anything you like. Obviously, my favourites are the Beauty Calendars, so I've been researching all manner and type of them.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Getting The Glow With Iconic London Illuminators

One product type I've come to love and use daily this year, is liquid highlighters. I've been as much a fan of highlighting as the next girl, but I was late to the party with liquid highlighters. However one of the first brands I tried for this was Iconic London, and they're still the one I come back to time after time.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

The Perfect Scent for Autumn & Winter: Michael Kors Sexy Ruby

I am a huge fan of Michael Kors fragrances. I have three different ones on my dressing table at the moment and others which I regularly rebuy. (I have a birthday coming up so I'm hoping my boyfriend has picked up on my hints!) I find the Michael Kors fragrances to be pretty much my ideal scents. They aren't too sweet, but carry a really nice level of musk. And I love musky fragrances. So when I tried Sexy Ruby, their newest fragrance, in-store recently, I knew I had to have it.

Friday, 10 November 2017

GlamGlow Dream Duo Overnight Transforming Treatment

One of the best ways to get a huge skincare hit is by using overnight treatments and masks. During the day we move, talk, eat and drink, which affects what's on our skin. Not to mention UV, pollution and other external factors. Therefore nighttime is prime time for skincare. Solid hours of sleep provide a blank canvas for our skin, and minimal movement and external factors mean our skin can really soak up what we put on it. Plus we all usually finish our day with a skincare regime, so it's the perfect time to apply a new extra step. These are all reasons why I have really enjoyed nighttime treatments and masks in the past few months.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

YOU Beauty Advent Calendar

Another day, another Advent Calendar! These are some of my favourite posts to write at the moment and this one is giving me all the feels. In fact, I've gone positively heart-eye-emoji over this little beauty. (See what I did there?) And I *may* have already started using the vast majority of the products inside because the brands included are all fantastic. Hand picked by the Beauty Team at YOU Magazine, this Advent Calendar gets a lot of attention, and it's easy to see why. For only £60 you get over £230 worth of products. What's more, you get lots of money-off vouchers and codes to use on the brands included. Which makes it even better value for money.


Monday, 6 November 2017

Two From Too Faced For A Matte Finish

Oh Too Faced, how I love thee. Especially because the two newest additions to my collection are bang-on for my skin. I often talk about my oily skin, and how many problems it causes me. I'm not talking about lightly oily skin, I'm talking looking-like-an-oil-slick oily. Yeh, it's not pretty! There are so many downfalls to having really oily skin, mostly that skincare can be a pain to find because lots of things seem to make the oil secretion worse. The other biggest problem is with make-up and getting it to stay on my face. It's not easy. Especially after a few hours when the oil seems to make the make-up literally slide off my face sometimes! For this reason I am forever trying new products to help me look oil free and retain my favourite make-up finish: matte.


Saturday, 4 November 2017

Comfort Zone Christmas Gift Sets

I love this time of year, and seeing as we're in November I am so excited to finally start talking about all the amazing Christmas launches that are happening! I featured my first Beauty Advent Calendar a few days ago (check it out here!) and now here's my first post on dedicated Christmas Sets! It's time to jingle those bells!

Friday, 3 November 2017

Kiko Milano Asian Touch Capsule Collection

Kiko are a brand who never fail to get their collections wrong. Their limited edition ranges have been some of my favourites to try this year and one of their newest is the Asian Touch Capsule Collection. Designed with fashion brand Isa Arfen, the collection is pretty special for capturing eastern cultures and helping to create a true geisha style at home.


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The M&S Beauty Advent Calendar 2017

It's all getting very exciting now: with Christmas well and truly in our sights. Which means it's time to start thinking about Advent Calendars - one of my favourite pre-Christmas rituals! Every year Marks & Spencer bring out an Advent Calendar and as much as I've loved previous years' - this one is pretty special! I've had the pleasure of getting a sneak peak at it, and the goodies inside. So if you're looking for a fabulous beauty Advent Calendar this year, then read ahead - but beware, there's spoilers!

Monday, 30 October 2017

Jessica Phenom Does Autumn & Winter

I've said many times that without my nails done, I feel naked. I can't remember having bare nails for longer than a day or so and usually only then because I can't decide what colour to go for next! I love gel nails and used to get them done all the time because hey, there's nothing worse than chipped nails right? But I don't have a lot of spare time these days, which means I'm doing my nails myself again a lot more. Which is where the new collections from Jessica come in...

