Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Meet PAM: Precious About Make-Up

When it comes to make-up, I’m a full blown obsessive... I love make-up and all things beauty, and I don’t care who knows! *waves sign telling the world* I’m constantly reading about new products (and buying them – eek) and I regularly have a YouTube binge and watch countless make-up tutorials from bloggers, vloggers and make-up artists from all around the world. I make most of my make-up buying decisions based on what I read or watch, and that’s because I value the word of those who I class as 'experts' in beauty. I love that so many make-up artists take to blogs and vlogs to share their secrets with the world because it makes me – a mere make-up mortal – feel like I’m learning tricks of the beauty trade. Kind of like joining an elite gang and being in the know-how. *Sassy finger snap*

This is exactly the reason that I appreciate the make-up artists who’ve built whole businesses on their knowledge – because they’re sharing it with us. Most recently, Precious About Makeup, or PAM for short. PAM is a make-up brand built by two make-up artists who still work in the field and thus really know their stuff. Still working as active make-up artists means that co-founders Kate and Jan have their finger on the pulse when it comes to trends and styles. It also means they stock the very best products for achieving the latest looks, as well as products to help maintain a great everyday look too.

The product range at PAM can only be described as elite. It brings together make-up artists staple brands as well as cult favourite products from Make Up For Ever and the like. What I love about scouring through the products at PAM is that there’s so many I haven’t heard of – it’s like a little treasure trove of make-up brands I’ve never tried, just waiting to come home and live with me forever. *Come to me, my precious* They also stock products that have caused the beauty world to come to a standstill – remember the Ben Nye Banana Powder that the world went nuts for after Kym Kardashian said she used it? PAM stock that. The Make Up For Ever concealers that bloggers swear by? PAM sell them. Basically, if a product is good enough for the make-up artists then you can guarantee that PAM will stock it. It’s made me feel like I’m getting the very best beauty products when I shop with them.

My first goodies from PAM were also my first Make Up For Ever products – a brand I’d wanted to try for ages and who’s products have languished on my Beauty Wish List for  years. It seemed like the perfect occasion to finally take the plunge and give them a try…

 I’ve heard amazing things about the Make Up For Ever Primers – they are widely talked about on the beauty circuit and I’ve indulged in reading many reviews about how best to use them. Having oily skin, the Mattifying Primer seemed like the perfect choice for me as it's supposed to battle oil and help give your make-up a matte affect when applied on top. This primer is supposed to reduce the look of wrinkles, fine lines and overall even out your skin to provide the perfect base for your foundation.

The thing that I love about the Make Up For Ever primers (there's a whole range to choose from) is that you can use them together – why had I never thought of using two primers together before!? After reading lots or articles on how great these worked when used together, I decided to give the Radiant Primer a go as well, which is another primer in the Skin Equalizer range. These are separated by colour and I went for the yellow one which is designed to bring more radiance to the skin, neutralize imperfections and banish dullness. However PAM stock the entire range, so there's something for everyone, depending on what you’re looking for. Combining the Radiant Primer with the Mattifying Primer, these two sounded like they would offer me the dream combination.

I was anxious to try these primers out because I’d literally just run out my daily primer. Usually I like to test new make-up and beauty products on the weekends, and play around with the application to find the best method for my skin. But with these primers it was a baptism of fire as I didn’t have any left of my previous primer, not even the tiniest bit! I tried the Mattifying Primer first, applying a small amount across my face in sections and was struck by how drying it felt – in a good way. It didn’t dry my skin out so that it felt dehydrated, but instead it made my skin feel like someone had put a plug in my oil producing pores – it felt amazing, and is by far the best mattifying primer I’ve ever used. Considering it’s a clear gel/cream product, you can see the affects instantly, which surprised me. That’s always a big win in my book.

After applying the Mattifying Primer, I applied a thin layer of the Radiant Primer over the top, which has a more liquid consistency. This goes on like silk and sits perfectly on the skin. I noticed that it left my skin with a healthy, radiant glow and felt lovely and nourishing.

After a few times using the primers together, I found it was better to mix them on the back of my hand and apply together rather than one at a time. The affect felt and looked better, and it took less time. The Mattifying Primer gives the blank canvas affect that my oily skin has always prevented and then the Radiant Primer adds a nice, fresh look to build on.

My overall impressions of these primers is that they are well worth the money (PAM retails them at £24 each). You only need a small amount of product to last all day and the fact that you can mix-and-match to create your perfect base combination means that there’s a solution for all skin types. I definitely notice that my make up looks better, lasts longer and has a more matte finish and is overall more professional looking since using these. I feel like they help to give a more flawless, full coverage look, which is exactly how I like my make-up to be. An absolute beauty favourite of mine now.

The next item I got from PAM was the matching Make UpFor Ever Mat Velvet + Mattifying Foundation. I am a full-coverage foundation kind of gal, and I’m always a bit daunted when trying new foundations, but because PAM stock this, I felt like it was practically being endorsed by make-up artists, which put my mind at ease right away.

I chose a light shade (Porcelain) as I’m not wearing a great deal of fake tan at the moment and I'm naturally very fair. Plus, I always go for the lighter shades because you can add tan to them to make them darker when needed (for example when you've tanned or been on holiday) but it’s much harder to lighten down a darker foundation for the pale days. The fact that this is a mattifying foundation was the selling point for me, as I’m really trying to combat this pesky oily skin right now. I had high hopes for the foundation too, and I haven’t been disappointed..

To achieve full coverage the foundation needs more than one application but it's a really buildable consistency, so that's relatively easy to achieve. If you like a lighter look, with a powder finish then one layer will be perfect: it’s nice, light and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin – which is always the worry with foundations that are described as ‘full coverage’. However this one goes on easily, and sits nicely which means that if you're like me (full coverage lover) then it's easy to build up and doesn't feel like you're caking your make-up on with a trowel!

Colour wise the shade was a perfect match and I highly recommend that you watch YouTube videos and look at swatches online to choose yours if you can’t see it in person yourself at PAM. If you’re looking for a full coverage, buildable, mattifying and powder finish foundation, then this is for you. I’m really impressed with this and have already recommended it to various friends.

My first lot of goodies from PAM have been so impressive that I will without doubt be placing future orders. Their website gives you access to all of the products that you can see in their store (found in Shepherds Bush in London) but if you do have time then I highly recommend that you pop along for an in store experience. They have free in-store tutorials and there’s always people around to chat with and learn from – it’s a make up lovers dream!

If you’re looking for products that the experts swear by, a UK stockist of some of the biggest brands in beauty, and a new place to discover the latest trends...then you must check out PAM, Precious About Make Up.
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