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Three Skincare Products To Combat Winter Stressed Skin

I'm still not entirely sure when autumn begins and ends, but this year it certainly seems to have flown by, doesn't it? I swear that autumn usually lasts a lot longer than it has done this year, and I found myself with my heating switched 'on' quite a while ago. There's a certain chill in the air, and it's not so much the fun, autumnal, warm chill, but more...freezing! So that got me to thinking about winter skincare and how different seasons see our skin require different kinds of care.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

When it comes to perfume, I'm as girlie and feminine as they come. I like sensuous perfumes, and fragrances that are delicate yet sultry. I like classic blends that pair themselves with elegance - so Flowerbomb will always be one of my trademark scents.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Monthly Favourites: The Autumn Edit

I have tried some really fantastic products recently, in fact, far too many to put in a monthly favourites post! It seems like the beauty world is coming alive again with fantastic new launches and ranges, which I'm loving after what seemed to be a slow few months over the summer. What this has meant for me, is that I've been trying some really fun products and I've now compiled a seasonal favourites instead - so this is my Monthly Favourites: The Autumn Edit. Enjoy!

Monday, 16 October 2017

How To Get Fuller Lips Without Fillers

I've never been too worried about my lips. They're one part of my face that I quite like at the moment, and don't feel the need to mess with them too much. However loads of my friends have had lip fillers over the past few years, so I've become more and more intrigued by getting a fuller looking pout. Being the good (nosey) friend that I am, I've always taken a closer look when my friends have had their fillers and I'm not going to deny that I'm surprised the lengths some of them have gone to for 'better' lips. Two of my friends had fillers that left lumps in their lips - actual lumps that you could feel. And another friend had them done too much and cried afterwards when she realised how long she'd be stuck with lips that, quite honestly, looked too big for her face...

Sunday, 15 October 2017

I Started A Business!

As some of you will have seen, a few weeks ago I launched a business! Yes, apparently I was totally in my right mind when I decided that now was the right time to take the plunge...because you know, it clearly wasn't enough having a newborn, a 7 year old, a full time blog, freelance work, a house and a man-child to take care of. Apparently I thought that I had so much spare time in-between all these things that starting a business was a fabulous idea! I'm being sarcastic, because yes, my life is very full these days, but launching Letter Writes is something I've been working on for a while and something I've nurtured from it's idea stage to life. It's my other baby, and I'm so proud of it.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Five Reasons I Love The Too Faced Melted Latex Lipsticks

As one of my favourite brands, Too Faced can do no wrong in my eyes. I have yet to try anything from them that disappoints, and my Too Faced collection is bigger than any other brand in my make-up stash! 


Friday, 13 October 2017

KIKO Fall 2.0

KIKO have to be one of my favourite affordable beauty brands. They come out with new collections all the time, which keeps things fluid - and it means there's always something new to add to my collection. They also know what works and what doesn't, so you'll find the perfect collections for all occasions and skin types. I like how their ranges vary from the essentials, to something more out-there and bold. Their new Fall 2.0 collection recently launched and it's an absolutely beauty for autumn make-up essentials...


Monday, 9 October 2017

Build Your Own Beauty Box With Latest In Beauty

Everyone has seen those amazing beauty boxes you can get - the ones in collaboration with celebrities and big blog and YouTube stars. They fly off the shelves (or sell out on websites!) faster than you can blink, and always seem to be a mark of success for the person who's collaboration it is. If it's a blogger, it's like they've made it when they get a collaboration like that. Well, that's what I think anyway! But now everyone can match that thrill by creating their own beauty box with Latest In Beauty.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Kiehl's x Matthew McConaughey Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream - In Partnership With Autism Speaks

As a beauty blogger, nothing makes me happier than when some of my favourite brands will work in partnership with a deserving cause. It's something that truly warms my heart; when beauty brands with a huge and loyal fan base choose to lend their platforms to benefit those affected by any type of illness or disability. So I'm absolutely thrilled to be able to talk about the Kiehl's x Matthew McConaughey Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream. The campaign is in partnership with Autism Speaks, which is one of the charities very close to my heart.

Monday, 2 October 2017

When Fragrance Meets Laundry

*This is a sponsored post*

As a fragrance lover, my dressing table is jam-packed with perfume bottles, body sprays, scented oils and even an ever growing stack of candles. You could say that I'm a bit of an addict when it comes to scented products - if it smells lovely, then I'll want it. I don't know why I'm so indulgent when it comes to fragrance - I never leave the house without perfume, always have scented candles burning to scent my home and I'm also forever on the hunt for gorgeous smelling anything - from shampoo to fabric softener. If it can be made to smell good, then I'm all for it.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette First Look & Swatches

I'm a big Charlotte Tilbury fan, that's no secret. I love the eyeshadow palettes, lip products and I swear by the Magic Foundation. I've got quite a sizeable collection of products from the brand and I'm not one to shy away from buying more. It's no secret that Charlotte Tilbury products come with a price tag, however for me, you get what you pay for, and the performance of the products justifies the price - every time. Some of the products are absolute staples in my collection, so when I heard about the Instant Eye Palette, I knew from the get-go I'd be investing in it. Plus, eyeshadow palettes are my weakness and I can't resist them!

Friday, 22 September 2017

Can Powder Foundation Match Up To Liquid?

As you all know, I'm a full coverage foundation kinda gal. I love full coverage foundation and won't really try anything that doesn't offer a full coverage base. Having oily skin means I'm also that bit more particular about the foundations I try because my pores are like pot holes, and I need foundation to keep them, and the excess oil at bay.


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Michael Kors Sexy Blossom Review

I'm a perfume addict, and a perfume snob. I've got really high standards when it comes to the perfumes I pick. And in fact it was only yesterday that I was asked what my favourite fragrances are. The first thing I replied with was "Michael Kors fragrances are some of my favourites" and it's true because the range of scents are just spot on what I look for in a fragrance: musky, sweet and girly. And all of the Michael Kors fragrances I've got are that little bit unusual and different. I've got so many on my dressing table but I've always got room for new additions because I've yet to find one that I don't like.

Friday, 15 September 2017


I've used MAC products since I was a novice in make-up. They were the brand I aspired to own as I learned to love make-up, and as soon as I could afford it (and even when I couldn't!) I would spend all my Saturday-job earnings on their make-up. Nothing's really changed since then - I still buy practically every new product they come out with, drool over their eyeshadows and swatch practically every lipstick every time I go in store. MAC are one of my Holy Grail brands - and I know that will never change. What can I say, I'm a MAC girl through and through.


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

GlamGlow For Daily Skincare - Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer

Everyone's heard about the GlamGlow face masks - they're so well regarded and highly performing that everyone's been intrigued about them since day one. I'm a full on GlamGlow addict and have been obsessed with their Supermud for months. Then they released their Gravitymud which is the silver peel-off one that everyone included. How novelty is a peel-off mask that actually makes skin feel good?! I still love using it! Anyway, as a fully fledged member of the 'I heart GlamGlow' club, I had been waiting, just waiting, for them to release a daily skincare range. And when they did, I was first in line to try it out - because if their face masks and muds perform that well, then I had really high hopes for the daily skincare too.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Norma & Dorothy - The Best Place for Personalised Stationery & Gifts

*This is a sponsored post*

When it comes to stationery, I'm obsessed with all things pretty. I love to look at pretty cards, stationery, prints and gifts that I can buy for every occasion - and just for myself and my home. I love those independent shops and boutiques that seem to carry the most beautiful products that you just won't find anywhere else and one of my newest online discoveries for this was Norma & Dorothy.


Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Sunday Riley Duo For Problem Skin

Having oily skin and large pores which more often resemble mini-potholes, I'd never really thought about using a face oil. To me (stupidly) I'd always assumed that an oil probably wouldn't work for me, because I already have more than enough oil on my face - which is what I'm trying to overcome. So I'd not been sure if the Sunday Riley products would work for me... but as I heard more and more about them, and read more about how they worked, I became really keen to give them a go myself, as it appeared that even people like me with oily skin could benefit from them. Plus the constant rave reviews is hard to ignore and I started to get really excited about trying them for myself.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

5 Minute Beauty Treats From

If you're like I was, you might not know that have a huge Beauty Department. More than that, they stock all the top brands across 'drugstore' and counter alternatives, meaning you can get all your beauty fixes in one place. I was genuinely surprised at how vast the range is and how many fantastic products they stocked, and my wish-list seems to be extending by the day!


Friday, 1 September 2017

August Favourites

August has been the most eventful month in Lady Writes Land and it's all because Baby Writes #2 arrived. Yep, you've probably all seen my social media and the introduction of Hayden Oliver, but yes, his arrival (three weeks early) made August super eventful in our house! Besides the sleepless nights and bottle feeds, August had also been a lovely time to try some new products in-between baby time and I'm super excited to show you what I've been loving the most this month...

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Four Beauty Products You Didn't Know You Needed

I love trying new beauty brands and products, and am quite often really surprised to find some absolute treasures hidden amongst the products that I kindly get sent to test. Prior to Baby Writes #2 arriving two weeks ago, I'd been trialling some really interesting products and because of this, I've found a couple of absolute gems that I really wanted to share with you guys. These four products have rated the highest on my list and are well worth checking out.


Monday, 21 August 2017

Save or Splurge - Colourpop Fem Rosa 'She' Eyeshadow Palette

When it comes to Colourpop, I'm a big fan. Their Super Shock Eyeshadows are amazing, with some of the best pigmentation I've found. I find the shimmer, glitter and satin finishes to be excellent quality with high colour payoff and for the price point of only $5 each, they are worth every penny - and more. The unfortunate thing about Colourpop for us UK beauty lovers, is that we're often restricted with International Shipping, so usually I tend to do one big haul when there's a shipping offer on, and that's it for a while. With shipping and customs it can work out really expensive, even with low price point products, so it has to be justifiable - right girls?

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Five To Try From Cover FX

When it comes to make-up, one of those brands that always catches the eye is Cover FX. Their Custom Enhancer Drops have become a cult favourite for providing highlight goodness of the Gods and I have been very much enjoying trying these and some of their other goodies recently. 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Summer Body Edit

When it comes to the summer, our beauty requirements change to suit the temperature, the fluctuation in humidity and hopefully the introduction of a lot more sunshine in our lives! Whether it's our need for make-up products that last longer under the glare of the holiday sunshine, or the need for a constant and reliable source of sun protection, there's just so much to change up in your beauty regime come the summer.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Three Types of Ghost Perfume

Nothing sparks memories of my youth more than Ghost perfume. It was the first perfume I was ever bought and I still remember unwrapping it on Christmas morning as I made that jump from body sprays to perfume. I felt so sophisticated and classy and since that day I've made sure that no matter what, I always have a spritz of perfume on before I go out. It's one of my daily essentials and I genuinely feel a bit bare without perfume. But that's what a good perfume does - it inspires you and it brings back memories from a time long since forgotten.

Monday, 17 July 2017

The New Essentials From Too Faced - Natural Love Palette & Love Light Highlighters

My love for Too Faced is never ending. I think every time they launch a new range, I'm there with bells on. (I know I told you all about the 5am alarm I set to get my hands on the Sweet Peach Palette didn't I?!) But for me the prettiest collection so far has to be their Natural Love range which launched this spring with the most amazing eyeshadow palette and matching highlighters. Girlie, feminine, pretty ...and everything I love about Too Faced, all rolled in to one. So naturally, I had to have it all.

Friday, 14 July 2017

The Five Affordable Brands You Need In Your Make-Up Bag

As a self-confessed make-up addict, beauty hoarder and compulsive make-up shopper, I like to think I have a pretty well rounded scope on make-up and beauty brands. And while I often buy high-end and counter brand products, as a Mummy already and with Baby #2 due very soon, this year I've really enjoyed getting more acquainted with some of the budget and drugstore brands. I have to admit that in previous years I've strayed away from these brands completely so it's been wonderful to have found some truly amazing products from brands like L'Oreal, Rimmel and many more recently. Not just because it seems that budget brands have hugely upped their game (they have) but also because they now create whole ranges to rival the top-end brands, but at a fraction of the price. And who can afford to turn that down?

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Zoeva Basic Moment Collection

I wanted to find a really sassy and eye-catching title for this blog post, but quite frankly the products themselves do all the talking, don't they? One look at the Zoeva Basic Moment Collection and I fell in love with it because it's just so endearing to look it. It's one of those collections that's been catching the eye of many a make-up lover. In fact, I'd go as far as to say it's probably my favourite collection from Zoeva thus far.


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Dream Duo

If there's one thing I look forward to about the summer months, it's the re-arrival of Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess. Nothing screams 'summer beauty' more than the Bronze Goddess range and the fragrance is one of my most reminiscent scents - bringing back all my summer vibes and memories in  an instant. It's fair to say that the Bronze Goddess collection is one of my yearly favourites from Estee Lauder.


Friday, 7 July 2017

Top 5 Pink Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks

Urban Decay are one of my favourite brands. Which won't come as a shock if you've read my blog and seen my social media channels. I love their products and can't get enough of them - their palettes are some of my all-time favourites, their lipsticks some of the best and their new skincare and beauty essentials are fabulous too. I just don't think there's much you can do wrong with Urban Decay goodies in your collection. Lip wise I love their Vice range - who doesn't? And I first reviewed them a while back here. So when I recently decided to try out the Vice Liquid Lipsticks, I was pretty excited. Could they beat the trusty lipstick varieties?


Thursday, 6 July 2017

The Best Becca Highlight Shade For Pale Skin

Having pale skin can be a bit of a pain when it comes to highlighting. There's all these amazing products in the highlighting arena from palettes that look like they belong to a goddess, right through to cream, powder and liquid varieties too. And there's no denying that highlighting is now a key make-up trend, with more and more brands extending their collections. The sad thing is that for pale skinned people like me, it can be so hard to find something that doesn't work against us rather than for us when it comes to highlighting. Even more difficult is if, like me too, you have oily skin as well. Because highlighting is then quite often not your friend either. This is the reason why I'm forever buying new highlighters - I'm constantly in search of The One. The perfect highlighter for pale skin.


Sunday, 2 July 2017

The PR's Guide To Media Packs (Why You Need One and How To Make One)

As a PR I work with a lot of bloggers, so it's fair to say that in my time I've seen a huge amount of Blog Media Packs. But after recent chats with my friends, I realised how many questions people had about Media Packs. And not just about how to make one, but also what you should include (and what you shouldn't) and also a lot of people asking why you'd even need one in the first place. So last month when I tweeted asking if it would be useful for you guys to have a post dedicated to Media Packs, the response was so overwhelmingly 'YES' that I've been working on putting this comprehensive guide together, since. And I hope that bloggers of every niche will find it useful. I've also created a dedicated Pin for Pinterest at the bottom of the post, so please, if you find this useful, could you Pin it on Pinterest? Thanks!


Wednesday, 28 June 2017

June Favourites

How is it that another month - a whole month - has flown by? June seems to have barely greeted us and now it's already bidding us farewell. Scattered with some horrific stories, the country overall hasn't had the best June, so for that reason I'm glad to see the end of it. Plus that heat-wave last week was just a big old no-no for the pregnant among us. However, June has been pretty special for me, in that I've tried, and found, some amazing new products this month. Some which I've loved using and wish I'd known about sooner. 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Falling In Love With Buxom Cosmetics

I remember Buxom Cosmetics from the very first time they were on the shelves here in the UK. Known for their sultry and seductive plumping lip products, they were one of the first brands I tried when I was attempting to get fuller looking lips. However it wasn't meant to be for Buxom at the time and I don't remember when it was exactly, but suddenly you couldn't get their products here anymore. When I was in New York last summer I bought a couple of bits in Sephora, which reminded me just how much I loved the brand. So when they launched their UK come-back this year, I was pretty excited to see what they had lined up.

Friday, 23 June 2017

MAC x Steve J & Yoni P - The Most Fun You'll Have With MAC Packaging, Guaranteed!

When it comes to their limited edition collections, MAC are well known for knocking it out of the park with their ranges. Not just with the products, but with the packaging too. It's one of the things that makes me fall in love with their one-off ranges actually, I mean, did you see the Mariah Carey packaging? Goals. And then there's the fun they have with ranges like Trolls and Vibe Tribe too. If anyone can absolutely nail a limited edition range, it's MAC - and one of their latest - MAC X Steve J & Yoni P is no exception.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

The New Addition To My GlamGlow Collection - Gravitymud

You know how much I adore the GlamGlow masks if you follow me on social media - literally every time anyone asks about face mask recommendations, I'm there shouting about GlamGlow. Any skin complaint? I'll likely recommend GlamGlow for it, because within their range there's a mud mask for everyone. I featured a couple of the masks a few months ago here, and have still been using them religiously, and I just replaced my empty Supermud pot because I use it so often and can't be without it now.


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

First Look & Swatches - Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette!

I can't tell you how excited I am to be writing this! As soon as I saw the pictures of the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette a few weeks ago, I knew I'd be getting it. Not just because I am a slave to every eyeshadow palette that Urban Decay release, but also because the colours in the palette are stunning and completely up my street. Warm tones are my thang. The pre-release caused a lot of us beauty addicts stress this week, mostly due to the fact that it sold out in minutes first time round, but I tried to personally help as many people out as I could, sharing links etc - because everyone who wants this, deserves to have it in their make-up stash. And fortunately the lovely people at Urban Decay reloaded stock half an hour after their first batch sold out, so most people who wanted it, managed to get it. (For those of you who didn't, it officially launches online on July 27th.)

Latest In Beauty - Cosmopolitan Summer Holiday Edit

I'm diving right in with this one - this is the best £20 you'll spend this summer.

There, I said it. 


Monday, 12 June 2017

Here's How You Should Be Using Your Beauty Blender

Beauty sponges have become a key make-up tool in recent years. Every beauty brand seems to have their own version of this application essential nowadays and you can even find budget versions for only a couple of pounds - meaning just about everyone has at least attempted to apply their make-up with one. However the original, the one the others want to be, will always be the Beauty Blender.
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